Life with styles

Most stories u read have ups and downs but in this life is just how u want it comment if u like and if u me to change something comment and I will sort something out hope u like it is my first fan fiction:) please comment


3. Getting ready

I woke up on my new bed and get off the bed look thought the 2 bedrooms lounge room bathrooom music room and kitchen looking for more un packing to do the music room still needed all the walls fill with poster of one direction when my iPhone ring pulling me from my thoughts I grab my phone to see one of my best friend Josie name in caller id I click the answer button and put the phone to your ear" hey babe " I shout and get a" omg what are you doing to day I heard u are over here" back.Josie lives in London " yeah I have to finish unpacking then go shopping coz I am going to meet one direction " I shout the last part " omg really I am so jealous " I could just see the frown on her face so I replied" don't be coz your coming with ahhhhhhhhh!" I scream waking georgia she comes walking down stairs and give me a wtf look I point to the phone then Josie stop scream and says" why what bout georgia isn't she going" Georgia is a huge fan to " yeah but I got the back stage passes so I thought save money on flying and friend out then I got one here" " thank you so much " she says " oh i just putting up posters so. Wanna coming shopping I think Georgie is coming " she and Georgie are good friend I look at Georgia questionly she nodes I say" yeah she says yes so meet me here in 30 min I will text you the address gtg bye babe " she replies with a " yeah me to c ya" I turn to georgia and say" she is pick us up the half an hour " and I text her the address walk up stairs and dressed into white and blue stripes short shorts and and matching top then brush my hair put on some lip stick grab my bag put my phone in my bag and walk down stair I have ten minutes left so I make an omelet eat it when Georgia comes down wear her favorite top with had the Beatles on it and grey short shorts then the door bell rings it is Josie.
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