Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


27. Time Flys by when your having fun!

The next morning me and Liam had to tell everyone about Paris in the assembly! Everyone seemed so excited!

"good choice guys!" smiled Zayn giving us high fives as we walked out the assembly hall!
"the city of love!" grinned Justine cuddling closer to Louis.

At lunch we were sat under the tree, as usual, and Lillith came over carefully placing herslef on Harry's lap! Louis and Justine glared at her for a bit before both of them stormed off each apologising to Harry in turn!
"I'll go after them!" sighed Rachel reluctantly taking herself from Niall's grip and running towards them!
'what's going on?' I mouted to Harry
'nothing' he mouthed back before letting out a huge sigh! That nothing didnt mean nothing. It meant something. Something big!

Rachel's POV
I quickly ran after Justine an Louis! What was wrong with them!
"look guys!" I sighed sitting next to them both fiddling with the grass
"I know you don't like Lillith! None of us do! But if she is Harry's girlfriend then we have to accept her!" I paused "do it for Harry?"
Both if them jut looked up and glared at me
"I would do it for Harry!" sighed Justine "If it was real!" she added at the end mumbling!
"what are you talking about?" I questioned
"should we tell her?" Louis asked Justine, Justine nodded her head in agreement!
"tell me what?" I questioned now a little confused
"Lillith is blackmailing Harry Rachel!"
"what? How?" I couldn't believe my ears
"Harry is in love with Niamh!" sighed Justine
"theres something I can believe!" I smiled "so where does this blackmail come into it!"
"Lillith knows that Harry is in live with Niamh! So she said if he doesn't go out with her, she'll tell Niamh!"
"and what's the problem with that?" I questioned, I know full well that Niamh likes Harry in that way!
"Harry doesn't want to ruin their friendship!"
I nodded. Aww that was so sweet of Harry. He is going out with a girl he despises just so he doesn't ruin the friendship with the girl he's in love with!
"just don't tell anyone! Ok?" sighed Justine looking at me sternly in the eye!
"promise!" I smiled "scouts honour...or something" I added making Justine and Louis both laugh!
"come on let's go back to our tree!" I smiled as Louis and Justine got up and all three of us headed towards the big old oak tree!

Me and Niall were both sat in his room. Alone. I was staring out the window at Lillith.
"I can't stand that girl!" I snapped
"who?" asked Niall coming up behind me giving me a hug "Lillith!" I snapped
"me neither babes!" he sighed "but I mean for Harry-" he began
"that little blackmailer!" I snapped "poor Harry!"
"blackmailer?" questioned Niall
"whoops!" I sighed "I promised I wouldn't tell anyone!"
"you can tell me babe! You can trust me!" he smiled giving me a gentle kiss on the lips! Niall was right. I could trust him. So I told him the whole story! The only thing he could say to that was
"poor Harry!" and he cuddled me tight!

Sian's POV
Half term came quickly! We all went round to Niamh's! We always seemed to go round to Niamh's! We took her canoes and
went canoeing down the river Dee!
"reminds me of the Arceche!" I giggled
"no!" Liam smiled "if it was the ardeche i would have to push you in the water!
"don't you dare!" I grinned splashing him
"you see that's how it all started in the ardeche, you splash me I push you in!" he grinned pushing mine and Niamh's boat as hard as he could!
"didn't work!" I smiled sticking my tongue out at him!
"you better watch your back miss Sian Roach!" he grinned "any minute now you will be in that water...just you wait!" he added making me giggled!

Liam was wrong! I ended up pushing him in...but that led to him pulling me out the boat! So either way we both sort of won...and lost at the same time!

We literally canoed the whole of the half term making the times fly by! It was soon time to go back to school! Shame!

We had all unpacked and were ready. We didn't think we were going to be ready this early and school didn't start officially till tomorrow...
"What should we do now?" asked Niamh
"should we go next door?" I said meaning Justine and Rachel's dorm. So that what we did we went next door to find them all ready and unpacked too!

"let's go somewhere!" suggested Rachel
"sure! Where should we go?" asked Niamh
"we could go into London centre!" Justine smiled as we all agreed.

