Scars Forever

A poem about bullying. People don't realise the impact of bullying, it scars your life forever.


1. Scars Forever

I was the new girl at school,

and there you stood,

around with your crew.

You glared at me,

then decided that I was no use.

no worth.


Coming to a new form,

I sit down,

there I see you giggling.

About me.

Mocking the way I look,

I put my head down,

and watch the school year go past.


But it was never easy,

you stood everywhere,

trying to trip me up.

Spreading hurtful rumours about me,

talking about me behind my back,

did you think I didn't know.

I knew you hated me,

But I didn't know why you bullied me?


You made me cry,

You didn't realise how much you hurted me.

You did it to be popular,

not realising the impact you did.


But it's too late now,

the scars are done,

and will remain forever.

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