Save You Tonight

The huge oak tree still stood tall and majestic in the middle of the park where Rose Gomez and her best friend Harry Styles used to play when they were little. Only when she took one step back; then another, did the truth finally sink into her, and the tears sreamed down her face. Harry was happy, famous, probably chilling somewhere with his new best friends. He didn't forget her, he skyped her everyday and everynight. He was safe. She couldn't wish for more. She retreated to the gate knowing she'll never be back. She let the man in black outside carry her into the van. The van sped past the buildings, and stopped for a minute outside the graveyard, where she saw her whole family, for the last time, stand mourning in black clothes and tearstained eyes around the body buried...

...which was supposedly hers.


1. Prologue





I tapped on my MacBook impatiently, staring so hard at that little red spot in the hope that it might turn green and I might miss it. Rose had been offline on Skype for the past two hours - which is impossible, she almost lives on her laptop.


Rose Gomez is my best friend from Holmes Chapel. She has the most beautiful eyes you would've ever seen, they are deep violet and hold no secrets, no worries, nothing. She's a happy-go-lucky kind of girl, and it shows in her eyes. Her brown wavy hair comes till the middle of her back. Fringes cover most of her forehead.


"You need sleep, mate," Liam told me. "She's probably gone on vacation or something."


"She would've told me."


"Maybe her laptop broke."


"She's not picking her cell phone either."


"Maybe aliens kidnapped her," Liam joked.


"Shut up, Liam!" I shouted. "Just... Just get lost, okay? I'm not sleeping until I speak to her."


"This is crazy, Harry, we have a photoshoot tomorrow and you can't afford dark circles! Maybe she's just busy, she'll call you in the morning."


"I didn't even talk to her in the morning," I said, still glaring at the little red dot.


"Go sleep." Liam ordered, pulling of the charger of my laptop, the screen turning to black.


"What the fuck, Liam? What would you do if it was Danielle?"


"I'd sleep," Liam said. "And talk in the morning. Besides, Rose is not your girlfriend!"




Liam sighed. "Look mate, call her tomorrow - "


My cell phone started to ring, and I grabbed it to see if it was Rose. It wasn't.


"Harry," My mom greeted, except there was something wrong with her voice.


"Hey mom! Do you know why Rose isn't - "


"She was murdered."


The iPhone I held crashed on the floor and my whole body went numb. Who knew that those three words could ruin my entire life?


She was murdered.


I love her.



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