I Wish I'd Never Met You

When you see One Direction on TV this Niall boy seems really familiar to you. You think that you just imagined it until you accidentally meet..


7. Evening at their house

We were in an super expensive restaurant. “Follow me” Harry said. We went to a small beautiful decorated room. Harry put the chair back and said “Please sit down beautiful lady”. I blushed and sat down. The waitress came “Are you ready to order?”. I looked quickly at the menu – “I’ll have the fish please”. “And you?” She turned to Harry “I’ll have the same please, and a bottle of this whine please” – “Sure” she smiled and walked away.
“Harry, why are you doing this?”
“What?” Harry smiled again.
“All this stuff, surprises, expensive restaurants. I don’t deserve that! I left Niall because of lies. He was my best friend and I believed a jerk who I didn’t even know.”
“You still love him” Harry said with a light smile on his face.
“What? Nono, I…-“
“(YN), I can see that you still love him. Believe me! I know that” – “Oh and don’t think that this is something like a date, I just really like you, you know. Like friends. I’d love to go out with you again.” – “You called me honey”
“Oh well yea I’m really sorry “ he started laughing. Harry was a good friend even though I only met him recently. We spend the evening just talking and hanging around. “But Harry, please don’t tell him okay? Because I know that he doesn’t feel the same…” – “I won’t” he smiled. He drove me home “Hey, (YN), want to come over tomorrow?” “Well…” – “Come on, we’ll be having fun” You looked at him “And I’ll tell Niall that we are NOT dating” You both started laughing “Alright, see you tomorrow, 5 pm?” – “Tomorrow 5 pm” He said and went back to his car.

~Back to the story~
/The next day/
You woke up to the sound of the Birds outside your window. I t was already 12 am. You had slept really well and you were really excited for today. You got to see the boys and Niall. Yea Niall was kinda mean but you loved him. Anyway, you put on one of your favorite outfits. 
It took you one hour to get ready so it was already  1pm. You made yourself some breakfast and watched TV until 4:30 pm.
“Well, it’s time” you said and put on your shoes. You closed the door and went to your car.

~Nialls P.O.V.~
„(YN) will be here soon!“ Harry said shouting from upstairs while I was sitting at the table and eating my cereal. “What?” I shouted back. Harry came downstairs. “Yea, I invited her, you didn’t know?” He said while putting away his clothes which were on the couch. ‘Damn, what am I going to do, this is gonna be really awkward..’ I said to myself. “You alright?” Liam asked who just came out of the shower. “Eh yea, (YN) is coming over” – “I know, you should better get ready” – “Why should I, are we going anywhere?” – “No” Harry said “But I invited Jenna and May over to play truth or dare” Harry smirked. “Oh hell no” Liam mumbled while he went to his room. ‘This is gonna be really awkward, because I kinda still have feelings for her’ I was talking to myself in my head. “What are you thinking about, Ni?” Harry asked “Go and help me with the snacks” – “And we need a bottle, for the game” he added. “Well, I’ll get the bottle” I stood up, still thinking about (YN).
When we were finally ready (YN) arrived. Zayn opened the door. “Hellooo there” he said pulling her into a hug. The others greeted her with a hug and I was just standing next to the table looking at her “Hi” was all she said with a smile on her face. “Hi” I replied. When Jenny and May arrived Harry was really happy. He loved that game. I don’t even know why, I think it’s horrible. You always have to do this awful stuff.
We were all sitting in a circle now. “SPIN THE BOTTLE!” Harry shouted. Louis took the bottle and it stopped in front of Liam. “Truth or dare?” Louis asked. “Well, I’ll take truth obviously” – “Would you bang (YN) for 20$?” Liam looked at me “Thank you Louis, I’m not a slut” I started laughing, thank god I wasn’t the only one. That would have been embarrassing. “Well, as (YN) is a good friend of ours, she is much more than just some dirty 20$” – “Liam, just say yes or no” Zayn said laughing. “No” everyone started laughing. “That was a stupid question” Liam mumbled. “Spin the bottle, liam” He did as Harry said and the bottle stopped directly in front of May. “Truth or dare?” He asked. “Dare!” She said. “I dare you to kiss one of the boys for 10 seconds” – “Well, I pick Niall” She said. I was a little bit shocked but maybe I could make (YN) a little bit jealous . May started kissing me passionately.

~Your P.O.V.~
It hurt. It hurt to see Niall kissing another girl. Harry saw the pain. He quickly started doing stupid things to cheer me up. After 40 minutes of playing we had lots of fun and drank a lot of alcohol. I had to kiss Zayn and Louis had to touch my boobs. Uncomfortable but funny. We ate dinner together. “Oh god, it’s already 11:30 pm, are you sure you want to go home? I mean you can stay here for a night, it’s no problem” Harry said and looked at us.
“I have a couch in my room, you can sleep on it, Jenny, if you want” Liam said. He had a girlfriend but he would never cheat on her. And Jenny was a really good friend of him. “You can sleep at mine” Harry said to May. “Well, (YN)” Niall said. “I have a couch, too…so. You might want to sleep on it?” – “Yea okay”. After we all were ready I and Liam washed the dishes.

~Back to the story~
I went to Nialls room and brushed my teeth with a toothbrush which Liam has given me. “You can have a shirt of you want” – “Yea that would be nice” You smiled. “There you go” He said giving you the shirt. “Thanks” You put off your clothes and didn’t even care that Niall was in the same room. He gave you a duvet and a pillow. He put off the light and laid down in his bed. “Good night” You said. “Good night”. You just laid there and couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that you and Niall were sleeping in one room but in different beds. Suddenly you heard Niall moving. “(YN)?” He whispered. “Yea?” – “Are you still awake?” He asked. “Yea, I can’t sleep” – “Maybe the couch is uncomfortable?” – “No, it’s actually really comfi. “Do you want to cuddle?” He asked me. You were shocked and so happy at the same time. “Yea “ I said. You climbed into his bed and he wrapped his arms around you. “(YN)?” He asked. “Yea?” – “Can I kiss you?”

There you go, I hope you liked it.
As I have spring break now for 2 weeks I'll update as much as I can ok bye

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