Love is Your Worst Enemy

Cheramie Johnson finds out a secret about her family that she would have never thought. Her parents are spies. Her parents work to find out secrets of government angencies. One day her parents find out a secret about the number one agency that could change the world. What happens when the government sends two people to kill Cheramie's family? What happens when Cheramie starts to fall in love with her killer? Will Cheramie's heart get her family killed or will it lead her to love.


1. Chapter one

   "Psylish stop! Your getting me all wet!" I yell at my best friend in the whole world. We have been best friends practically since birth. Our parents have been friends with each other since hight school, planning to do everything together in life that means letting there kids grow up together. 

    We were down by the creek in the woods at the edge of Psylish's backyard. I was a beautiful place with the trees tall their leaves blocking the sun, but it found its way in. The water so clear that you could see straight through it, like looking through a spotless window. 
    That place was mine and Psylish's hangout. Every time I would come over that is the first place we would go. We would just go down there to talk and play in the water, the only time it felt like we were the only two in the world. 
    No one understood why we would always go down into the woods. None of our parents would go into the woods, so they had no idea that there was a creek in there. So Crome then on it was mine and Psylish's secret. We would not tell anyone why when they asked us, not even our parents. 

    "Oh, come on Cheramie have some fun. Stop being so girly." Psylish said still splashing water on me, smiling ear to ear. 

    We had just came from church, still in our church clothes. Psylish wearing a pair of black dress pants, a white button down shirt, a pair of black loafers, and a little black clip on tie. His black hair just a little messy, falling right over his baby blue eyes. 

    I was in my favorite dress. It was a baby pink with little yellow and white daisies on it. It had a little bit of a sleeve but not much coming just below my shoulder. Mama had gotten me it for my seventh birthday two months ago. Ever since I got it I have wanted to wear it everyday, but mama said that I could only wear it on Sundays. My brown curly hair coming right above my shoulders, pushed back by a headband revealing my blue eyes. 

    "I am not being girly! It is that mama would kill me if I got my dress ruinned." 

    Mama was very picky when it came to clothes. She hated when I would get my clothes dirty. I guess she wished I was a little more girly then what I am. Hey, that happens when your best friend is a boy. 

    "Psylish! Cheramie! It is time for lunch!" Psylish's mom called from the deck. 

   Mrs. Jones was a tall women about five eight. She had long wavy blonde hair that looked white if the sun hit it perfectly and green emerald eyes that reminded me of the color of snake eyes. She was a caring person always  volunteering and the local soup kitchen every Saturday. She was also was a great mom, coming to everyone one of Psylish's baseball games. 

    Psylish stopped splashing me with water and started running up the hill to his house. 

   "I bet you can't beat me." he said with an evil smile on his face. 

    "Oh yeah, just wait and see." At those words we were both running as fast as we could. We were neck and neck until Psylish's pant loop got stuck on a brench. 

    "Ha ha" I said looking back seeing him struggle to get free. I was half way there when Psylish got free. He started running, determination written across his face. 

    "Ha ha, I won! That just proves girls are better runners then boys." I said just as Psylish reached the house. 

    "Does not! You cheated!" he shouted, anger in his eyes. 

    "I did not I won fair and square!" At that time Mrs. Jones walked out. 

    "What is going on our here?" she asked concerning the yelling going on between us. 

    "Cheramie cheated. We were racing to see who could get here first and Cheramie made me get fought on a branch!" he yelled pointing at me. 

    "I am pretty sure that Cheramie did not do that, that it just happened. Now you two come on in and clean up for lunch." she said turning back around and going into the house. 

    Psylish gave me one last evil look before going inside to wash up. It is not my fault that I won, I guess it is just fate. 
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