My Valentine

This is for the Valentine's Day with 1D one shot competition! Please comment & like!(: I love to hear feedback! ~~~~~ It's Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year. Maddie thinks that her date with Harry Styles, her boyfriend, will just be a romantic dinner. But it's much more than that.


1. Valentine's Day

I looked in the mirror, satisfied at my outfit. I was wearing a red dress that hung down to my knees. It had silver diamonds along the neckline and ruffled in the front. Along with the dress, I wore black pumps, my long brown hair was curled and ran down my back, I had a small diamond hair pin in my hair, I wore my grandmother's diamond necklace, I had diamond drop earrings in, and I wore the charm bracelet my boyfriend gave me.

I dabbed a little bit of makeup onto my pale face and headed downstairs.

It's Valentine's Day and my boyfriend wanted to take me somewhere fancy for dinner. Where? I had no clue, but, knowing him, it will be wonderful.

My phone rang and I went into the living room to answer it.

I smiled at the caller ID.


"Hey, babe." I answered.

"Hello, Love. Are you ready?"

I giggled. "Yes, I am."

"Alright. I'm on my way."

Before I could say 'I love you', he hung up. Minutes later, the doorbell rang. I looked through the peephole, and smiled.

I opened the door and my eyes lit up at the beautiful boy in front of me. Curly hair, sparkly green eyes, and adorable dimples. He was dressed in a tuxedo and had a dozen roses in his right hand.

Harry Styles handed me the roses, kissing my cheek.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Maddie." He said, pushing a strand of my brown hair behind my ear.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Harry." I said, smiling.

"Shall we?" He asked.

I nodded. "We shall."


We drove until we got to a lake, flowers floating all over the water. On the dock was a small round table with a white cloth, tall candles in the middle. There were two chairs and two plates of pasta. I smiled.

"Harry, it's beautiful."

He didn't say anything, just smiled and led me to the table. We sat down and started to eat. We chatted for a while. Laughing and holding hands across the table. Harry traced small circles on the back of my hand.

When we finished eating, we decided to walk around in the grass. I took my pumps off and carried them in one hand, my other grasped firmly in Harry's hand.

We didn't say anything, just enjoying the calm night.

We got to a big oak tree and Harry stopped.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"Maddie, I love you so so much."

"I love you too." I said, smiling.

"We've been dating for two years now and.......I don't want to lose you. Ever."

I was confused. "Harry, you'll never lose me. You know that."

"But, I want to be SURE that I'll never lose you." He said, grasping my free hand.

"Harry.....what in the world do you mean?" I asked my boyfriend.

He knelt down and I gasped, tears starting to run down my face. I didn't bother wiping them away.


"Y-yes, Harry?" I stuttered.

He pulled out a small, velvet box and I dropped my shoes, both hands going to my mouth.

"Will you marry me?" He asked, opening the box and revealing a diamond engagement ring.

I couldn't say anything. I nodded rapidly, laughing.

Harry smiled, showing his adorable dimples once again, and slipped the ring onto my finger.

He stood up, twirling me around in the air. I giggled and, when he set me down, kissed him.

I threw all my love for him into that one, little kiss, starting our brand new life together. Forever.
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