Life with styles

Most stories u read have ups and downs but in this life is just how u want it comment if u like and if u me to change something comment and I will sort something out hope u like it is my first fan fiction:) please comment


9. Thanks!

Harrys's P.O.V

I was watching Olivia swim across the bottom of the pool then all of a sudden she stoped her bracket got caught at the fitler she tried to get it out then all of a sudden she closed her eyes I got up and jumped straight in the pool fully clothed I swam to her and put her bracket out of the fitler and up to the top. As soon as I was out we all crowded around her Louis having he's mum being a nurse checked her pulse. A said with a smile on his face " Harry give her mouth to mouth now!" I quickly bent over I give her mouth to mouth which I was happy about coz' it was like a kiss. All of a sudden she starts kissing back. When we pull away she is breathing heavily so I ask " are you okay Olivia ? " she smiles and replies " yeah thanks " then Eleanor comes and wreacks it our I sex by saying to everyone behind her " lets leave these two I alone " I turn to Eleanor everyone laughs and goes inside I turn to Olivia who is blushing then we look into each others eyes and lean in we once again get wreacks nut bye her phone this time Olivia leans over me and puts then phone to her hear.

Olivia's P.O.V

I reach over Harry To answer my phone and mouth 'sorry' to Harry it's my mum calling

Mum: hi sweetie

Me: hey mum what's up

Mum: oh just call to say Alex ( alexandria )want to tell you something

I hear stuffling then

Alex : hey Olivia I miss you

Me: I miss you to what's up

Alex: well you know Mike my boyfriend

Me: yeah what about him

Alex: yeah he proposed

Me: omg then!

Alex : an hour ago

Me: where

Alex: in the cubby the we buildt together

Me: omg gtg bye text me a pic of the ring

Alex: yeah gtg to bye c'ya


End of phone call I put down the phone and say to Harry "where were we" and lean in when our lips only just touch Harry put one hand on the back of my neck and the other on my waist while my hands are around his neck and in his hair. When we pull apart we hear 'oooohhhh's and 'aaaawwww's we look at the door and everyone is watching us from behind the glass door. I turn o Harry and feel the heat running to my cheeks then remove my hand he does the same I grab his hand and walk near the pool trip and fall in I put my hand out for help up Harry grab my hand and I pull him in. He quick jokes around and slaps the water splashing me shouting " help I need help " in a sarcastic tone we all laugh and look to the doo to say they can come out now but to late Louis is running up to the pool and splash he jumped in folowed by the others who are laughing like mad.
Two hours later
We I think it is time to leave its already 10 and I have to be up at 10 am for the Victorica's secret model try outs. When we finally get home we go staging to bed.
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