Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


51. The Wedding: Rachel and Niall

The wedding began again, Niall stood at the front looking ever so handsome, me and Niamh stood up with Justine and Miranda and walked behind Rachel as the bridesmaids. Miranda by the way was Rachel's twin sister who we had never heard of...which was rather strange really...

Rachel was wearing the most beautiful silky White dress, it was sleeveless and complimented her figure perfectly. The top half was covered in beautiful butterflies and several flowers and it poofed out slightly at the bottom. Her mousy brown hair was half up half down, curled neatly at the bottom and it fell over her shoulders. The lightness of her hair emphasised the natural tan she has received in Hawaii. She honestly looked breath-taking, more beautiful than I had ever seen anyone on their wedding day before...

Closely in front of us was little Felicity who was a flower girl and Liam, being the best man, was stood at the front with Niall...honestly he had never looked more beautiful in his entire life...Liam I mean...

Rachel's POV
Slowly I began walking down the red velvety carpeted aisle down towards where Niall was stood. His gorgeous blonde hair was styled into a small quiff and his big blue eyes were sparkling excitedly. He smiled at me, his smile was warm and welcoming, it made me forget completely about everyone else in the room. It felt like it was just him and me, and from this day on it would be. Forever.
...well until the day we have mini Niall's and Rachel's walking around but that's a whole other chapter of this fairy tale! All that mattered was right here and right now and I felt like and absolute Princess...

As I neared the front my stomach flipped with nerves, but good nerves! Each step I took closer to the front one more butterfly began fluttering around in my stomach trying to find a place to escape...

"You're so beautiful..." Niall whispered in my ear when I got to the very front and Niall took my hand. All the nerves seemed to just disappear, like Niall took all the bad things away from my life, he just made me feel calm and content. I loved him with all my heart...and I always would...

"Rachel, my whole life I've been looking for that one girl. That Princess I could whisk away and we could ride into the sunset. I found that girl, and she's here with me now, holding my hand, staring into my eyes. From the moment I met you I couldn't even begin to imagine what my life would be without you, it would be empty. Without you I'm a library without books, a forest without trees, a fish out of water. I need you more than the air that I breathe every day and I love you. I love you more than Ireland, I love you more than leprechauns, I love you more than Nando's." he chuckled slightly a he said the last line, and so did the rest of the congregation which made me giggle too. I had an immense grin spread across my face and I had rivers of tears flooding down my face...thank god for waterproof mascara! "I take thee, Rachel Anne Elizabeth Roberts as my lawful wedded wife, I promise to care for thee in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer till death do us part. So take this ring as a symbol of my love..." he whispered, he too was now crying as he slipped the ring onto my it was my turn to speak...

"Niall, our love is like an ocean, it's deep, it's beautiful and it's always there. May it be as constant and unchanging as the never ending waves that flow. Your love came softly upon my heart, just as the waves come softly upon the sand, and just as there will never be a day without the ocean's flow, there will never be a day without my love for you." I paused through sobs before composing myself and continuing "You fill my heart with love every day and your inner beauty, mind and soul inspire me to be the best person that I can be. When I look at you I know you are the one. I can't imagine my life without you as you have taught me so many things about love and my heart will hold a place for you for all of eternity. I promise to be faithful, caring and supportive in times of joy, sorrow, success and failure. To love you for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health. I will love you until the very end of time Niall, my best friend, my teacher and my love...Always and Forever..." I croaked out the last bit as the tears kept streaming down my face.

"You may now kiss the Bride..." the minister smiled. Niall looked at me straight into my eyes and I stared straight back into his crystal pools of blue. A bright smile beamed upon his face as he pulled me closer and kissed me on the lips. Fireworks exploded and sparks flew everywhere! I knew right then and right there that Niall was the one for me and that I would always love him! Marrying Niall was the best decision I had ever made in my life. I loved him...and I always will...

The day flew past like a dream. So many things had happened! There was a little bit of drama when Lillith showed up...but Niall soon sorted her and got her kicked out! We even had performances by Ed Sheeran and Michael Bublé. They were both sort of mine and Niall's wedding presents to each other. Before I knew it me and Niall we're dancing under the sparkling Hawaiian sky to the song 'The Rhythm of Love' by Plain White T. The first dance...

Everything was so beautiful, there twinkling lights everywhere making the whole room sparkle.
"You look deep in thought, Mrs Horan..." grinned Niall pulling me a little closer. I giggled at the thought, omgosh, I'm not Roberts anymore...I'm Horan now, and will be for the rest of my life!
"I love the sound of that...Mr and Mrs Horan..." I giggled whispering into is ear as my arms tightened around his neck.
"I love you Rachel..." Niall whispered into my ear
"I love you too Niall..." I whispered back leaning in for a kiss. Niall closed the gap and his lips met mine briefly.

