I Wish I'd Never Met You

When you see One Direction on TV this Niall boy seems really familiar to you. You think that you just imagined it until you accidentally meet..


2. Memories


You just stood there looking at him. You ran up to your room. You shut the door and opened your photo album:

"September,1999:  Nialls and (YN)'s first day at school"

There was a picture of you too standing side by side smiling.

"June, 2000: Niall and (YN) playing outiside"

You passed some pages and then you saw the last photo

"2010, Niall going to X-Factor, Good luck Niall! I will always support you, Kiss (YN)"

Someone knocked on the door. Niall walked in. You looked at him, tears streaming down your face. “You forgot me. You just forgot me, like I was nothing.”
"Wait, what?" You were shocked because Niall didn't even recognize you. You took your handbag and went down. You were about to leave when your mum saw you from the kitchen “What happened?”- “I’m okay mum, I will call you. I need to go now, Bye”.

“She couldn’t even say a word because you were already out. You ran to your car and were just so sad, it’s unbelieveable.

~Nialls P.O.V.~
I don’t know why she left. I saw an open photo album on her bed so I just sat down and looked at the photos. I saw all these cute pics of me going to school and always hanging out with this girl. Then I remembered. When I saw the text of the last photo which said “I will always support you” a tear streamed down my face. I remembered that she was my best friend. I’m such an asshole how could I not remember her I just, ugh. I ran down fast and asked for (YN)’s address. Her mum gave it to me and I took my car and left.

~Your P.O.V.~
I finally got home and went for a shower. After that I changed into my PJ’s and just sit on the couch watching Futurama. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I thought that its maybe the neighbor who wants to give me a cake which she made by herself and only for me. She is a really nice old woman. But when I opened the door I saw Niall. “Please let me come in!” So I did.#

~Back to the story~
„I’m so sorry i was such an idiot!” he pulled you in a long hug. “Niall, I don’t even know anything about you, but it feels so good to be with you again” You both laid down on the sofa and you fell asleep. Next morning you found yourself alone on the couch. You shouted across the room “Niall?” then you searched for him. You found a letter on your desk “I don’t know why I have done this. I’m sorry.” Again tears streamed down your face. 

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