Life with styles

Most stories u read have ups and downs but in this life is just how u want it comment if u like and if u me to change something comment and I will sort something out hope u like it is my first fan fiction:) please comment


2. Moving

Today is the day I move with is good coz I have the concert three days after I am there I am a huge one direction fan. So I am at the air port ready to go. I pull my mum and dad into a bear huge kiss there cheeks and say to them who are sobbing " I will be back at Christmas " then turn to my sister georgia is coming then leaving after two weeks we all hug and say bye to alexandria then in come my step sisters we only see then rarely me and georgia separate and the girl join.i pull back and say "I will miss u tash " I say to my eldest step sister then say" and u Jess " 4 eldest the turn to binky 3 eldest we are really close I say " I will miss u so much " then when all the hugging is over I hear over the speacker 'fight 19 to London bording ' I turn to the ate and grab my bags then walk just before the entry I turn and wave to every one and say to georgia " I gonna miss the georgie " my nickname for her " me too " she says cring mum grandma and georgie are all criers. We board the plane and I take a nap. I woke to someone shaking me its Georgia she says" come on we are half way there it time for a plane change over" we get out go though security grab our stuff get a cab then leave to my new house. Then we get there I look around then the movers get here I we se up.
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