Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


54. The Morning After

I blinked lightly as the sunlight streamed through the window. I turned around brushing my hair from my face in the process as my eyes adjusted to the brightness that surrounded me. I blinked once more helping my eyes to adjust fully before seeing a figure laid down next to me, his big brown eyes wide and sparkling, his chocolate coloured hair all messy and partly swept out of his eyes
"...morning Beautiful!" whispered Liam's deep voice into my ear...
"Morning..." I yawned looking around only then coming to the realisation that I was still in Liam's room. The memories of last night flooding back... 

So I'm hoping you all enjoyed the last Chapter haha :') but after something nice there always has to be a bit of drama…right? ;) haha anyways, thank you for all your lovely Reviews on the last Chapter and I'm hoping to be seeing some more xD I think we're on 232 now are we? Anyway TAHNK YOU very much! You have no idea how much It means to me! Another thing I would like to say is that I've noticed that I have readers from all around the WORLD! So I was thinking, if you leave a Review, put your home country on the end – I find it interesting hehe x anyways, sorry about my rambling, and enjoy – Princess xxx

I blinked lightly as the sunlight streamed through the window. I turned around brushing my hair from my face in the process as my eyes adjusted to the brightness that surrounded me. I blinked once more helping my eyes to adjust fully before seeing a figure laid down next to me, his big brown eyes wide and sparkling, his chocolate coloured hair all messy and partly swept out of his eyes
"...morning Beautiful!" whispered Liam's deep voice into my ear...
"Morning..." I yawned looking around only then coming to the realisation that I was still in Liam's room. The memories of last night flooding back...

"Oh My God." I gasped sitting up and pushing my hands through my hair "Oh my God NO. No we didn't. Oh My God..." I gasped lying back down and burying my head in my Pillow
"what's wrong?" Liam whispered again as I lifted my head from the pillow, a smug grin spread across his face looking very proud of himself as he traced the outline of my neck with his finger
"No Liam. No, we didn't...did we?" I gasped this time burying my head in my hands
"We did." grinned Liam. I let out a small groan, I was so annoyed with myself
"I am such an idiot. How could I let this happen?" I moaned
"...don't worry babe-" Liam began
"No no! You don't tell me to worry or not!" I exclaimed "You! You have a Girlfriend! Remember her?" I stated poking him in the ribs
"Me and my girlfriend broke up! Remember that?" Liam stated mimicking me
"Oh my god, Liam no, this is so bad!" I sighed
"...well you didn't seem to be complaining last night..." he grinned
"Liam!" I moaned giggling hitting him with the pillow making his chuckle lightly.

"Hey I should get back to my room before-" I began but I was cut off by voices getting louder outside before there was a knock on the door
"Oh my gosh Liam! What are they doing here?" I gasped
"...probably come to wish me a Happy Birthday!" he grinned, the smug smile appearing again
"Okay, I'm sorry, I forgot your Birthday, but Liam, we're kind of stuck in a more serious matter!" I hissed making him chuckle
"Like what?" he chuckled
"Like where are my clothes, for starters!" I hissed, although Liam seemed to find this whole situation rather amusing
"Liam I'm serious!" I whispered again
"Do you really want to be seen here, in the clothes from last night?" he chuckled
"Liam this isn't funny!" I snapped keeping my voice down
"LIAM OPEN THIS DOOR!" Screamed Louis as we heard all the other chuckling in the background. I looked at Liam, I had this horrible feeling of guilt and the worry of getting caught in my stomach...

Liam's POV
I sighed and got up out of bed wearing only my boxers, I completely forgot about that actually as I headed to the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of Sian's shorts and one of my hoody's and threw them at Sian.
"LIAM!" screamed Louis once more
'Thank You' she mimed to me as I quickly slipped on my skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Sian quickly pulled my hoody over her head and slipped on her shorts before throwing her clothes from last night in the bathroom.

