He Was Different

Allie was through with boys. She was tired of them dumping her for someone better, so she cut herself off from love. She loved no one and didn't no what love truly was until she met the boy that was different.


1. The Argument

Allie's POV

   "Look Allie you act like me flirting with other girls is a big deal, when it's not. It's not like I'm going behind your back.", Chad spat at me. We were at it again, I just didn't understand how it 'Wasn't a big deal'. I shook my head so furious that I was almost in tears, "Chad you were flirting with other girls! How is that not a big deal? I am honest to you, I don't flirt with other guys, I don't ask you to buy me things, and I DON'T FLAUNT MYSELF AROUND OTHER GUYS!!!" Building up my momentum I took a minute to take in a huff of breath and then I screamed at the top of my lungs crying, "WE'RE OVER CHAD!!!! NOW GET OUT OF MY APARTMENT!" The jerk face known as Chad had been over at my apartment in down town Doncaster when my sister had called on Skype. I had been in the loo and I came out to find him flirting with my sister.

   I collapsed on my bed in a heap of tears and misery. Was I not good enough for any guy? Because they all seemed to think that I was nothing. None of my previous boyfriends had turned out any good and Chad had been the final. I wasn't going to do it anymore, I was fed up with guys treating me like trash. This was the last time, the final strike, blow, or whatever you wanted to call it. I was done with guys and love, once and for all. Some of my ex-boyfriends were abusive, others insane, but most were like Chad just a straight up jerk that ignored me most of the time and flaunted themselves at other girls.

  After I had cried out all my tears I stood up and walked to the bathroom to do damage control on my face. My mascara was running big time, so there were big black streaks all the way down my face. My eyes were red and puffy as well as my face which was unfixable damage at least for the time being. The dark midnight blue eyeliner I had put on was smudgy and ruined. To top off the image of my lovely looking face my whispy blonde hair was matted down all around my head and I could barely see thanks to my bleary eyes, filled with the leftover tears, waiting to trickle down my face. After staring at my blotchy complexion trying to figure out what I was going to do with myself, I decided tonight I was going out. There was one rule though. Absolutely, positivley, no, zip, zilch, zero, NO guys. No falling in "love", or getting a crush. Tonight and from then on I was absolutely no love, no romance, no guys unless they're friends, policy.

  I hopped in the shower and let the warm water soak into my skin. I just stood in their for a little letting the water soothe me and thinking about tonight, the past, and the future. Eventually I grabbed my favorite soap, Warm Vanilla from Bath and Body Works, and cleaned myself off. Then I shampooed conditioned and did all that other stuff you do when you take a shower. After that, I grabbed a towel and hopped out, wrapping it around myself. I instantly grabbed the hair dryer, since if I didn't dry my hair now it would take forever for it to dry. After I dried it, instead of the warm honey color it was when it was wet, my hair was back to the whispy white-blonde it normally was. I changed into a red chiffon dress and did my makeup. Grabbing my favorite black, peep toe, heels I headed towards the door and grabbed a nice black jacket. Tonight should be fun.

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