I Wish I'd Never Met You

When you see One Direction on TV this Niall boy seems really familiar to you. You think that you just imagined it until you accidentally meet..


6. Surprise!


Nialls P.O.V.
She was now just standing there with tears in her eyes. “Phil” was all she said. Yea, we used to be friends, but I realized that he was a jerk. “What do you mean with Phil?” I asked her. “He said that you said you hate me and I never meant anything to you. That I was just a normal girl in your eyes.  A nobody. I actually fell for you. I was about to tell you, but Phil first started judging me. Saying that I love you because of your money and your career which is going up. I started crying but he didn’t care. He said that you don’t want to talk to me. I’m sorry I need to leave now”. “Wait!” I shouted after her. But she didn’t hear me. She was just running. Maybe I should follow her? No. She was already gone.

Your P.O.V.

I was running just straight on. I don’t know where I was. But I didn’t care. I just needed some sleep. I was tired and my eyes hurt. I called a taxi and drove home. When I was finally there I just went straight to my bed and fell into a deep sleep.
I woke up to the sound of a loud car driving outside. “Damn this shit” I said to myself. I took my mobile to look up the time ’10:35am’. I had one new message from Harry “Wanna meet today ?? Xx”. Why not. I replied with “Yea, where are we going?”. You stood up from your bed and went to the bathroom. When you came back you got a message from Harry again. “Come to our house, it’s a surprise ;)”. You were really excited. If it’s a surprise, what should I wear??

Back to the Story
You put on black skinny jeans and a winter hoodie which said “Meow” and grey chucks. You arrived at Harrys house and knocked on the door.

Your P.O.V.
I was finally there. And guess who opened the door? Yes. Niall.
Me:  “Oh, uhm hi. I am waiting for Harry”
Niall: “You’re going on a date?” He said with wide open eyes.
Me: “Eh no, actually I just..”
Harry: “I’m coming honey” Harry just called me honey. It made me blush.
Niall: “Oh, honey? Interesting.” I looked at Niall with a face which said something like “yea”.
Harry gave me a kiss on my cheek and took my hand. “I’ll be home late so don’t wait for me”
Harry took me to his car, which looked really expensive. “Harry, where are we going. I just dressed like I don’t know what” Harry laughed. “It’s a surprise!” We were driving for 20 minutes just singing along with the radio. We were finally there I got out of the car and Harry closed my eyes from behind with his hands. He was so kind. He was leading me to a place where I could smell loads of tasty food. He took his hands down and said “SURPRISE!”. I was just staring with a shock “Wow Harry” Harry is the cutest boy ever! 

Hello!! Sorry that it took me so long!! exams exams exams ._____.
But I will uptade as soon as I can!! Keep smiling!!
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