Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


32. The moment of a life time

I ended up getting a beautiful red gown that poofed out a little at the bottom and sparkled beautifully! I had also bought a small glittering tiara to place in my hair! All of us were getting ready in mine and Niamh's room! I curl my hair in soft tight curls, added lots of hairspray to keep it in place and then gently placed the tiara in my hair. I did my make up perfectly, it was natural but still pretty!

I stared out the open window and berthed in the cold night air. I stared up at the millions of stars looking down at me. It was as if they were almost smiling at was most definitely the perfect night for prom!

There was a knock on our door. Just on time too we had all just finished getting ready! I shuffled excitedly to the door and smiled sweetly as I answered it.
"Hi boys!" I said as I saw all 5 boys standing in the doorway looking as handsome as ever.

We all stepped outside to stand with our dates.
"You look beautiful!" smiled Harry kissing Niamh gently on the lips making Niamh smile before both of them walked towards the hall, each of them left with the girls getting their compliment in turn! Now was my turn I hoped...
"Your stunning!" whispered Liam as we stood outside the dorm.
"thanks!" I giggled "you look pretty handsome yourself!" I said making Liam grin!
"come on!" he whispers taking my hand as we slowly started to walk towards the hall following in the footsteps of the others!

We walked to the hall hand in hand, both of us smiling. The air was cool and dry, a true summers evening an the light was dim. We foun ourselves outside the old building covered in lush green vines where, to my surprise I saw a Limozine sat waiting for us to take us to the venue!
"Liam you got a Limo?" I squeaked excitedly
"I did!" he grinned looking very proud of himself!
"Liam that's amazing!" I exclaimed giving him a huge hug making him chuckle!

I stepped inside the limo an sat on the soft leather seats as Liam helped me drag my dress in! He still had tight hold if my hand. This night had only been going on for two minutes and I was already having the time of my life!

We went up winding roads slowly driving deeper and deeper into the countryside and slowly in the distance our venue started to appear...
The whole journey up there was silent, but a good silence I mean we were really excited about this prom!

We arrived at the most big grand an utmost beautiful castle that i had ever layed eyes on! It was full of twinkling lights and extravagant decorations.
"it's even more beautiful than I expected" i whispered as I stared out the window with nothing much to say! I didnt even notice that liam had stepped out the car an opened the door for me while putting out his hand for me to take it! I smiled sweetly, my eyes lit up, as I took his and and stepped out of the Limo! Even with heels on I was shorter than him!

We slowly started to walk towards the castle!
"I can't beleve we are acctually having prom in a Castle!" I grinned as we linked arm in arm as we headed up the hill. We stopped in the doorway and posed for the picture and quickly shuffled inside!

It was warmer inside, full of couples, dancing, kissing and generally having a great time! I smiled as i passed Harry and Niamh who were dancing together lovingly, i was glad they were finaly a couple! The next couple i passed was Niall and Rachel kissing in a corner, of course it would be them two the ones who were kissing! Louis and Justine were stood by the side talking. I doubt they were talking know...the preganancy! I was worried about Justine but she seemed content about it! I also bumped into Zayn and Maryanne who seemed to e having a great time! I smiled, the prom was going great! I even saw something quite surprising, Alice and Lillith were slow dancing...awkward turtle moment? I think so!

The outside of the castle was old, authentic and antique like while the inside was mostly new and modern apart from the magnificent ancient fireplace that sat on the far wall! It was mad to think this castle was once home to a rich, possibly royal, family. On the opposite wall of the fireplace was an extravagant glass window, and you know me with windows...I just had to look out of it!

I stood by the huge glass window gazing outside at the empty gazebo surrounded by sparkly bright White lights! Ther gardedns were crammed with well looked after green trees and pretty flowers of every colour under the rainbow. I it looked that beautiful at the night time imagine how it looked during the day...

A strong pair of arms came from behind me pulling me into a tight hug!
"Shall we go outside?" asked the voice coming from the person who was hugging me, it was Liam, who else would it be?
"sure!" I turned around smiling.

