I Wish I'd Never Met You

When you see One Direction on TV this Niall boy seems really familiar to you. You think that you just imagined it until you accidentally meet..


11. Let's live in secrets

A/N: So, guys, here I am, ready to finally update my Fanfiction. You probably hate me so much right now but I am so sorry, this year has been so difficult for me but next year is going to be better and I have some ideas for this fanfiction. Also it took me a while because I am working on a book, yees! yay so uhm, i love you all and merry christmas and a happy new year! <3

He leaded me to our room and softly started to kiss me on the bed. His left hand went to my hip. He took of his white shirt. None of us said a word. I then took of my dress and closed my eyes. Niall did the rest. I could’ve never imagined how this adorable boy could make me feel the most incredible feeling ever. He was so gentle I could fall in love with him for the 2nd time. I let out a quiet moan and then he said it. He whispered “I love you” and kissed my red lips again. Then we both came and he let himself fall next to me. We looked at the white ceiling and I reached for his hand and then I whispered back “I love you”. He just smiled. “(YN)?” he got up and put his boxers on. He then sat down back on the bed and said “Should we tell people?” I then sat up covered in the white duvet. “I don’t know” I whispered quietly. He embraced me and whispered back “Let’s keep it a secret” and I said “Okay” and then a tear slipped down my face. I put my head into his neck and it was silent again. We sat there for several minutes until I said “I’m tired” and he said “alright”. I layed down and he stroked my hair. I closed my tired eyes and fell asleep.

Two months later-
-Nialls P.O.V.

The doorbell rang and Harry opened the door. “Hello (YN)!”. “Hey Harry, Merry Christmas!”. “Woa, why do you have so many presents?” “The best presents from Santa for the best friends alive” she smiled. “Let me take your bags” Harry took her bags and went to the huge Christmas tree in the corner of our living room. “Hi” I calmly said to her. “Hey” she smiled. “Oh, sorry, let me take your jacket” She gave me her jacket and her scarf. Liam came down and said “(YN)! Thank god you’re here so early, you need to help me in the kitchen for the Christmas dinner!” – “Liam” she laughed. “I’ll be right there”. She saw that I wanted to talk to her. I reached for her hand and leaded her to my room. “I just have one question”. She sat down on my bed and looked up at me. “We are not officialy…” I stopped. “like, uh, we’re not together, right?”. She got up and placed her hands on my cheeks. “Go and have fun. Meet girls and do what you have to do to be happy”. “Okay” I said and a tear came down from my eye. She whipped it away and smiled “don’t cry”. “Thank you so much for being the best friend a person could ever ask for” – “That’s what friends are there for, aren’t they?” – “Yea” I said. She left and the room and I whispered “Friends..”. I went down and saw her in the Kitchen helping Liam with the dinner. Harry was decorating our table with Louis so I just joined Zayn on the couch and we watched TV. “Oh, I nearly forgot. My cousin and her friend are coming, too” Louis said. “Ugh, even more people?” Liam said annoyed. “Liam, more people, more fun” Harry said. “I guess” he answered. It was now 6pm and the doorbell rang again. This time Zayn opened the door. Two stunning girls came in with a little bit snow on their shoulders. “Sorry if we’re late. It started to snow but that’s the right thing on Christmas, isn’t it?” Louis’s cousin said. She hugged Louis and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. “This is Zoe” she pointed at her friend. A very pretty and shy girl with blonde hair and green eyes. She seemed nice. “Hi” said everyone including me. “Thanks for inviting me to your Christmas dinner” she said looking down a little bit embarrassed. “As I already said to Liam, more people, more fun” she let out a tiny laugh and we all sat down at the table. I didn’t talk much to (YN) that evening but I sometimes looked at her for a second. I always caught her smiling. Such a pretty girl. I talked a lot to Zoe. She told me that her mother really liked my band which was kind of crazy but we both laughed. We all raised our glasses and had some alcohol that night. I didn’t have much but I wasn’t very sober either. I remember (YN) drinking two glasses of the wine Zayn bought. “MOVIE” Louis shouted. This time Zayn and Louis’s cousin did the dishes so we all made our way to the couch. (YN) sat down with a blanket and said “Come here, Harry” who was extremely drunk. He got under the blanket and snuggled into her neck. “I’m tired, guys” Zoe said “Niall” Louis shouted to me “Can you show Zoe her bedroom, please”. “Sure” I replied a bit tired too. “Let’s open the presents tomorrow morning, I am too tired and drunk to function” Liam said and laid next to Harry and me to watch the movie we were about to put on.  I was leading Zoe to the guest bedroom. When we were in I showed her the towels and if she gets cold she could take another duvet from the closet. She came up to me and whispered “Niall” and then slowly put her lips onto mine. And that was the moment I understood..

Its kind of short but I hope you liked it. I love you guys so much, thanks for the fave's I got and the likes and mostly the views, its crazy!


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