Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


64. The Perfect Wedding

OMGOSH! I am so sorry everyone, I said I would update at 5 but I was doing drama homework and then time got away from me! Anyway, I have had so many lovely reviews and I thank you all! …I've looked through them all and even checked out a few of your pages Anyway I am so sorry it's been ages, I'll try and update quicker this time and I know I always say that but this time I will try my best Thanks for reading those of you who have read this far!

Oh and BTW there was someone from a School in Liverpool that reviewed and apparently their whole year was waiting for this Chapter! They didn't say what school it was but you know who you are and so I'd like to give them and their school a SHOUOUT! Love You All, follow me on Twitter: Princess_Sian_x

I was awoken early the next morning because of little Rosie coming to jump on my bed! It was 5:55am but I was getting up at 6 anyway...

"Wake up Mummy!" she giggled whilst crawling all over me. I picked her up in my arms and threw her above my head as if she was flying

"Wow Rosie! You didn't tell me you could fly!" I gasped bringing her back down to sit upon my lap. She gurgled as she laughed loudly; one of her fingers was placed in her mouth as she did this. Her grin was so cheeky and heart-warming and it certainly made me smile!

"Let's go get ready Rosie! Mummy's getting married today!" I smiled at my young three year old who had now settled with sucking her thumb

"maweed...?" she asked her thumb still in her mouth. The confusion spread upon her adorable little space

"Yes sweetheart! Mummy and Daddy are getting married today!" I explained to her - although she probably had no idea what I was going on about...

"Dada!" she gurgled innocently through a giggle. I smiled at her adorability, picked her up and placed her on my hip before getting up and walking towards the living room part of the suite.

"Oooooooh!" Justine cooed excitedly running up to me and wrapping her arms around me and Rosie "It's your big day today! How do you feel!" she exclaimed as we pulled out the hug

"big!" Rosie repeated opening her arms wide

"yes! That's right Rosie! Big!" Justine laughed poking my daughter gently in the belly. I laughed before answering Justine's question

"I'm nervous, but also extremely excited!" I smiled

"Well you should be!" Justine exclaimed "here give me Rosie, I'll get her and my girls ready and by the time you're out the shower all us girls can start beautifying!" Justine almost demanded taking Rosie from my arms. Rosie went willingly; she loved Justine like another mother and treated Justine and Louis children just like she treated JJ - as siblings.

I smiled

"Thanks Justine!" I said to her before heading towards the bathroom, I wanted this day to be a good one!

*4 hours later*

Liam's POV

It was 10:01am. I was starting to get really nervous. The palms of my hands began to sweat and butterflies flew around in my stomach as if they were trying to find a way out. I looked to my beautiful little boy JJ who looked very handsome in a suit - it was actually Identical to mine. He stood proudly holding the small box with held within it the rings. He smiled at me, his dense curls bounced and his green eyes, that were starting to fade into a light shade of brown, shone brightly and happily. I took a deep breath in and turned to Niall

"Niall...where is she...?" I whispered to him trying not to let out my anxiety. Niall was my best man.

"Liam, calm down mate! its 10:02...she's only 2 minutes late..." he reassured me "...if you can even call that late..." Niall added in a mumble afterwards.

"But what if she doesn't turn-" I began to say but then I heard the bridal march music begin...

I quickly fixed my hair and straightened my tie before finally turning to look. My eyes were met with the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Sian had straightened her long blonde hair and it fell elegantly over her bare shoulders her face was a picture. Her lips were lush and red and her blue eyes sparkled like 1000 crystals in the moonlight. Her skin was a beautiful natural tan colour which contrasted beautifully with her crystal white dress.

Her dress was strapless, the top down to the waist was covered in diamonds which made the shapes of butterflies - there was just the right amount. The dress then went down into a layer of netting that pooled out around her - again it wasn't too much. Just to top it all off she had a beautiful tiara and veil to match. Her dress was gorgeous, but she was stunning. She was beautiful...she was mine.

