I Wish I'd Never Met You

When you see One Direction on TV this Niall boy seems really familiar to you. You think that you just imagined it until you accidentally meet..


9. Silence

~The days later~
“Niall didn’t come out of his room the last 3 days!” Harry said at the table looking at the others. “Neither did (Y/N), and she is not answering her phone.” Liam said. “What if Niall hurt himself”. Long silence. Then Louis broke it “He would never…hurt himself” he said with a calm voice. With that he ran up the stairs and knocked on Nialls door. No answer. “Niall, please, just give us a sign that you are okay”. About  15 seconds of waiting Louis received a message from Niall saying “I’m alright”. Then he went down. “He’s alright” he said with a disappointed voice. “That’s it!” Harry said putting his glass on the table loudly. Everyone just started at him now. “I’m going to look if (Y/N)’s alright and you get Niall out of his room!”. He took his keys and left the house. Again silence. “Well harry has it much easier than us” Zayn said. “That’s Niall… we’ll get him out of there”  - “I’ll try first.” Zayn mumbled and went up the stairs slowly. “Niall?” – Again no response. “Okay, I hope you can hear me now because this is going to take a while”. Zayn slid down the door and sat with the back leaning against the white wooden door “You know (YN) since you had been little kids. You had lots of cool time and you want to throw that away with just sitting in your room, not leaving it or eating anything. That’s not you. Not the Niall I know. The Niall I know is strong and would never give up” Zayn told Niall about a story Perrie had told him about a friend of hers. How they always lost each other but always found each other again. “You left her once. Do you want that again?”. First silence again. Then Zayn heard footsteps coming to the door. He quickly got up. For a moment he heard Niall just standing there. Then a loud sob and footsteps back to his bad again and then crying. It hurt them to hear or even see Niall cry.

Meanwhile at (Y/N)’s
Harry arrived at her flat and started ringing the door bell over and over again. “Please just open the door” he said loudly so you could hear him. “please..” he said in a sad voice now. You went slowly to your door and opened it with closed eyes. Harry looked at you without any emotions. You were in your PJ’s and rolled in a duvet. Red eyes and messy hair. “Did I wake you up?” he said coming in. “No, that’s what I always look like” – “Sorry” he said without even knowing for what he was actually sorry. He sat down on the couch. “Tea?” You asked with a tired voice. “I’ll make it myself. And another one for you” – “Thank you, Harry”

Harrys P.O.V.
She looked so done and tired. I took out a cup and filled it with how water. She was just sitting there looking at the wall like there was someone telling her a sad story. I know it’s a bad comparative but she just looked like that. “With milk?” I asked. She nodded not moving from her position in any way. I went over to the couch again and put the mugs down on the couch table. I looked at her eyes. These tired bright eyes with were just about to close. “I spend the last 3 days crying” she suddenly said with this look like she is watching her own thoughts. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect to ask her about Niall now. Not now. “Cuddle?” I finally asked. She nodded again and I came over to her side putting my arms around her. She closed her eyes and just lied there. She then fell asleep on my arms so I bought her to her room and laid her on the bed and covered her with the covers. Little angle sleeping. She didn’t look hurt in any way. Just a peaceful angle sleeping in her dreams and thoughts. Then I got a message from Louis “Is (Y/N) alright?” – “Yea, she’s alright. How’s Niall going? I’ll be right back”. I left her a note saying “Call me anytime, and try to get some rest. Love, Harry” Then I got back to the house where I could already smell Liams self made perfect pancakes. I entered the house and saw Niall sitting at the table, emotionless. I went over to Louis who was standing at the kitchen counter with his arms crossed looking at Niall. “How did you get him out of there?” I said almost whispering taking off my jacket. “Food” Louis smiled. “And here are your favorite pancakes self made by Liam!” Liam said nearly singing his sentence. “gone” Niall whispered so quiet that nobody understood the word. “Sorry?” Liam said. “gone” he repeated. I looked at Liam. “She won’t be coming back. Because I lost the two times. Who would ever trust me again” He had now the same look as (Y/N) did when she sat on the couch. “Come on Niall, eat your pancakes and we will talk about it later alright?” He didn’t say a word, he just quietly ate his pancakes.

2 hours later we were sitting all on the couch watching a boring comedy show when the door bell rang. “I’ll open the door” Liam said and got up quickly. He opened the door and stood there. It was (Y/N) in her black jacket and a pink scarf. She wore a pony tail and looked pretty alright. “(Y/N)!” Niall stood up looking at her. 

hey! Sorry it's pretty short this time but I hope you like it. It's already near the end... so yea I'll start a new story. Have you read the fault in our stars by John Green? It's perfect, right?
So, I hope you're having a good time thanks for reading!!
Love you all <3

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