promises dont fade (1SHOT41D )

This is a story about two best friends niall and sophie who couldn't be seperated they knew each other from primary school and bought promise rings but when one direction is formed their friendship and the rings are forgotten. but can a coincidentiall reunion bring these two best friends back together ??, and what happens when they start to fall for one another ?? find out in "promise's don't fade" a story of friendship,love,reunion, and sorrow.


1. alot can happen in a month

we all have that best friend that we will always remember, but what happens when because of one band that friendship is pushed aside ?? .......... 

I woke up this morning to the sound of my annoying little brother alex playing on his play station "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON THAT THIS EARLY!!!" i growled, alex quickly turned looking at me with those puppy eyes he was blessed with "p..p...p..please dont tell mum soph, i wont do it again, i promise" i just looked at him, tears streaming down his red cheeks "no!, its unfair how you get away with all of this" i spat; i knew all to well that promises would be broken .... you know Niall??, course you do he is in one direction, he was my best friend until that band came along, i bet he dosent even remember me, i snapped out of my daydream and went to get a drink of orange out of the fridge it was cold and the bits tickled my throat as they passed. I then popped in some toast and waited, it finally bounced back up, i quickly buttered it and tossed it on a plate grabbing it as i tried to make a run for the stairs before mum caught me ...... but she did.

I span around to see my mum standing there smiling like a cheshire cat, "what?" i said sounding so intrested, "i have something for you" i shivered at the fact it could be another set of hand-me-downs from my cousin eleanor, "open this" she handed me a brown envolope, i teared it open excited to know it wasn't clothing, i pulled out to sheets of paper and two passses, i examined them closer, my mum just laughed "what is it", "i got you and sandrine tickets to see one direction with VIP so you get to meet them after the show", i was happy i was going with sandrine my best friend and so happy i was going to see one direcion but i couldent help looking sad, all the memories of niall came flooding back "whats up honey?" my mum comforted, "nothing" i said dying inside, i grapped the tickets and passes and fled up to my room thats when i realised what date the concert was.

i jumped on my bed burying my head in the sheets, the concert had to be on flippin valentines day, thats the day i met niall plus the boys will be recieving god knows how many marriage proposals, and another thing ..... IT'S TOMORROW !!!!. i ran to my wardrope pulling open the droors and piling my clothing on the bed, "no,no,no,no,no,no,no" i muttered then the door flung open "whats wrong dear", "trying to find an outfit for TOMORROW" my voice rose "sorry i should of told you let me help" my mum now sounded desperate. It took a while but i finally picked out a pair of black leggins, a red jumper with patched elbows and to top it off a leather jacket, but the time i had finished putting together my outfit it was nine pm, i went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, wash my face and brush my hair. i made my way back into my bedroom laying under the plump covers i dozed off pretty easily that night, i had to wake up early the next morning as i had a long day ahead of me.

i woke up to the streets lightly covered in snow, but not enough to stop my travels to the concert, what really woke me up was the knocking on the door; it was sandrine, i paced down stairs and squeesed her tightly "i missed you" i spoke gently "and i misssed you too" she returned, after that we both made are way back upstairs and started getting ready.I put on my outfit i had chose the night before, and  for jewellery i picked an old ring, i cant remember why i have it or where it was from it just has "promise" written across it, i looked over to sandrine who had bright red skinnies and a i love one direction hoodie on, i did my hair in a messy bun, did my makeup and went downstairs with sandrine, we has cereal for breakfast, using most of the milk in doing so, &quotyou ready" my mum called, "yes" we both chorused, we both trotted to the car, the journey was long but we finally arrived.

eventhought the concert didnt start for three hours yet the arena was full of people

, me & Sandrine said are goodbyes to my mum and arranged a time to be picked up, we then went to the food stall and bought two burgers and fries. The concert was now just half an hour away so we waited in the line for the entry. We finally got in the main performance hall and found are seats, we were in the second row and had a very good view, the lights dimmed and the sound of screaming arose from the audience, the boys piled on stage one after the other starting with Harry, then Zayn, Louis, Liam, then Niall, I couldn't stop thinking about all then things me and Niall had done before the band was formed, they started with WMYB and that got everyone hyped up, the concert lasted an hour and a half and it was time we went backstage. We walked over to the security guard and showed him are passes, he led us into a large colourful room " the boys won't be long " he said as he left the room, there was a sofa at the back so me and Sandrine decided to park our bums on it, it was about fifteen minutes before the boys came in; they looked tired after a long performance but they were all happy to talk " ello love " Louis spoke first he walked over to me and Sandrine and hugged us tightly, his warm hands curling around my waist, next was Liam "hello, you ok" me and Sandrine nodded in agreement, liam was followed by Harry who wrapped his large hands around my waist kissed my cheek, Zayn approached us and planted a gentle kiss on our cheeks, which left Niall, he walked over to Sandrine and hugged her gently leaving a lingering kiss on her cheek before he walked over to me, I noticed a ring on his finger, I could just make out it said "promise" written on it, he bent down to kiss my hand but stopped suddenly when he saw the ring. I looked at him shocked "s.s.s soph" he spluttered, a smile beginning to grow on my face, "I thought you had forgotten about me" I said with a tear in my eye, "how could I" by now the boys were staring "we'll be back in a minute" Niall said as he led me out the door and into his dressing room, he Locke the door and turned to face me, he hugged me like he used to, my brain now like a calidoscope of memories, I let a tear roll down my cheek and onto his shoulder, he pulled away and wipe my tear with his finger, are eyes locked his face nearing mine, I felt a pair of moist lips press on mine, and before we knew it are lips were opening and closing on each others, tongue exploring the others mouth, it took a few minutes before he pulled away " I've always wanted to do that " he spoke comfortingly, "me too, I missed you so much" I replied "but I thought you forgot about me" I continued "how could I, we got promise rings for each other, I promised I would never forget you" I looked at him, I was tearfull because of his response he then carried on "promises don't fade" he spoke gently, those words playing in my mind, " no they don't" I replied we then hugged and were about to kiss again but Paul walked it "Niall your missing all your fans" , Niall looked sad "I don't want to leave" at that reply Paul slammed the door. Niall showed me over to the sofa In his room, he sad me down and I rested my head on his shoulder, he bent over slightly and kissed my cheek smiling at me before pulling back, "I love you" he said confidently "I love you too", he smiled at what I had just said "will you be mine", "what do you mean" I was confused, "go out with me Sophie, please", "ok" I replied shocked, he held my hand and led me back to the room were Sandrine and the other boys were "your back" they chorused, "I would like you to meet Sophie, my um girlfriend" Niall spoke, "girlfriend" Harry said confused "yes" I replied, we showed are rings and I spoke quietly "promises don't fade" I looked at Niall who was smiling like An idiot and kissed his cheek softly, we all exchanged numbers and me and Sandrine left. We walked to the car where my mum was sat, "so how did it go"' "long story" I replied, she turned on the radio and a breaking news story had just been aired "one directions Niall horan has bagged himself a new girlfriend, supposedly the girls name is Sophie" I jumped to the front and switched of the radio, my mum glaring, I just slumped in my seat, today was a day I would never forget and I get promises don't fade .......
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