Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


42. Trouble in Paridise

Christmas came quickly. It began as any normal other Christmas, i was awoken by my parents as they opened the curtains in my room admiring the soft white blanket of snow that was left behind as we slept. Soon after all three of us went down to open our presents, it was the usual, money, different apple products including an IPod and an'IOU for the new IPad 2 that was supposed to be coming out next spring and then there was a few different items of expensive clothing I had picked out weeks before while shopping with my parents! Lunch was a traditional Christmas dinner, nothing really happened out of the ordinary. Then at around 2pm i went upstairs to go get ready for Liam's amazing Christmas party!

I quickly sped up my spiral staircase to my room taking two steps at a time. I washed my hair with strawberry shampoo and let it dry naturally. It fell down messily around my face in curly locks before I pinned some of it back with a simple White flower making it look a little neater. I slipped on my pink layered Lipsy dress, white knee length socks and my cowboy boots before applying a light layer of natural make up. Finally I checked myself in the full length mirror that hung on the wall opposite my bed and ran down stairs to find it was 4pm.

I said goodbye to my parents before heading out the door getting in my scarlet coloured convertible Beatle and drove halfway across the country all the way to Liam's. By the time I got there it was already way past 7pm, just in time for the party to start.

Before I even got to the door Liam greeted me with a tight hug as he spun me around lifting me in the air before kissing me lightly on the lips
"I've missed you!" he whispered in my ear
"I missed you too babe!" I whispered back, it had only been two weeks since I last saw him but my heart automatically began beating faster and I felt comfortable in his arms. He strode back admiring me and grinned
"You look stunning!" he smiled pulling me back into a hug a I began to shiver, I didn't realise how cold it actually was outside!
"...well I try..." I smiled blushing lightly as he took my hand and lead me inside.

Liam lived in a beautiful house, his parents and sisters were celebrating christmas at his nans therefore Liam decided to throw this party.

There were loads of people there, including celebrities. XFactor live show contestans including Aiden Cher and Belle Amie, i noticed that Liam had also invited the XFactor dancers as i spotted Danielle dancing among the crowds. There were also some of the celebrities that had performed on the shows like Diana Vickers, Take That and Justin Bieber! It was pretty much an A list party!

Liam led me to where all the others were sitting and I was greeted with many warm hugs.
"Siany!" grinned Louis "now our friendship puzzle is complete!"
...Louis always came out with the weirdest of sayings...
"Don't call me Siany!" I giggled hugging Louis tightly
"Hey! It's payback for all those times you called me 'Carrot boy'" he chuckled
"Shut it 'Carrot Boy'" I grinned emphasising the Carrot boy sticking my tongue out at him, he pulled tongues back. I giggled, we are such childish teens...

The 10 of us began to dance among the crowds within Liam's living room. I spotted Justin and went to talk to him for a while. I had always been a really big fan of his music...and he was kinda hot...actually, he looked a little bit like my Liam...anyway, Justin was a very...interesting boy, he could easily make me smile!

About an hour had passed, me and Justin continued to talk when a slow song came on, i looked away blushing a little
"Come on! We can dance" she grinned that cheeky grin that made millions of girls smile across the world, I sighed wrapping my arms round his neck before he grabbed my waist and we began to dance. It was nice, a little awkward, but nice. I was still looking down at the floor, a I looked up I saw Justin's sparkling brown eyes staring down at me. I blushed again as my eyes flicked up to his.
"Your shy!" he grinned probably used to that effect on girls
"I'm not shy!" I protested giggling "just a little overwhelmed that I'm dancing with Justin Bieber! Seriously International Superstar!" I grinned nudging him lightly
"Well your dating a celebrity now so you best get used to it!" he chuckled referring to Liam his grin failed to wipe off his face
"haha well Liam isn't a worldwide international star yet!" i grinned back at him he blushed at the compliment
"he's lucky to have you, you know!" he smiled
"...yeah, that sentence is coming up alot lately!" i sighed thinking back to the first day of term when Jerome had said it...

I was a million miles away in the middle of a daydream before i realised Justin kissed me. As soon as I knew it happened I pulled away and looked at him.
"What was that?" I asked jumping away from him
"I don't know." gasped Justin "I'm sorry I got carried away..." he sighed pushing his hair back, I looked up at him right into his sparkling brown eyes, I wanted to be annoyed with him but I couldn't, his eyes looked genuinely sorry
"it's okay..." I sighed deeply "I'm gonna go look for Liam..." I smiled lightly turning away from him as the awkward tension grew a little...

"Zayn!" I shouted over as I saw him and Maryanne talking in the kitchen "have you seen Liam?" I asked curiously
"umm he went somewhere with Dani, I think she was upset about something"
"Dani?" I asked a little confused
"umm yeah you know Danielle?" he sort of stated in the form of a question
"oh yeah! I know Danielle!" I smiled "I'm gonna go look for him!" I smiled making my way out of the kitchen. I was a little worried that Liam and Danielle were alone somewhere in the house. I mean of course I trusted Liam, it was that Danielle I didn't trust...

I kept searching around the house. No sign of Liam anywhere! I slowly made my way up the stairs where suddenly everything began to fall silent, you could only faintly hear the music from downstairs. I began to hear soft mumbling from one of the rooms
"Liam?" I asked slowly walking towards the door creaking it open to reveal Liam and Danielle faces pressed together kissing. My heart shattered Into millions of tiny pieces and I wasn't sure if anyone would ever be able to pick them up again, tears quickly filled up my eyes before one escaped and began to roll down my cheek
"LIAM!" I screeched making him and Danielle jump apart
"Sian!" Liam gasped looking at me, his eyes full of shock and horror as his face went pale with surprise. I turned swiftly and began to run down the stairs, not quick enough though as I felt a hand grip mine
"Sian! Sian! I am so sorry!" pleaded Liam "that was never meant to happen I saw you with Justin and got upset, I had to much to drink and Danielle was upset too so I went to comfort her and we kissed! Sian honest I'm sorry-" he began to explain, I couldn't even turn around to look at him, the tears were streaming down my face. I yose my other hand to wipe my tearstained cheeks before I stared up at him, my eyes sparkling with tears and I shook my head
"No Liam. It's over!" I whispered pulling my arm out of his grasp and continuing on my way down the stairs...


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