He Was Different

Allie was through with boys. She was tired of them dumping her for someone better, so she cut herself off from love. She loved no one and didn't no what love truly was until she met the boy that was different.


2. The Night of Partying

  I hopped out of the cab and payed the cabbie. Looking around I smiled at my destination, a club in London. I was at least an hour away from my little flat in Doncaster, far enough away that I knew I would never see Chad or anyone I knew here. After I showed my ID to the guy outside, I walked in and snagged a seat at the bar. When the bartender came up to me I considered getting a martini, but then I realized how drunk I would end up getting if I had just one drink. I mean one drink leads to another in a blur of things and you don't realize your drunk, until the next morning you wake up with a killer hangover. "Just a water, with ice, and lemon.", I asked instead.

  The guy got my drink and I took a sip. Glancing around the place I saw that the back was full of couples making out and the dance floor was crowded with bodies moving against each other. Wild Ones by Flo Rida came on, and I decided to go dance. Making my way onto the floor, I found it hard to move. I jumped up and down and moved along with the sea of people, making it hot and me sweaty. Half way through the song a guy with dark curly brown hair and a flirty grin came up to me. He pressed his body against mine and we moved side to side together dancing like a couple. I know I had said no guys but flirting couldn't hurt. The song ended and I stayed on the floor, dancing for a couple more songs with the curly headed guy. When I was done, I had started to feel icky and gross, from the heat that comes with being in a club packed to the max and being up against loads of different people on the dance floor. I looked up into the guy's eyes and I noticed they were a brilliant emerald green. I winked at him and then wiggled my fingers in a wave, slipping out of his grasp and the tight crowd.

  I headed back to where my drink was, along with a seat where I could possibly take a minute to  breathe. Unfortunately when I got back to where I had originally been sitting, someone was already sitting there, although my drink was still on the counter. As I approached the guy sitting in my former seat he appeared to become more and more familiar with each step. He had dirty blonde hair that you could purposely tell had been died, and he was wearing a red polo, pants, and some Supras. When I finally was close enough, I tapped him on the shoulder. "Excuse me? Can I get my drink please?" When he turned around and saw me standing right behind him he jumped, looking startled. I guess I was a little closer then I intended. For a minute he just starred at me. "Uhhh... My drink?", and just like that he was back to earth. He picked up the water, "This yours?", his Irish accent was very surprising, since we were in London, but I just nodded, all the mean time wondering where in the world had I heard that voice before. He handed me my drink and I gladly excepted taking a big sip from it. Grinning he turned back to the bar, his grin had revealed his braces, that actually looked kind of cute on him.

  After I had gotten my drink back, I started searching for an empty booth, or at least one that a couple wasn't making out in. When my fruitless search was almost complete I came across one with just two guys in it. One had dark black hair that curled in the front going upwards. He was wearing dark jeans, a leather jacket, and a T-Shirt, he also seemed familiar. The other guy had chestnut colored hair, and dark chocolate colored eyes, that went really well with his hair. The guy with chestnut colored hair, was wearing a plaid button up and shorts. Man it was like I was having like a massive case of dejavu with all of the familiar guys. They didn't look gay and I really hoped they weren't because I  just wanted somewhere that I could sit down, and in all honesty who wants to see to gay guys start making out it would just be... kind of disturbing. "Do you mind if I sit here?", I asked, making the dark haired guy look up. "Uhhh...... Sure, I guess our friend Lou will be coming back from the loo any second now though, as long as you don't mind him.....", Chestnut hair spoke. Smiling I sat down and took a sip of my water.

  Dark hair looked at me and said, "So what's your name?". I glanced back up from my drink, "I'm Allie and you guys are?" He looked at me shocked for a minute, as if it was astonishing that I didn't know their names, like they were mega famous or something. Oh, the irony of that last statement, I was about to realize just how much I knew about them. "He's Zayn, he's Liam, and I'm Louis.", I looked up to see a guy that I just happened to be these two's friend Louis. Louis was dressed in red chinos, a red striped shirt, navy suspenders, and navy TOMS. Louis had a Doncaster accent that I recognized instantly.

  Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Harry had been the guy I had danced with, Niall was the one who had stolen my seat at the bar, and here I was with Liam, Zayn, and Louis. I had been at a club partying with One Direction, and I hadn't even realized it till now. Wow, I feel dumb.

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