I smiled as AJ, Sian's little sister Rosie and Felicity skipped down the aisle hand in hand, and occasionally letting each other's hands go to scatter some petals. Behind them, Sian walked along slowly with her father beside her. She had a smile on her face with each step she took and not once did she take the eyes off mine.

She got to the front of the alter and her father looked at her, smiled and gave her a small peck on the cheek. He then gently took Sian's hand and placed it in mine

"look after her!" he whispered sternly through a smile, I saw a tear appear in his eye too!

"Always!" I replied nodding at him. He nodded back and then took a seat next to his wife. I watched as he sat down before turning to Sian. Suddenly I was speechless

"What's wrong...?" Sian asked

"You're just..." I whispered trying to find the right words. Sian looked as if she was panicking

"What? What's wrong?" she asked quickly

"Nothing!" I sighed through a smile "you're perfect." I whispered giving her a sweet gentle kiss on the cheek.

"Oh." she smiled whilst blushing "Well you're perfected..." she said hesitating slightly trying to find the right words

"You may be 23 years old Miss Roach but your grammar is still awful!" I joked nudging her in the ribs

"and you Liam Payne may too be 23 years old but you are still the same tease I knew and loved when I was 15..." she laughed resting her head on my shoulder as we turned to face the priest who then began to speak...

Sian's POV

"Liam, you may now begin your vows..." the priest said with a smile nodding towards Liam. Liam took my hands and stared straight into my eyes. He stayed silent for a was almost as if he didn't need to speak, like I already knew what he was trying to say...

"People say nobody's perfect..." he whispered not losing his gaze from mine " I thought, what is perfect? The perfect smile..." he began, his warm brown eyes were now melting into mine "...a smile that can just brighten up your whole day no matter what mood you're in. The perfect laugh, a laugh that is so adorable that gives your whole body Goosebumps. The perfect eyes, eyes you can just get lost in - and you can read them like a book. The perfect hair, hair that you can run your hands through gently. The perfect kiss." Liam stopped, with every breath he took he got just that little bit closer "...the perfect kiss..." he repeated " always shared with that special someone. So tell me, how can someone with all these features not be perfect?" he smiled raising his eyebrows at me "Sian Roach, from the very first time you smiled at me in school that day, something clicked inside me - something strong and unbreakable and deep down I always knew, that someday I would be standing here on this alter with you." he paused again to examine my face. Tears had welled up in my eyes and he took a moment to decide if they were happy or sad tears...they were happy, obviously! "...I Liam Payne, take thee Sian Roach as my lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, for richer and for poorer in sickness and in health, for all of eternity." I giggled as the tears began streaming down my face. "Take this ring as a symbol of my love..." he whispered placing the delicate diamond ring on my finger. I smiled and looked at it before looking up again and gazing deep into Liam's eyes. I had no idea how I was going to say my vows...

"Liam James Payne. I remember being a young 15 year old girl, writing that name over and over on any piece of paper I could find. It was funny how a little school girl crush could turn into the love I have for you today. And that love is still growing. Each and every second I spend with you, every night I lay beside you and listen to your steady heartbeat. Every time our lips meet - my love grows, and it will never stop. Ever." I closed my eyes before opening them again and I laughed slightly through the tears "I promise to take thee Liam James Payne, as my lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, for richer and for poorer in sickness and in health, for all of eternity." I just about managed to whisper. Liam smiled "Take this ring as a symbol of my love..." I whispered placing it on his finger.

I bit my lip and stared at him in absolute awe, he was just staring back, with a ridiculous grin on his face.

"You may now kiss the Bride!" the priest exclaimed. Liam leaned in slowly gently placing my arms round his neck as his lips touched mine. His hands fell perfectly on my waist as if it was a puzzle piece that just clicked into place. Life was perfect.

I don't know how long we had been there for, but cheers erupted throughout the whole church. Me and Liam pulled away - our eyes still not leaving each other's gaze

"I love you Liam Payne..." I whispered smiling slightly

"...and I love YOU, Mrs Payne!" he grinned and winked at me "you're mine now!" he laughed before placing his lips to mine once more...

