I Wish I'd Never Met You

When you see One Direction on TV this Niall boy seems really familiar to you. You think that you just imagined it until you accidentally meet..


8. Misunderstanding

*Your P.O.V.
I looked into his eyes. “I’m- eh sorry- I just-“ before he could continue I kissed him passionately. I was a long deep kiss. Our tongues met and his hands went all over my back. “Should we?” he asked. “I mean we just…you know. Maybe we’ll just cuddle.” I nodded okay and we fell asleep arms in arms.

Next morning:
I woke up next to Niall who was still sleeping. I was shaking him a little till his eyes opened. “Huh” he yawned. “Morning” I said. “Oh hi” he said in a raspy voice. “I’m sorry for yesterday Niall..you know I really like you” – He was grinning now. “Me too” He then kissed me and I stood up. 20 minutes later we were all sitting at the table and eating the breakfast that Liam and I made. “So what are your plans for today?” Zayn asked. “Gonna get some food, the fridge is empty” Liam said. “I’m going home” I said taking a sip of my tea. “Shopping with Hazz” Louis said laughing. “I don’t know eh maybe just hand around.” – “Alright, Niall then please to the dished, I need to go now” – “Yea me too” I said. I took my bag and left with Liam. “Do you need help?” I asked him. “Probably” – “Well then, WE ARE GETTING FOOD” Liam laughed and I got in his car. “Can I just get home for 2 minutes and change into something else. “Of course!”.

Meanwhile Louis and Harry in a shop:
*Harrys P.O.V.

“I’m not allowed to tell anyone but eh yea (YN) loves Niall”. “Oh really?” He looked worried at me. “Yea, why that weird voice?” – “Eh well May is coming over and well yea they were making out once and I don’t know maybe they will again because they are alone and you know” – “As long as (YN) won’t know about that”. We went on without knowing that something awkward is going to happen.

Meanwhile at the boys house:
*Mays P.O.V.

I was knocking at the door of the boys house. Zayn opened the door and left “Hi may, and bye ok Niall is watching TV”. Then he ran out of the door. I came to sit next to Niall. He was sitting there already turning me on. “Hey Niall” I said “Hey” he said not removing his eyes from the TV. “You know” I said going with my fingers over his chest. “I was thinking if we two could make out again” He was now looking at me. “No thanks, I think there’s a girl I really like”. He was probably lying to me. “Come on Niall” I said whispering now. I took my shirt of and was now sitting in my bra. “I know you want it” I took off my bra and he was staring at me. I climbed onto his lap and started kissing him. “Let’s go to your room” I whispered in his ear.

Meanwhile Liam and (YN):
“So we need eggs and milk” I read out the little note that Liam gave me. “Alright I’ll get the milk and you get the eggs” He said. “Okay” you replied and you were going to search for the other things that he’d written on the note. When you came back you two went throw the shop to look if you want something else. “Can I ask you something?” Liam said “Of course” – “Did something happen last night between you and Niall?” you looked at him “No. Why do you ask?” – “Just to make sure because he told me that he really liked you” You blushed. “oh okay” you paid and got in the car. When you were driving your way home you saw Harry and Louis with a lot if bags. “Oh stop there were Lou and Harry, we can take them home” – Liam opened the window and waved at them “HEY YOU, COME IN HERE AND HURRY” They got in the car and you driving home.

Meanwhile at the boys house:
*Mays P.O.V.

“FUCKING HELL! YES LIKE THAT HORAN” Niall was so good at licking my pussy. “NI, I’M GONNA CUM!” I was shouting throw the whole house. He was teasing me now by licking my nipples. He had only removed his shirt. And he was still in his pants. “NIALL PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS” He was pleasuring me so hard. “Shut up” he said still teasing me.

Meanwhile at the front door:
*Harrys P.O.V.

Louis was opening the door and we all got in. We heard noises coming from upstairs. More like moans. Really loud ones sounding like pleasure. Sex pleasure. We put the bags on the table. “oh my god” Louis said picking up a red bra. I looked confused to Louis who was slowly moving to the stairs. He got to the front of Nialls door and opened it. There was Niall eating Jenna up. He covered his mouth and (YN) came running up. Her eyes got wide. “LIAR” she shouted throwing her keys to the ground. She ran downstairs taking her bag and leaving. I had to follow her. “I got this” I said taking my keys and running after her.

*Louis P.O.V.
Niall came running out. “Where is she?” he asked worried. “Gone” Liam said standing next to the table. Jenna came out with one of Nialls shirts. “Can I borrow that?” Niall didn’t say anything. She took her bra from my hands and walked downstairs taking her shirt. “Bye” She said smiling. “WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO?” He was kicking the plant away which was standing next to his door. He fell in his knees and began to cry. “Niall” I said. “I can’t” he said crying. He shut his door and locked it.

Sorry its so short but I hope you like it.
I have a lot of stuff to do but I'll try to update as soon as I can!

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