You Did This To Me But I Love You

Marissa was literally scarred for life by him and his gang...


2. 2

I jerked up as I felt the sofa slowly sink down. The boy was sitting down next to me. I moved further to my side, trying to get away from him. He smirked and moved closer. I curled up in a ball and let a tear roll down my face. I was scared. Very scared. He moved closer still and started tracing up and down my spine. I shivered. Was this his next cutting space? He pulled the blade out again. Yes, I was right. He traced back up my spine and grabbed my hair, forcing my head back. He flashed his teeth in an evil grin. He put his knife to my neck again. Well, I guess I was wrong. He hacked into my neck, making the cut really deep. I screamed and put my hand to my neck, attempting to stop the blood from flowing but he pulled my hand away from my neck and licked the blood up again. "W-why do y-you do t-this?" I croaked, every word making my wounds burn. He looked up at me.

"Because it makes me feel happy...I love seeing blood. And it makes people beautiful." he whispered. I was confused. How could cutting people all over their body make them beautiful?! He slowly kissed me again. He pulled away. "Why didn't you kiss me back?" he asked. He had a sort of childlike curiosity and innocence about him. I slowly reached my hand up and put it on the back of his head. I pulled his head down and kissed him. Our lips worked perfectly together. 

"If I love you will you stop cutting me?" I asked quietly when we pulled away. 

"Yes..." he said smiling. He had an evil glint in his eyes but I ignored it. 

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