I Wish I'd Never Met You

When you see One Direction on TV this Niall boy seems really familiar to you. You think that you just imagined it until you accidentally meet..


4. Harry - What a lovely guy


~Your P.O.V.~ When I arrived home I immediately got a text from Harry saying “Hey, wanna hang out tomorrow? Xx” I was really happy about that because I met a new nice guy. The only problem was: He is in a band with Niall. The one who forgot me and left me.  I took your phone and answered Harry “Yea, sure. What are we going to do? X” I went for a shower and then back to bed because it was already 11pm I was really tired and the day went really fast.
    ~Back to the story~ Next morning you woke up and fixed your hair. You got dressed in a tank blue top with black skinny jeans. When Harry knocked on your door you were ready to left. “Okay, let’s go eat something and then go to the park. Are you okay with that?” “Totally” You smiled. You went to Starbucks, and Harry pays everything. He was really cute. After that you went to a really beautiful park in Dublin.  “So, tell me more about you?” Harry asked. “I’m not interesting. Niall and I used to be friends but-“ a tear streamed down your cheek. Harry wiped it away “Tell me” he said, letting you sit down on the bench. “We were best friends but when he went to X-Factor, he forgot me.” Harry looked at you “Everything will be okay.” You smiled. “Thank you for this beautiful evening Harry!” – “Before I bring you home, can I have a kiss?” he grinned. You laugh and kiss him on the cheek when he turns around and kisses you on the mouth. It was a moment which never ended. The kiss was beautiful and it felt really good. For a moment you forgot everything around you. It was like you and Harry were in another world. He ended the kiss. “Lets go, I’ll bring you home!” He smiled and took your hand. You walked home together. When you arrived home, he left. You smiled the whole evening because this was an amazing day, you even forgot Niall for this day until you got a message from an unknown number…

Hello honeys, thanks for reading!! Sorry that it's so short this time :S
gonna publish next chapter this weekend!! :)
Stay cool and 
KEEP SMILING!! <3 <3 <3 love u all

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