Life with styles

Most stories u read have ups and downs but in this life is just how u want it comment if u like and if u me to change something comment and I will sort something out hope u like it is my first fan fiction:) please comment


5. Concert day

We all woke up at the sound of the cat we also brought with us ,fluffs. We went to the drive thought at maccas even though we looked like shit. We got home and ate the we unpacked the rest of the stuff coz I forgot about it yesterday then I look at my watch it was 10 to 8 the concert is half an hour away so we got ready and left it. When we got there I got out the tickets and show them to the man we were shown to our front row seat the after we would go back stage and meet ONE DIRECTION! I still can't believe this so we were watch them sing to little things when I turn around and sreamed then when I turn around I saw green eye look in my blue eye it broke when it came to Harry solo I tied my hair up of my neck coz it was very hot out there they end with little things and we got back stage we straighten out then we were told to sit and wait till they came back for changing we waited 2 minutes then Liam came and said hello and we introduced ourselves then Louis Niall and zayn walked out Liam introduced us I look at Georgia she was lost in Liam eyes Liam just broke up with danielle and the look to my right to see Niall flirting with Josie then I looked at Louis and zayn zayn said " I will go find Harry " I noded and me and Louis started talking. When Harry walk out shirtless I could just see I my self looking at his abbs and then up to his face.
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