Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


38. XFactor: First live show!

We got to the XFactor house and were greeted with a load of screaming girls screaming for One was crazy, I never thought I would ever have the need to feel jelous of 1000's of girls screaming my boyfriends name...

As soon as we entered the house the noise outside faded to a mumble and the house was pretty much silent. We made our way down the long dark halls looking for the boys, where were they? The house seems almost empty...

"BOO!" shouted Liam coming up behind me, I let out a little scream as I jumped and them turned around hitting him lightly on the arm.
"LIAM!" I shouted laughing a little "seriously I haven't seen you in 3months and all you want to do is give me a heart attack!" I gasps making Liam chuckled as he pulled me into a hug, my ear was pressed against his chest as his strong arms squeezed my small body, i let my arms wrap around his waist and I could hear his heart beating calmly.
"You have no idea how much I've missed you!" he whispered in my ear
"I missed you too Liam!" I whispers smiling a little as we pulled out of the hug, he leaned in closer to me, our heads touching I could feel his warm breath on my lips as I began to smile a little before he leaned in to kiss me

"LIAM! REHERSALS!" shouted Simon down the hallway just before his lips touched mine...
"Why?" moaned Liam making me giggle
"Go!" I smiled giving him a small peck on the lips making him grin
"Kiss me again!" he grinned leaning in
"Greedy!" I giggled kissing him on the lips lightly once more "Go!" I said again reluctantly pulling away from him as I went to go find the others.

Louis POV
That night came quickly! The whole day went passed in a blur. Before I knew it me and the boys were waiting backstage to go on stage. Live. Infront of millions of people. I felt really nervous, as if I was about to throw up and my hands were shaking like mad.
"LOUIS!" someone shouted my name as I saw my girl come running towards me wrapping her arms around me and giving me a big hug
"Hey babe!" I smiled returning the hug "Come to wish me luck?" I chuckled as he pulled away
"Louis I need to tell you something!" she whispered, she had a worried look in her eyes
"One Direction to the stage in two minutes!" shouted the stage Director
"Justine can it wait?" I asked trying to get into my position
"No Louis it's important!" she whispered
"Well quickly please Justine!" I sighed as the other boys passed me
"I'm pregnant." she whispered the worry in her eyes grew. I froze. I didn't know what to say to her. I looked her in the eyes and I think the same worried look she had in her eyes travelled to mine.

"Louis stage now!" snapped Liam grabbing my arm and dragging me into my position. I heard the music to 'Viva La Vida' begin and before I knew it I was on stage attempting to sing with the boys but I couldn't with what was on my mind. When we stopped singing I just stood there, still abseloutky gobsmacked, the Judges were talking but I wasn't listening to what they were really saying, it was just a load of mumbles...

Sian's POV
Me and the girls were watching One Direction's performance from backstage.
"Isn't Niall just gorgeous!" Rachel cooed staring at the screen dreamily
"Ooft! Look at my Zayn!" grinned Marryanne
"Look at Harry's curls..." Niamh smiled taking one of her own curls twiddling it round her finger
"Liam's voice is just. Breathtaking!" I whispered staring at the screen. Throughout all this I noticed Justine was silent.
"Louis, looks nervous doesn't he Justine?" smiled Rachel clearly noticing what I noticed. Justine paused and looked at us.
"...I told him." she said "about the baby. I told him!"
"YOU DID WHAT?" we all screamed at her
"I Told Him! You said to tell him!" she snapped
"Yeahh, but not two seconds before he goes on stage..." I sighed then turning my attention back to the TV where Detmott was talking to the Boy's

"So how was that Liam?" asked Dermott
"It was great!" Liam replied he was a little out of breath from all the dancing around the stage
"and Louis, you looked a bit nervous, how was that?" asked Dermott the placing the microphone to Louis mouth, he stood there gobsmacked, his era glazed over as if nothing was going into his head
"...My girlfriends pregnant!" he gasped into the microphone for the whole of the nation to hear...
"...well umm congratulations. To Vote for One Direction-" Dermott began changing the subject.

All of us girls looked over at Justine who's years were now streaming down her face.
"...Justine?" asked Niamh before she quickly got up and ran away
"JUSTINE WAIT!" I called after her getting up out my chair, but it was too late, she was already gone...

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