Essence of Romance

A girl, running from her past and attempting to rebuild her chances of her future. All seems bleak. Until he catches her eye.
For the 'Love and Loss: On Dublin Street' competition.


1. Chapter 1

Rain pattered down the windowsill, from endearing thoughts to the cruel reality of this. I cannot think other than to the terrible pain and loss of the last few months. A smile might be on display, but the tears are secretly still there. All that is needed to see them is a little knowledge of me, and an emotional understanding. But that could not be achieve, since I have not spoken a word to anyone I have not had to. Keeping myself looked away from the world seems to work for me.


I curled my fingers delicately around my calves, hugging my legs to my chest. But then again... There is that one man. He does not know of my interest of him, but I do hope he knows me. I wish I had the courage to speak to him, it isn't like I can't. He lives in the flat next to mine, I could just knock on his door. But, I know I wouldn't be able to lift the metal handle, and just drop it.


Rain slipped down the glass, blurring the sights of the dull Scottish street below. Flat 8, of Dublin Street. This is where I sit on the hard wooden windowsill, this is where I shall call home.

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