I wish it would change

About a girl who has got in with the wrong crowd and whishes she could go back and change her mistakes.


1. I wish I could change

She lives to remember

And drinks to forget

Done some things that she's proud of

Some things to regret


Smokes weed till she's high

Battles through the lows

Smoke floats in the air

Tarnishes her clothes


But it wasn't always like this

She was such a good little girl

Doing it all right

Biggest genius of the world


Then she met Jack

Boy, was he bad

Always stoned and getting drunk

Fighting with his dad


She didn't want it to happen

But sure as hell it did

She fell in love with nasty Jack

Didn't want to be a kid


They did everything they shouldn't

Breaking all the laws

Passing out in the park

Getting down on all fours


Lyin' to the cops

And kidding themselves that it was OK

To be lying in a prison cell

So where are they today?


She is now addicted to fags and beer

Smoking the day away

He has been convicted

Left to wish, hope and pray.


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