We took the bus into London and went shopping! We went into several shops buying loads of summer dresses and skirts for when we go off to Paris! We were all so excited!

We next went into Links of London!
"ooh thats cute!" I smiled looking at one of the bracelets, it had black and White stripes
"wow they are pretty cool!" smiled Justine looking through the glass at another one.
"we should all get one!" squeaked Rachel excitedly
"'s a shame they are really expensive..." I sighed
"hey I can afford it!" grinned Niamh "I'll buy you'se all one! They can be like our friendship bracelet's!" she smiled again!
"aww thanks Niamh!" we all grinned!

Admiring our new bracelets we walked out of the store into the quickly darkened night. We didn't realise how late it had gotten ever so quickly! We headed back towards the school quickly wanting to get out of the cold night!

It was 10:00pm by the time we got back to school. As soon as we go there I began to hang up my new clothes in the wardrobe adding to my collection of dresses. I smiled as I closed the wardrobe doors yawned and got into bed. School tomorrow! I sighed, closed my eyes and slowly began to fall asleep...

Liam's POV
I lay in my bed trying to get to sleep but all I could hear was Niall on the phone! I was facing the wall so he couldnt see that my eyes where wide open, therefore I think he thought I was asleep an I was positive he was talking to Harry because they were talking about Lillith...

"...Just tell her you love her...Well why not?...Just dump the little blackmailer and tell Niamh you love her!" Niall paused as I head Harry's voice mumbling on the other end of the phone yet I couldn't quite make out what he was saying...
"...dude If you don't tell her soon I will!" whispered Niall. Harry's mumbling voice got louder...I think he was shouting!
"fine dude fine!" sighed Niall "anyway I'm off to bed! Night!" he sighed before hanging up the phone!

I turned around to face Niall who was lying in his bed on the opposite side of the room staring blankly at the ceiling!
"Blackmailer?" I questioned. He jumped just noticing I was awake. He sighed before beginning to tell me the whole story making my friendship with Lillith crumble to a million tiny pieces...

Sian's POV
As usual the school day went slowly and quite boring and to top all off I had NO lessons with least I go to spend an hour after school with him! Honestly that's what got me through the day!

As I walked towards the hall the summer breeze was blowing through my hair and I could feel the warmth on my skin. Summer was coming! I smiled to myself. I lives the summer. It was so peaceful and bright! It was by far my favourite season of the year. As I strolled past the sports hall I came to the realisation I was going to be discussing one of my worst and most hated subjects with Liam this afternoon. One thing that I was neither good at nor liked. The one small thing I hated about summer...Sports Day!

I don't know what it was with me and sports I had just never really liked it! I guess I had always been quite girly really!

I stepped into the hall to find Liam waiting for me! He was sat on a table looking as hot as ever! I sighed as I walked in and went to sat on the table next to him. He smiled at me and for some reason he didn't look very if there was something on his mind...

"what's wrong Liam?" I asked he smiled as he shuffled off the table
"nothing!" he sighed unconvincingly but I was smart enough to know he didn't want to talk about it!
" sports day!" I began making Liam's frown turn into a small smile!
"I can't beleve you, out of all people, are representing sports day for the girls!" he grinned making me laugh. I may have known this boy less than a year but he knew me too well. I laughed
"I know right! This school is so messed up!" I giggled before we started to plan!

" in Year 11 team on we can have me, you, Rachel, Niall. Justine, Louis, Zayn, Maryanne, Niamh and Harry!" smiled Liam
"well if we have Harry we are going to have to have Lillith which would bring Alice and Erin into it also!" I sighed as our group suddenly expanded, Erin, by the way was Alice's twin sister! They looked alike but Erin was less evil!
"no way am I having that little blackmailer in our group!"
"who Erin?" I questioned quite surprised, Erin was lovely!
"no Lillith! Trust me we will be doing Harry a huge favour if we keep her as far away from him as possible!"
"Liam explain!" I demand folding my arms before he too sighed and explained the whole story! I was speechless! No one does that to my friend! No one!

The next morning I wasnt really concentrating in school! Poor Harry! If Lillith was to come anywhere near me I swear I would snap! Lunchtime came surprisingly quick as we all sat under the cooling shade of the oak tree!