I pulled open the door to reveal everyone stood there with presents
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they all cheered before they all scurried into the room excitedly, but before long their excited faces turned into puzzled looks as they saw Sian already in my room...neither of us thought this far on actually
"What-what are you doing here?" Louis asked Sian curiously, I could see a small smile tug in the corners of his mouth
"...well I beat you to it!" said Sian quickly scrunching up her nose and blushing lightly
"beat us to what exactly?" questioned Niall, all the boys had a small smile upon their faces
"wishing Liam a Happy Birthday!" she quickly added hesitating only slightly.
"Your present was great by the way!" I grinned cheekily nudging her lightly
"I thought you'd like it!" she grinned back at me
"I really did" I smiled winking at her
"...but I have another present up in my room, which I will go get for you now." Sian stated quickly running out the room and away leaving all eyes on me
"So what was Sian's present...?" Zayn grinned raising his eyebrows at me
"Oh...umm, well it was this coin thing that you throw out the window to make a wish...on your 18th Birthday..." I lied completely pausing several times while speaking "...It's an Italian tradition!" I then added
"Riiiiggggghhht!" sighed Rachel "How about you open your presents!" smiled Rachel handing me the present she was holding
"Happy Birthday, hope you like it! Me and Justine really need to go! We'll be back in a bit!" She smiled, Justine handed her present to Louis as Rachel dragged her out of the room
"...where are we going?" I heard Justine whisper faintly as she headed out of the room.

Sian's POV
I was back in my hotel room, I breathed a sigh of relief. I think they believed me...
Soon I scurried round the room looking for Liam's real present and it wasn't long before I found it!
"So..." came a voice from the doorway
"Justine! Rachel! What are you doing here?"
"Nothing..." Rachel smirked "...we just wanted to know what you got Liam!"
"Oh. Well it was some Chocolate..."
"Really? Because Liam told us it was this type of Coin you can throw out the window!" Justine grinned the same smirk appeared on Justine's face too
"Oh...umm yeah it was a Chocolate coin!" I smiled
"...and when you gave it to him, was that before or after you slept with him?"
"After!" I stated quickly not thinking about what I was saying before covering my mouth with my hand
"OMGOSH! We knew it! So you two are back together then?" exclaimed Justine coming to give me a small hug
"...I-I didn't say that!" I sighed before heading out the door back towards Liam's room
"So you're not back together?" questioned Rachel
"I don't really know...!"
"But you did sleep with him?" she then asked. I stopped and turned to look at them
"Look you can't tell anyone! Okay?"
"We promise!" smiled Justine; I smiled back lightly and then scurried back off to Liam's room and gave him his real present...

"What was he like? Was he any good?" asked Rachel curiously, as a small smile tugged at the corner of her mouth
"Can we not change the subject? Honestly you two, we're in the middle of the beautiful city of Volterra where Twilight, New Moon Was filmed and all you can talk about is Liam!" I sighed attempting to hide the smile that was creeping upon my face
"Eurgh! Who cares about Twilight?" Rachel moaned...she had a passionate hate for the saga; Rachel was a complete and utter Potterhead and nothing would change that!
"We care about Twilight!" Justine exclaimed putting her hand out to give me a high five, my hand met hers and Rachel sighed...
"Come on! Let's get this Twilight sightseeing over and done with!" she moaned before we headed off down the ancient cobbled streets
"So what are you going to do about you an Liam then...relationship wise?" Justine began
"There is no shutting you two up is there?" I sighed letting out a small laugh at the same time
"We want the gossip!" Rachel grinned proudly
"Hey! Look at...umm that!" I said half-heartedly pointing at nothing in particular
"Don't change the subject!" Justine protested...there was no getting away from Justine and Rachel and their burning questions, was there?

"Look! If Liam wants to be with me...he'll say something!" I finally sighed after two hours of constant nagging. We pulled up outside the hotel; I thanked the driver and paid him before we headed inside.
"Sian! Seriously? You know what Liam is like! It took him what? 10 months to ask you out last time?" Justine moaned
"...he asked Danielle out quick enough..." I mumbled bringing myself back to the memory of Danielle and Liam getting back together 6 days after we broke up!
"Maybe he slept with her too!" Rachel contemplated
"Rachel!" I moaned "One. That doesn't really help considering me and Liam we're still dating when I first caught them kissing and Two. I don't really want that particular image in my head thank you very much!" I sighed
"Sorry!" Rachel apologised, I gave her a small smile as if to say apology accepted. Rachel then added "Sian, if you don't say anything to Liam'll lose him again!" she smiled. I took a deep breath in and breathed out slowly
"Okay...imma go an find Liam!" I said rather nervously
"Good Luck!" Justine and Rachel both said in unison before I headed off to find Liam.

