Scattered and Broken

What if Frodo and Sam had never destroyed the ring? What if Sauron had been waiting for them? What if the destruction of two very special Hobbits had strewn the fellowship around Middle Earth once again?


2. Forsaken

Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the rings or any of it's characters. 

A/N: I sometimes have days ( like today ) when i'm sitting on my computer writing fanfiction and I just think "Roisin, what are you doing with your life?!" But then I think lord of the rings and Im all good again, and that's when a new chapter happens ^_^, anyway, ENJOY =^_^=

A sudden thundering sound crashed through the air, the clamor of hooves on black stone sent echoes round the battlefield. Man, Elf, Dwarf and all manner of beasts fell silent save for the occasional groan of pain. No-one on the field that day had any doubt who was approaching, only one could cause an entire battlefield to fall silent by merely making a sound. A figure in dark clad armor came into view, and although none could see his face, everyone on the battlefield could tell he was smirking with triumph. 

Aragorn noticed with horror that a suspiciously golden item was glowing on his right hand. He realized  this could only mean one thing.


The battlefield erupted in the gleeful cries of the foul beasts of Mordor, a hideous noise to behold. Aragorn's breath caught in his throat, it couldn't be true, it just couldn't, but it was. He was vaguely aware of Legolas yelling at him to move, but it was too late; Orks were already surrounding the legendary trio. 

Sauron dismounted his steed and walked painfully slowly to where the three were standing, stopping in front of Aragorn himself. The dark lords gaze quickly skimming over Legolas and Gimli before settling once again on the ranger.

" So, this is the future King?" Sauron rumbled " this is supposed to rule Gondor?" he taunted. 

" Aye it is 'mi lord' " an ork hissed, not quite grasping the concept of sarcasm, not that he ever would; as he had dropped stone dead when his masters glare fell upon him.

Sauron turned back to Aragorn

" I have no time for these games" Sauron chuckled, " I have no time for you ranger" 

Sauron pulled a black-diamond in-crusted dagger out of his sleeve and readied it for use in his gloved palm; he did this so quickly that no mortal eye would have seen it. Legolas however was no mortal. In an equally speedy amount of time Legolas had drawn his bow, notched an arrow and shot it at the evil being's hand. The dark lord made a horrible sound off rage and pain but didn't drop the lethal device, he merely switched it to his other hand. 

Unfortunately, Legolas had failed to do much apart from anger Sauron to immense terms, as if he, the king of middle earth would be injured by an elf

Sauron nodded at a group of Orks who quickly ran forward, disarmed and held the three beings. None of them, of course, would go without a fight, but their struggles ceased when the Orks had the sense to kick their legs out from beneath them and hold them there.

The black figure examined the red blood that was slowly seeping through his glove from the arrow, which he proceeded to pull out and throw on the ground.

" You will regret that" he spat at the elf; who stared defiantly back at him.

Although trying to act brave, Legolas' heart fell with pure, white fear as he heard four words. Four words that he had heard stories about as an elfling, four words that he had dreaded his whole life.

"Take him to Isengard"

A/N let the angst and torture begin! 

Legolas: Roisin, why do you insist on torturing me in every single story you write?

 Because you are attractive and I love you

Legolas: so you have to torture me?

 Indeed ^_^


Wow I am very strange aren't I?

Thanks for reading :) xx


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