Essence of Romance

A girl, running from her past and attempting to rebuild her chances of her future. All seems bleak. Until he catches her eye.
For the 'Love and Loss: On Dublin Street' competition.


2. Chapter 2

The light of morning was intense, more so than I thought. I shielded my eyes with my hands, and rose to my sitting position. What could I actually do today? I have nothing to complete, no-one to speak with. I am not enjoying living in Edinburgh so far. It is rather unpleasant actually, especially the weather. I leant forward and pulled the curtains across, releasing the need to protect my eyes.


But there is that man. Why am I so interested in him? He is like any other man, woman or child that lives here. Each having their own stories, hopes, families and friends. But it's just him. I have not even heard his voice, or even gazed into his eyes, just caught a glimpse. But I'm guessing that is enough for me to be over thinking about him. I must speak to him. I must.


I stood to my feet, and scanned the plain room. Pale white walls, hard wooden floor, a bed; with a blue bedspread, and an oak wardrobe. Not anything exciting really. I swung the doors open and pulled out a black dress, slipped into my black heels and left. The rest of my flat is basically empty, just a sofa, fridge, toilet and a bath. but I don' have any water currently, or any electricity. I grabbed the keys hung on the hook next to the green door and slammed it behind me.


I sucked in my cheeks, and breathed out suddenly, making a weird noise. It was nerves. I'm shaking too. How am I supposed to start a conversation. My heels smacked against the cold floor. I clinched my keys tightly into my palm, digging the point in slightly. I then came to his door, number 9. I clawed through the air to the golden metal handle, but only lifted it. I did not have the will to push it back down hard enough, when I did, it was barely audible. But then, I proper slammed it down. What was that anger about? But then the door opened, pulling me from my thoughts. I gasped.

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