I saw Liam stood by the pool chatting to Niall.
"Hey!" I smiled heading over to them
"Hey!" only Niall replied
"Did you Justine and Mrs Horan enjoy Volterra?" Asked Niall. He tended to call Rachel Mrs Horan, Rachel was now his wife and he wouldn't let anyone forget it, it was rather adorable was a very Niall thing to do.
"Me and Justine had fun, Rachel not so much!" I laughed "she's not really into Twilight as such but it was a fun girly day out!" I added through a smile
"Good good!" Niall said. Liam at this point had not even attempted to make any sort of conversation. I turned my gaze from Niall to Liam to find that he was staring at me inquisitively making me feel a little uncomfortable
"Liam. Can I talk to you alone for a second?" I asked, Liam looked at Niall who winked at Liam
"I get the hint! I'll leave!" he laughed before heading off and calling behind him "Have fun you too!" making me laugh slightly.

I watched Niall leave and when he was out of sight I turned back to Liam who still at this point had failed to say one word.
"Liam...I've been thinking." I paused nervously looking down at the ground "thinking about last night...thinking about it a lot." I looked back up, straight into his sparkling brown eyes "Thinking about what you said...and what you feel...and it probably goes without showing...that...that I fell the same way too..." I managed to stutter out
"Sian please! Don't do this!" Liam sort of begged through a whisper...he almost looked as If he was about to cry...

"Hey Babe!" Danielle came running up behind Liam wrapping her arms around him and kissing him on the cheek
"Hey!" he said under enthusiastically forcing a smile, failing to lose his gaze from my eyes
"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" she questioned
"No! I was just leaving!" I said rather blankly turning away fighting back the tears until I was out of sight.

I found myself sat in a flourishing vineyard. No one would find me here! I could sit here and cry as much as I wanted! The tears escaped from my overflowing eyes and they poured down my cheeks.
"Sian?" came a familiar voice from the near distance
"Harry!" I sniffled "Down here!" I croaked. I heard footsteps run over before Harry sat down next to me and wrapped his arms around me tightly
"Sian! What's wrong?" Harry cooed
"Liam and that stupid Danielle! I hate her Harry I really do!" I mumbled out
"Why? What have they done?"
"It's a long story you probably don't really want to here..." I sighed resting my head upon his chest
"I'm listening!" he said simply waiting for me to talk. I sighed deeply before beginning the story...

"Well, Liam and Danielle got into an argument last night...over me. Which then lead to break up..." I mumbled "I went to see if Liam was okay...and that spiralled into him pouring out his feelings...and umm..." I paused "...I ended up spending the night in his room!" I lowered my voice as I said that, I could feel Harry chuckle slightly against my back
"Was Liam really that bad? Is that why you're crying?" Harry smiled jokingly nudging me in the side. I rolled my eyes and giggled lightly
"You have to promise not to tell anyone!" I then added
"I promise!" smiled Harry
"Well, Justine and Rachel then told me that, if I don't want to lose I wanted us to be a couple again...I should go talk to him...and I did..." I then said pausing several times between my words. Harry began to stroke my arm gently probably predicting the outcome of this story "...only to find that Liam and Danielle are back together..." I whispered
"Sian! I am so sorry..." Harry whispered into my ear
"It's not your fault!" I sighed

"Let's go back to the Hotel, hey? We can go swimming or something, get your mind off things." he smiled after a few moments of silence
"Harry Styles! I that just your excuse to get me into a bikini!" I joked. Harry chuckled
"There's the Sian I know and love!" he laughed poking me in the ribs lightly and standing up, pulling me up with him in the process.

"Sian just get in the pool!" cried Harry as he watched me dip my toes in the water. Harry had already been completely submerged in the water, his curls and been flattened...I remember Liam once said that he looked like a baby Tarzan in the pool...and he actually did a little...
"Harry it's cold!" I moaned shivering slightly
"Get in or I'll come and get you!" he then said sternly, a grin beginning to spread on his gave
"No Harry-"
"Harry Please-"
"Harry! No! Please don't-"
"3! Ready or not here I come!" he grinned pulling himself out of the water and running towards me
"Harry no!" I giggled attempting to run away but failed dramatically. Harry wrapped his huge muscular arms around me, the water from his body trailed to mine. He began dragging me towards the pool
"Harry! No!" I squealed giggling slightly
"Too late!" he said whilst pushing me in. As I felt myself fall from the pools edge I took in a deep breath and brought my hand up to hold my nose...if there was one thing I couldn't stand it was getting water in my nose!

