Scattered and Broken

What if Frodo and Sam had never destroyed the ring? What if Sauron had been waiting for them? What if the destruction of two very special Hobbits had strewn the fellowship around Middle Earth once again?


1. Shattered

Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the rings or any of it's characters.

A/N: Credit to my Best Friend Abi for helping me think of this story, she's awesome, your'e awesome Abi ^_^ ! Anyway, so, this is not a one-shot it will have several chapters :) . Im not sure whether i'm going to continue with my other fanfiction 'hand in hand', not for a while anyway, I have many more ideas for this story. Yeah...

So this chapter is a little bit sad. ( Im kidding, It's very sad ) But I turned the violence down ( I'm saving it for the upcoming chapters :P ) Sorry it's short, I didn't want to pro-long the suffering of my Frodo ;__;  Now! I must away! TO THE EAST!


He had tried to save him, he had tried to tell him to move , tried to tell him that something was wrong, he had tried...but it wasn't enough. For his gardener, his companion, his best friend was dead. Samwise Gamgee was dead. 

" Why?" was all he could choke out as he fell to his knees on the dark ground. Tears were slowly making there way down his cheeks, cleaning a path down his grimy face. He heard Sauron's rumbling voice above him-

"Why? Did you ask me why?" 

Frodo tried his best to stare defiantly at the shadowy figure, but he could not, he felt too much grief, too much pain, too much guilt.

" Well I will tell you why little ring bearer" Sauron chuckled, " Because I can" 

Frodo couldn't see but he was sure that behind the black mask Sauron was grinning down at him.

" And now hobbit, I shall kill you "

Sauron raised his hand and Frodo could see the ring shining on his armoured glove.

This was it, this was the end...

No scream was heard, no plea for mercy came from Frodo's mouth as a black sword appeared, seemingly out of no-where, and slashed across his chest. 

And that was how the ring bearer died, lying next to his best-friend, both silent, both sleeping. Maybe they were re-united in the paradise of White Shores, we cannot be certain. But one thing was certain.

The fellowship had failed.

A/N: Well, there we go, I did it, I killed them T___T 

I am open to criticism, if you guys think it it OOC or something feel free to tell me ^_^, but don't mention my spelling, it was never my strong point  -_-

Thank you for reading :'')


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