Your just a teenage dirtbag

Hi I'm Ronny,
My life is fucked up
I hate my mum dad and brother!
And my brother is Louis Tomlinson
Yes from one direction
He thinks I'm still sweet
I cut my self and burn myself
I can't go back home
I HATE school
I ran away!
For a new life!


2. why the fuck

Ok now I'm in a park in the fucking snow with no fucking money all I have are smokes and pocket knifes and ONE FUCKING JACKET I hate my life and.....

Agin I hate my life!!?
Louis' P.O.V

"Guys why would she fucking cut herself?" I asked the boys " depression faggot" Harry said with a WHY THE FUCK DID YOU EVEN ASK look on his face " yeah my sister did that" Liam said
"BUt why would she think she ugly" Niall asked btw he likes her " I don't know Niall she's the prettiest girl in the house" I said worriedly " I'm gonna go and check on her Kay boys" I said "KK" Niall said in a girly voice. I got up to Ronny's door I took a deep breath and opened the door to see no Ronny on her bed all I saw was a opened window and her phone alone with blood saints on the floor heading up to the window RONNY FUCKING RAN AWAY!! "GUYS RONNY RAN AWAY" I yelled as the boys ran up to me " we need to find her now!" I yelled
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