I felt my body submerge into the cool water and let myself sink to the bottom before swimming back up again and taking a deep breath as I reached the surface.
"Harry I hate you!" I gasped as Harry was stood at the side laughing, finding the whole situation hysterical...even I couldn't hold back the laughter in the end and I too began laughing.

After about an hour Harry headed back inside as I did a few more laps of the pool. Harry was right, it did get my mind off things. I smiled to myself before the smile turned into a glare as a certain someone walked in the room...

Automatically I got out of the pool without even thinking and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me, I then took a smaller towel and began drying my hair before heading out in the same direction Harry did a few minutes earlier.

I felt a strong hand wrap around my wrist stopping me from leaving. They spun me round so I was facing them, our bodies were closer than I liked so I took a step back before speaking...
"What do you want Liam?" I snapped
"To explain." he answered simply
"Well I don't want to hear it!" I hissed trying to walk off again but his grip was too strong
"Please Sian?" he begged. I looked round at him, which was a mistake, because the moment I looked up into his sparkling brown eyes, I couldn't say no...

I sighed and folded my arms
"Explain then!" I snapped
"Danielle was too out of it to remember we even broke up! And I just didn't have the heart to tell her..." Liam sighed
"So everything you said yesterday! It was a lie then yeah? Just something you said to get me into your bed was it?" I hissed
"No Sian! Of course it wasn't!" he sighed "Look I am so sorry! Honest! I never meant to hurt you!"

I took a deep breath in and sighed, he looked genuinely sorry...that look in his eyes sent shivers down my spine and it melted my heart.
"Just...just make sure you've definitely broken up with your girlfriend next time you sleep with someone..." I sighed as I allowed Liam to pull me into a hug
"So we're good?" Liam asked
"We're good..." I smiled.

We began to head back towards our hotels rooms
"Oh and Sian..." Liam said as we we're about to part our separate ways
"Yeah?" I answered
"Just for the record...I wouldn't have changed last night for the world..." he grinned winking at me. I laughed slightly and sighed rolling my eyes
"...neither would I!" I then said smiling "Night Liam!" I added
"Night!" he replied...

*3 Weeks Later*
Sian's POV
I shuffled out of the bathroom clutching my stomach. I felt a little better was just annoying that I had to throw up to get me to feel like this.
"Sian!" sighed Rachel placing her hand on my shoulder "are you okay?"
"yeah fine!" I lied taking a deep breath in as I began to feel dizzy, so I stumbled towards the couch and sat down
"How many times have you thrown up?" questioned Justine who was sat next to me
"It's nothing honest-" I began but Justine cut me off
"answer the question!" she stated
"umm well twice today, and once every day for the past 3 days" I paused "but it's probably nothing I mean-"
"and do you have a headache or something?" Justine then questioned feeling my head to check my temperature
"No. I just feel a bit dizzy or light headed sometimes..." I whispered closing my eyes and taking a deep breath in again making me feel so much better than before...
"Sian..." Justine sighed "...Sian...your pregnant!" she whispered.
"What? What? No I am not!" I protested standing up now feeling a lot better than before "it's just a bug or something!" I forced a smile. I didn't want to believe what Justine was saying...but everything just seemed to make sense...I mean I was late and I had what was called 'Morning Sickness'...I had all the symptoms...but...but I couldn't be pregnant...could I?
"Sian please! At least take a test!" Justine sighed
"Fine!" I answered back "just to prove to you that I'm not pregnant!"

It wasn't long before I was sat on the bathroom floor with the little 'magic' stick, which could tell me my future in my hand. I waited ever so patiently...and looked down at the sign to tell me if I was pregnant or not...

I staggered out of the bathroom, I forced smile spread across my face
"well?" questioned Rachel
I took a deep breath in and sighed
"I-I'm not pregnant!"


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