Your just a teenage dirtbag

Hi I'm Ronny,
My life is fucked up
I hate my mum dad and brother!
And my brother is Louis Tomlinson
Yes from one direction
He thinks I'm still sweet
I cut my self and burn myself
I can't go back home
I HATE school
I ran away!
For a new life!



I'm sitting on the bench when I here Louis I shit myself seeing him come up to me I panicked and fainted
I wake up in Louis' warm arms and to find him crying into my neck "Louis?" I ask he looks up at me with his red puffy eyes " what" he asked looking mad " why are u crying" I asked " WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU CUTTING AMD BURNING" he yelled out loud I jumped out of his arms " wh..what" I said shocked from his reaction " yeah I saw all of them" he said standing up and walking closer to me making me take a step back " It's none of your business Louis " I said back at him "it is my business MUM AND DAD DIED in now looking after you NOW YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL TO.........
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