I Wish I'd Never Met You

When you see One Direction on TV this Niall boy seems really familiar to you. You think that you just imagined it until you accidentally meet..


10. Another chance

„can we talk?“ Niall asked looking straight into your eyes.  “Sure” you said. He quickly put on his white sneakers and took his jaket. You went for a walk in the park where you met again. “What is there to talk about?” you asked. “I am really sorry for the thing that happened, you know.” He said looking down at his hands which were in his pockets. “Why are you sorry? There is nothing wrong with that because-“  you took a deep breath. “We aren’t even a couple. I mean, I really overreacted. I should be sorry. “. “No, you shouldn’t!” Niall suddenly stopped and reached for your cold hands. “You are the most beautiful, handsome and kindest girl I have ever met and I am ashamed that I had let you go.” – “Niall, I…” you stopped and it was quiet for a second. You could hear the wind and the leaves falling from the trees. “so much happened. I just…” – “I understand” he said calmly looking down at his feet again. “Please give me one more chance” – “For what?” – “I will be the boy that you wanted me to be. I will be the one that will take care of you. And I will not leave you. I won’t let you go.”. “Fine”. A smile appeared on Nialls face. “I won’t let you down. I promise!”. With that you smiled a little and walked away.

Nialls P.O.V.
I was so happy that (YN) have me another chance. I won’t let her down. I can’t lose her again. I was in front of our door. When I came in everyone saw the big grin on my face. “You alright?” Zayn asked. “I am more than alright! I feel so good! (YN) gave me another chance!”. “Niall” Liam spoke quietly “If you don’t want to lose that special girl again you have to make her feel special”
-“But how do I start?”
- “Veronika and Me are having dinner tonight and the Le Bernadin. You can come with us” said Louis. Veronika was his girlfriend. She was gorgeous and really nice. She had long brown curly hair and bright green eyes.
-“Why not” I said and went up to my room to call (YN).
I asked her if she would come with us that evening and she said yes. We were talking the whole afternoon when we realized that it was already 8 pm and we should get ready. “I’ll pick you up at 8:30” – “Ok” she said and I could feel her smiling.

I drove to her house right at 8:30pm and texted her *I’m outside –Ni Xx*. She replied with *Be right there –(YN)Xx*. When she came out I  was speechless. She looks stunning. She had a beautiful white dress to her knees and her hair was in a perfect, a bit messy pony tail. I got out of the car to open the door for her. “Hi” I greeted her with a hug. “Hi” she said smiling “Do I look alright?” – “You look gorgeous!”. I could see her blushing. I opened the door for her and we drove to the restaurant where we were supposed to meet Louis and Veronika. As we drove the song sweet sweet melody came on. “Oh my god, I love that song. Can you please turn it up?” I watched her enjoying the music. She was really cute when she was happy. As we arrived I could already see Louis’s car outside. We got in and the waiter showed us our table.

Veronicas P.O.V.
I could see someone familiar coming over to our table. Then I realized that it was (YN), from University. I’ve seen her many times and sometimes we talked a little. She was really nice! “Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s you!” I said. “Veronika!” She said excitedly and gave me a hug. I hugged her back and then I saw Niall. “You know each other?” – “Yes, we’re going to the same University!” I said. “Now, that’s amazing” Louis said smiling. We laughed and had a lot to talk about. When we were about to leave (YN) went to the girls bathroom. I put some more lipstick on and she had to put on some more make-up. “I see, Niall really likes you” I said. “It’s complicated” she said turning to me. “So many things happened. But I gave him another chance.” – “That’s really kind of you”
“That is the thing about love.”
She said looking down at her bracelet.

“You love him?”
-“Yes, but he doesn’t know” she said disappointed. “But he will soon. I hope”

I gave her a little smile and we walked out of the girls bathroom.

Your P.O.V.
I saw Niall smiling at the entrance. “(YN), I have a surprise for you! But we’ll have to go over to yours, please?”. “uh sure” I said. We drove to my flat and we got in. “You have to pack your stuff.” Niall said pointing at my bedroom. “What, why?” – “Just for one night. We are flying to New York!” My eyes went wide. Niall noticed and started laughing. “But..what? Now? I don’t even have a ticket and how…do you..” – “organized everything. You can sleep in the plane”. I went to my room to pack some stuff. I still couldn’t believe it. Niall stood in the doorway of my room. He looked trough the room when he was my little rabbit stuff animal. “I can’t believe you still have this one!” He said going over to my bed. It was a stuff animal which he had given to me when we were in kindergarten as a sign of friendship. I couldn’t really remember who gave it to me, I just could remember that it was Maura. “I’m ready” I said taking my bag, heading to the door. The car drive was quiet because I still couldn’t believe that we were going to New York. “You know what’s actually really interesting?” he suddenly said while we were waiting for our plane. “When we’ll arrive, it’ll be evening again. Amazing, right?” he said looking out of the huge windows of the airport. “it is” I said not looking away from his perfect smile.

Nialls P.O.V.
*In the plane*
The whole plane ride I just watched her sleeping. I was wondering what she was dreaming. And I was hoping that she’s like her surprise in New York.
When we arrived we headed to our hotel with a taxi. She entered the room and was speechless. “Wow…I have nothing to say. Everything looks so expensive. “ – “Wait till you see your surprise” I said grapping her hand. “I hope that we won’t be late.” We got in the elevator which brought us to the 50th floor. She looked worried. “Are you alright?” I asked. “Yea, just wondering what we’re supposed to do at the 50th floor.” – “You’ll see” I said.

Back to the story
When the doors opened you were on the top of the building. There was a little table  with a bottle of champagne and two chairs. There were flowers everywhere and you could see New york’s skyline from the roof. “Wow” was all you said. Niall looked at the skyline. “Wait for it”. A second later a big firework exploded in the sky. Then another one and another one. A big firework over the New york’s skyline. It was beautiful. “Niall” you said turning to him. “Thank you” you whispered. “You didn’t disappoint me. You leaned in to kiss him. Niall kissed you back and it felt like the fireworks were exploding in your stomach. It felt amazing.

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