The after party went smoothly. Everything was all princessy, just the way I liked it. Harry said it was typical me - and I guess it kinda was.

"Sian!" my mother called out, arms open gesturing toward me.

"Mum!" I smiled giving her a tight squeeze

"oh darling you look so beautiful!" she whispered, looking me up and down as we pulled out of the hug

"Thanks mum..." I smiled as I saw the tears well up in her eyes "mum dot cry! You'll make me cry too!" I giggled as my eyes began to flood

"Aww but my baby girl is all grown up and married!" she cooed tucking a lock of my hair behind my ear

"hey you have another baby girl now..." I laughed nodding towards my little sister AJ who was fast asleep on the chair behind where my mum was stood

"It doesn't matter if you have a little sister now or how old you get, you'll always be my little girl."

A small tear began to drop down my face

"I love you mummy..." I whispered, at that moment in time, I felt like such a kid again.

"I love you too baby..." she whispered through a smile. Both of us were now in tears as we hugged once more.

A glass tinkled and everyone fell silent - turning their heads in sync towards the stage where my beautiful husband Liam was stood holding his drink up.

"umm. Would my beautiful blushing bride like to come up here please...?" Liam asked "It's time for the first dance."

My stomach then flipped, I was so nervous. My mum gave me a little push and I slowly headed towards the dance floor. All eyes were on me - everyone looked smiley, happy and proud...I giggled slightly as I approached Liam. He held out his hand and I took it willingly

"Shall we?" asked Liam pulling me just that little bit closer

"We shall!" I answered.

This moment took me back 9 years to prom. When me and Liam shared our first kiss...strange thing was this night was the exact night too - I guess it was fate, or destiny. We were meant to be together.

The song "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz came on and my heart skipped a beat. Everyone was silent as they watched us, I closed my eyes.

"Why have you got your eyes closed, baby?" whispered Liam into my ear

"I don't really know..." I answered back through a giggle, still not opening my eyes. Liam laughed and placed a small kiss on my forehead

"Open your eyes Sian..." he whispered.

I opened them up slowly and they automatically met Liam's gaze. Here with Liam tonight I felt like a kid again - like there was nothing in the whole world to worry about.

"Hey Liam?" I said feeling rather childish

"Yes Sian?" Liam replied

"I love you." I whispered

"I love you too Sian!" He smiled placing his lips to mine.

As we pulled away we found more couples dancing around us - Louis and Justine, Niall and Rachel...and Niamh and Harry?

I nudged Liam and gestures towards them. They were both gazing at each other lovingly.

"Just kiss her Harry!" Liam shouted over. Harry looked over at us, laughed, and looked back at Niamh, before kissing her gently upon the lips - and she didn't stop him. Finally! They were together again!

"So..." I grinned at Liam

"Oh no...where is this headed?"

"Do you think we can handle another one...?" I asked curiously nodding my head over at our two sleeping children cuddled up on the chair. Liam looked over then back at me with a curious smile on his face

"Is there something you're not telling me Sian?" he asked through a grin

"...not yet..." I said "...but we can work on that..." I grinned allowing my breath to tingle his lips

"I like the sound of that..." he smiled placing his lips to mine once more.

The music stopped and all the couples retreated - including me and Liam, as we headed with our friends towards a table and sat down. Everything was perfect.

"Well congratulations Mr and Mrs Payne!" grinned Rachel

"Thanks!" I smiled "but I do think a congratulations is in order for Niamh and Harry for FINALLY coming to their senses!" I laughed and we all cheered

"...and we have a little announcement!" Louis smiled as his eyes flicked towards Justine

"I'm pregnant...again!" Justine laughed

"Aww Congratulations!" we all cooed

"I swear you two are like Rabbits!" I laughed

"I uh-" Zayn began before he looked at Maryanne. We all fell silent and looked at him, Maryanne nodded " this a bad time to tell you we are getting a divorce..." Zayn said. All our faces dropped with shock...poor Zayn...poor Maryanne...

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