I sighed. I needed to talk to Harry about this...I just did!
"hey Harry can I talk to you?" I asked taking his arm and pulling him away from Lillith. I smiled slightly as Lillith glared at me.

"what's wrong Sian?" Harry asked, he seemed concerned "is this about Liam?" he questioned
"wait? What? No! What about Liam?" I asked getting distracted by the question
"...nothing!" hesitated Harry but at that moment I wasn't really bothered what this thing was about Liam
"...she doesn't have to blackmail you you know!" I blurted out. Harry looked down. He sighed then looked back up at me, his eyes full of unanswered questions. I looked at him seriously before giving him a small smile!
"Ok who told you?" he sighed
"Liam!" I whispered looking down quickly then looking back up into his eyes expecting them to look angry but instead they were replaced with a look of confusion!
"Who told Liam?" asked Harry
"umm Niall!" I sighed
"Oh right!" sighed Harry looking down shuffling his shoes in the dirt like a school boy being told off by a teacher!

There was a moment of awkward silence, it was only a few seconds but you could feel it in the air!
"I KNOW Niamh really likes you!" I then almost shouted out breaking the silence
"How?" asked Harry trying to hide the small smirk slowly beginning to appear on his face and his piercing green eyes glimmering with joy!
"I share a room with her! Seriously she talks about NOTHING else!" I giggled "it gets kind of annoying actually. No offence!" I added at the end making Harry smile. His smile didn't last long, slowly it faded as he looked into my eyes
"I NEED to know!" he sighed "I need to know for sure! I need to be 100% positively sure that she loves me! I need to know Niamh loves me back!" he sighed.
"I can talk to her!" I smiled "you two make the perfect couple!" I cooed making Harry blush!
"thanks Sian!" he smiled "your a great friend!" he added giving me a friendly hug. I giggled. Since when did I become Cupid?

The next day was Sports day! I must admit. Although I hate sports, Sports day was pretty fun! I was on a team with Liam and the others! However even though it was great I was glad when it came to an end!

"You did great!" smiled Liam coming to give me a hug
"Are you being serious?" I questioned "I lost in every single event!" I laughed
"I know!" he grinned "just needed an excuse to hug you!" I melted into his arms as he said that! Liam wanted an excuse to hug me!

I didn't want that moment in Liam's arms to end but mine and Harry's eyes met briefly and I saw Niamh skipping back towards our dorm!
"umm hey I gotta go talk to Niamh!" I smiled reluctantly pulling myself out of Liam's arms
"why? is everything ok?" he questioned
"yeah everything is fine" I smiled "I'll call you later!" I said before running off after Niamh!

"Niamh!" I smiled running up to her
"oh hey Sian!" She smiled "can I talk to you about something?" she asked nervously as she unlocked the door to our room!
"umm sure!" I smiled as I closed the door behind me
"do you know when I was in the Hospital, because of the fire..." she began
"umm yes!" I began
"well I sort of had a dream..."
"a dream?"
"just listen..."
"I'm listening!"
"well..." she sighed "it wasn't much, I mean I thought it was real at first but then i thought no..."
"What was it?" I questioned getting a little impatient
"Harry told me he loved me! Is that a weird dream to have?" she questioned her eyes full of curiosity!

I just stared. I couldn't believe that Niamh heard him! She heard Harry saying that he loved her! I began to grin.
"Sian what's wrong?" she asked looking confused at my grin
"it wasn't a dream!" I smiled, I couldn't hold in my excitement!
"what do you mean?" she asked
"it wasn't a Dream Harry loves you!" I grinned giving her a hug
"wait how do you know?" she questioned doubtfully
"he told me!"
"he told you?"
"but what about Lilith?" she asked before I quickly told her the whole story!
"I need to go talk to him!" she half smiled
"wait!" I said "tomorrow we are off to Paris...the city of love! I mean how Romantic would it be of you two got together in PARIS!" I smiled
"I guess so!" Niamh considered she couldn't hide her grin!
"let's celebrate!" I smiled turning my iPod in full blast a we danced around the room...this was pretty fun!


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