"...So where are we going on the Honeymoon?" I asked curiously biting down on my bottom lip. Niall had organised everything to do with the Honeymoon and wouldn't tell me a thing... "I'm guessing it's somewhere with an 'all you can eat Nando's buffet'?" I laughed poking him in the ribs lightly. Niall laughed whilst placing his forehead to mine
"Now that would be nice. But you'll have to wait and see...won't you...?" he chuckled kissing me lightly on the nose
"Niall!" I moaned "Can't you just tell me...?"
"Oh alright then!" he sighed leaning closer towards my ear
"Sorry, still not gonna tell you!" he whispered teasing me letting out a small laugh
"You're such a tease Niall!" I laughed hitting him on the arm playfully
"But that's why you love me..." he chuckled placing his lips to mine...
"That's not...the...only...reason..." I said between multiple kisses before giggling lightly letting Niall kiss me once more.
"Come on! I think you should get changed! We've got a plane to catch!" Niall grinned linking his arm with mine as we said our goodbyes and thank you'se to everyone and headed up to our room...

Sian's POV
"HAVE FUN!" I called after the car
"USE PROTECTION!" shouted Louis "ACTUALLY IT DOESN'T MATTER YOU'RE MARRIED NOW..." Louis then added as if they could still here him. We all laughed at this, however Rachel's dad didn't look too happy about it! Everyone headed back inside, apart from me, I headed towards the beach for a midnight stroll along the sand...

Liam's POV
"Hey babe, you coming back in?" asked Danielle softly, taking me by the arm
"Maybe in a bit yeah, I think I'm gonna head down to the beach for a bit..." I smiled as I saw Sian head off down there from the corner of my eye
"Sure thing sweetie!" she smiled placing a kiss on my lips before heading off back inside.

I then followed Sian down to the Beach...

Harry's POV
Me and Niamh were dancing closely. I stared into her bright golden eyes and smiled as she stared back. Her beautiful hair fell perfectly over her shoulders. She looked breath-taking.
"So..." I began my stomach flipped with nerves. I was about to pop THE question.
"So...?" questioned Niamh
"Zayn and Maryanne are married...
Niall and Rachel are married..." I whispered cutting myself off "...maybe me and you should get married...?" I began before slipping my hand into my pocket. No box. I slipped my hand into my other pocket...still no box. I checked every pocket that I had...I couldn't find the box.
"Harry...?" asked Niamh curiously as she saw me panic a little.
"Just...give me a second..." I said quickly running outside to find Louis talking to some girl
"Lou! Have you got the ring mate? I can't find it!"
"This one...?" asked the girl Louis was talking too, holding out her ring finger. I didn't recognise her at first glance, probably because I was in a panicky state but now I saw it was in fact Madison...
"YES! Why are you wearing it may I ask...?" I said curiously furrowing my eyebrows
"umm. You gave it to me yesterday? When we got married...?" Madison said
"MARRIED!" squealed Niamh's voice from behind us
"Oh my god! Niamh! It's not what it looks like it's-" I began before tears began streaming down her face
"Just save it Harry!" she cried storming off towards the Beach...

Liam's POV
After a while, Sian stopped and sat down upon the sand and began staring out at the ocean. Silently I strolled over to where she was sitting and sat down next to her, saying nothing. Still staying silent she rested her head on my shoulder and yawned slightly.

"That was almost a dramatic disaster!" I laughed after a while
"Tell me about it!" Sian replied through a small giggle!
"So Rachel and Niall are married! It feels a little strange, don't you think?" I chuckled
"A little? It feels like just yesterday we found the kissing in that cupboard!" she laughed
"Do you think if we wouldn't have played 'spin the bottle'...we wouldn't be sat here today...?" I asked curiously
"Nah!" she replied "since the moment Rachel met Niall she fell head over heels in love with the boy...somehow we would have ended up here today anyways..." she added through a smile.

I paused. Everything fell completely silent for a few moments.
"What did you mean when you said 'I Love You' on the phone today..." I asked curiously. Sian turned her head to look at me, her face more serious than I had ever seen it before in my life!
"I meant I Love You Liam! Simple." she sighed
"But-" I began but I was cut off

"I HATE YOU HARRY! HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS!" Niamh screamed from a close proximity away
"Niamh! Just listen to me! I am so sorry!" Harry begged following closely behind her
"NO HARRY!" she screamed again "JUST GO AWAY! ITS OVER BETWEEN US! OVER!" she shouted burying her head in her hands as she ran down the beach crying.

"I'll take Harry!" I sighed whilst getting up
"I guess that leaves me with Niamh then..." Sian said holding out her hand so I could help her up too...we both wished each other luck before heading off in opposite directions to see what the hell was going on...

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