I Wish I'd Never Met You

When you see One Direction on TV this Niall boy seems really familiar to you. You think that you just imagined it until you accidentally meet..


3. The cute boy


You torn the little letter and went to your bathroom to clean your face with cold water. You walked to your room and sat down on your bed. There was a mobile on your bed. You clicked on the iPhone and saw a picture of a girl.  His phone wasn’t locked so you decided to check his phone.   ~Your P.O.V.~ I know that it’s not okay when you look in someones messages but I need to know who this girl is. I opened his messages and saw a chat with ‘Amy’. "Hi cutie! Wanna go out tomorrow?" Amy: "Yea why not :) CU xx" "Can't wait xx luv u"   ~Back to the story~ You were about to throw the mobile against the wall but you remembered that I wasn’t yours. You decided to visit Niall and give him his mobile back and then just never see him again. You asked your mother for his address. You got into your car and drove to his house in Dublin. You were really nervous because you spent last night with him. When you knocked on the door a boy with curly brown hair opened the door. “Hi” he smiled “Can I help you?” – “Ehm, yea. Niall forgot his mobile yesterday and-“  “So you’ve spent the night together?” he smirked. You just looked at him. “Yea, but never mind. I need to forget it. Here is his phone” You gave the guy the phone and turned to leave. “Wait, would you tell me your name, beautiful?” You blushed. “My name’s (YN)” – “My name’s Harry. Nice to meet you” – “Same” you smiled at him. “Bye” you said “Hope we see each other soon! Oh and can I have your phone number?” You gave it to him and left with a big smile on your face. After that you went to get a coffee at Starbucks. When you arrived there was a big crowd in front of the shop next to Starbucks all you could hear was “AAAH ONE DIRECTION I LOVE U MARRY MEH!!!!!!” You ignored it and just went to get your coffee. When you left you saw Niall. You left as fast as you could because you just wanted to forget him. Now you want to meet Harry again. He seemed really nice..
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