Life with styles

Most stories u read have ups and downs but in this life is just how u want it comment if u like and if u me to change something comment and I will sort something out hope u like it is my first fan fiction:) please comment


8. Hi girls

We walk up to them and say hi to the boy then say hi to the girl we are at Louis' house so Eleanor takes us to the master bedroom we talk like teenage girls but then love comes up and Josie Georgia and I fall silent then El say to me" I think Harry likes you he is alway talking about you" that second we hear a " I am not" then us girl look at each other then I get up off the bed and walk over to the door open it then jump back before five men fall at my feet " guy we were talk about girl stuff a.k.a crushes a you guy were listening the whole time" El barks then Lou says" we weren't listening the whole time we came I heard about u girls all wearing thongs " he says breaking into laughter then El snap and said " you guys I think we are going in the pool " and then Lou adds " we also heard Olivia was a bathing suit model " I blush deep shades of red then the boys or shoved out the room while we change I was kind of famious when I model and I model the bathing suit El gave me I did infact come here to try out for Vitorias secret model so I try out are tomorrow. Anyway we walk out and all the boy stare at me exepect Louis and Zayn but I think Liam is looking at Georgia and Niall is looking at Josie but Harry started drooling so I bent over and said in his ear " Harry babe your drooling " I stood up and walked to the steps of the pool and went for I swim when I was turning around into the deep end I swam across the bottom then my charm bracket got caught in the suction thing I couldn't get it out then it all when black.
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