Love is Your Worst Enemy

Cheramie Johnson finds out a secret about her family that she would have never thought. Her parents are spies. Her parents work to find out secrets of government angencies. One day her parents find out a secret about the number one agency that could change the world. What happens when the government sends two people to kill Cheramie's family? What happens when Cheramie starts to fall in love with her killer? Will Cheramie's heart get her family killed or will it lead her to love.


2. Chapter two

****** I know what you guys are thinking, how is a seven year old going to fall in love with her killer. Right now this is just a flash back. In chapter four the story will go to present day. Hope you enjoy.******

    "Cheramie Grace Johnson! Why is your dress a wet?" My mama says with anger in her voice as I walk into the house. 

    What was I suppose to say? If I tell her that Psylish was splashing water on me, then that will get him in trouble. Then she would want to know how he was splashing water on me giving away the creek, mine and Psylish's secret. 

    "Umm... I feel into a puddle on the way up the hill. I am sorry mama." I say think of the best excuse that I could think of. 

    "You better be missy! Now go wash your hands. Will will deal with this when we get home. 

    I think mama bought the idea that I feel in a puddle. It had just rained the night before, so the ground was still a little wet even if the sun was out. 

    I went over to the sink To the sink where Psylish was standing washing his hands. He still looked a little mad at me but the main expression on his face now seemed to be confusion. 

    "Why didn't you tell you mom that I was the one that got you dress wet?" he asks wondering why I did not rat him out. 

   "If I told her that you are the one the got my dress wet then that would cause you to get into trouble. Then my mama would want to knew how it got wet and that would mean give up the secret about the creek." I said squirting some strawberry smelling soap an my hands. 

   Psylish was my best friend and there was no way that I was going to rat him out, even if he was mad at me for beating him in the race. That and I was not telling the secret of the creek. That was our getaway and no way my mama was going to know.  

    "Thanks! An Cheramie I am dirty for yelling at you and accusing you for cheating. You won the race fair and square." 

    "Hurry up you two." Mrs. Jones calls from in the dinning room. We finished washing out hands and headed into the dinning room. It was a old country looking room. It had an oak wood table in the middle of it with this farm print wall paper on the walls. 

    We sat down in our usual spots. Psylish's being in-between his mom and dad, and mine being on the right of my dad and to the left of Mr. Jones. We all held hands and prayed thank for the amazing food. 

    "Amen." everyone said as we finished the prayer. Everyone started right away eating their food with not question. Mrs. Jones had cooked fried chicken, some mashed potatoes with gravy, some baked beans, and some rolls. This was our typical Sunday meal. It was either served at Psylish's house or mine. 

    "So Cheramie are you still coming to Psylish's eighth birthday party next Saturday? Mrs. Jones asks from across the table eating her mashed potatoes. 

    "Yes, I would not miss it for anything in the world." I say smiling.  

    Psylish was to turn eight next week on the tenth. He was almost a year older then me and I was jealous. I had just turned seven two months ago and I felt like I was a big kid and the here goes Psylish turning eight. 

    "That's fantastic. Psylish has been looking forward to the party for the last month and he would be very disappointed if his best friend is not there." I could see Psylish starting to blush trying to hide it. 

    We finished are lunch and put our dishes away. Mama wanted to leave early so she can focus on cleaning my dress. 

    "Bye Psylish, I will see you next week at your party." I say giving him a hug. 

    "Okay bye Cheramie and don't forget to get me a really cool gif." he says smiling ear to ear. 

    "That's the Psylish I know always wanting a gift." 

    "Cheramie hurry up and finish saying your good byes." My mama says finishing talking to Mrs. Jones. We finish saying are good byes and I hop into the car. All the way home all I can think of is Psylish's party and how fun it will be. 

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