Liam entwined his fingers with mine as we slowly started walking towards the gazebo. His hands were warm and soft. Both me and Liam walked slowly i could feel the soft grass between my open toed heels tickling my toes lightly. Me and Liam stepped into the gazebo where there was soft, romantic violin music playing! I stood in silence not knowing what to was slow dance music and me and Liam were best friends, would it not be awkward?

"shall we?" asked Liam doing the complete opposite to what I was thinking
"We shall!" i smiled, this was either going to be the most awkward thing that had get happened or the most amazing moment of my life. He gently placed his hands round my waist while I placed mine round his neck and slowly we started to dance!

Surprisingly it wasn't awkward at all. It was. Meant to be. I loved Liam...but I wasn't sure if he loved me...

There was silence, apart from the violin of course and the soft sound of the movement of our feet shuffling in sync! The cool breeze made me shiver a little but I was warm in Liam's arms.
"We are friends right?" I asked
"mmhm!" smiled Liam, he wasn't really in the mood for talking,
"Best Friends?" I added as he spun me around gently
"of course!" he chuckled
" best friends, dont keep secrets, right?"
"right!" he smiled as he pulled me close once again
"so whats your biggest secret?" i grinned
"i knew this was leading to somewhere!" he sighed, thought about it for a bit an then smiled "whats yours?" he asked as we began dancing again
"i asked you first!" i stated
"and now im asking you!" he smiled twizzling his finger around one of my curls
"well..." i began "i might just have a small crush on my best friend!" i admitted blushing lightly batting my eyes and looking down towards the floor
"oh really!" he smiled sounding pleased "...and you asked my biggest secret too!" he sighed using his soft finger to lift up my chin so my blue eyes were staring right into his
"I did" I smiled, looking into his eyes made me completely forget the big secret I had just shared with him
"you said we were friends..." he smiled making me worry...he did just want to be friends didn't he? My heart broke in two...I don't even know if I could stand to hear his secret, a tear formed in my eye and it slowly began to roll down my cheek as I looked down to the floor. Automatically he lifted my head back up in the same soft motion as he did before making me look into his big bright Hazel eyes
"My biggest secret is..." he whispered as with the thumb on the smar hand he wiped away the tear, I could feel his breath on my face as it slowly travelled from my lips down my kneck sending shivers up my spine
"...I want to be more than just friends"! My eyes lit up! Did i just hear that correctly? Liam began leaning in slowly as his lips brushed against mine! I felt all warm an happy inside as both of us smiled through the kiss! The kiss was passionate, full of love and heartfelt! It was one of those moments that you never wanted to end but it had to...

We pulled away, not to far as our noses were still touching, I kept my eyes closed for a while, I didn't want to open them, what If I was dreaming? What if I woke up and Liam was not had all been a dream...a beautiful wonderful magical dream...
"Finaly!" he mumbled against my lips making me giggle as I finally found the courrage to open my eyes! Nothing else mattered at that moment in time. It was just me and Liam there under the starry night sky, I didn't even notice the cold anymore, the warmth of happiness just filled me. It took me a while to realise the faint sound of cheering and clapping comng from the other end of the castle gardens, all our friends of course. Perhaps they had been waiting for that moment as long as I had! Me and Liam both looked over to them and smiled before we both looked back at eachother! I stared up into his eyes and he looked right back into mine! Fireworks exploded in the velvet sky at that very second. The moment was perfect.

He didn't need to say it. I knew it was true. But he said it anyway and it most definitely made me smile!
"I love you Sian Roach!" whispered Liam, his hands still firmly round my waist our nosed still pressed against eachothers
"I love you too Liam Payne!" I whispered with the biggest smile on my face you could ever imagine! He kissed me again, caught up in the moment I guess, as fireworks exploded all around. I couldn't have been more happier! This had to be the best night of my life so far and I didn't want it to end...

The End.

Just kidding! Its not really the end! Do you think I would just leave it at that, without showing off Sian and Liam's relationship or not give anymore details on what happenes with Justine and her baby or how One Direction do in the X Factor? Well I hope you liked it and I will carry it on, I'll be putting more up soon, so keep reaing and keep enjoying :D x

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