Your just a teenage dirtbag

Hi I'm Ronny,
My life is fucked up
I hate my mum dad and brother!
And my brother is Louis Tomlinson
Yes from one direction
He thinks I'm still sweet
I cut my self and burn myself
I can't go back home
I HATE school
I ran away!
For a new life!


1. No

I lit the match and put it to my wrist watching the skink go red and the cuts coming up from my skin letting tears drop don't on to the foot path! Yes I was running away from my life but not the cutting life I can't stop I love the feeling of it!

One day a brother Louis walked in on me writing UGLY On my thigh I was so embarrassed and worst about it his friends where there FUCKING ONE DIRECTION WHERE WATCHING ME CIT MYSELF... Louis waited till I was done to talk and all he said was " oh my god my are you even my fucking sister you where once sweet and caring and now are thinking your self as fat and ugly" and left and that was today that's why I'm burning myself cause I know he's gonna post it in FUCKING twitter that little shit I ant even understand how his FUCKING FRIENDS LAUGHED AT ME LIKE WHY IN 19 AND FUCKING CUTTING WOULDN'T YOU THINK HE WOULD HELP ME?????
And I've also had a crush on his friend Niall for a while! But eww he would never like me!
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