Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


24. The Last day of skiing

Sian's POV
The last day of skiing came quickly. Me and Liam got up extra early to get on the slopes and make the best we could out of the last day! Niamh and Harry got up around the same time to do some more training! As we got to the top of the slop we saw the competition getting set up with all the flag and jumps and stuff with te judges table neatly placed at the bottom!

"wow! Glad it's Niamh doing that competition and not me!" I sighed
"aww you would have been fine!" Liam reassured me!

That day went really quickly and it wasn't long before the time of the competition came. Niamh was already at the top of the hill waiting to start. We all took our seats, apart from Harry who was pacing as he was filled with worry!
"Harry calm down!" I reassured him "Niamh will be fine!" I giggled as Harry pushed back his curls!

"The competition will now start!" bellowed the presenter making Harry go all panicy again
"Harry, dude, just sit down and watch the competition! Even you said she was a natural!" grinned Louis before, Harry sat down quite unsure of himself.

"And here comes contestant number 54 Niamh Carrington!" shouted the presenter as Niamh began to ski down the for the moment of truth...

Niamh's POV
I was skiing down the hill! I wasn't really thinking. It was amazing! The wind was blowing in my face. I jumped and twist and twirled and skiied like I was about to die...wich acctually could of happened. As I got to the bottom of te hill I waited in suspense to get my scores
I screamed! Did I seriously just get those scores? The next thing I know a pair of arms were around me squeezing me so tight almost knocking me down! This person spun me around and then put me down on the ground! I saw it was Harry!
"you did absolutely AMAZING!" he shouted hugging me once more in excitement!
"thanks!" I gasped before someone came behind me and handed me a trophy and a cheque for £1,000,000! I forgot I was the last contestant and I had the highest score so far!
"I WON!" I screamed putting the cheque in my pocket before everyone else came running towards hugging me tightly!

Sian's POV
As we were celebrating Niamh's win Miss Leroy came over and asked for the trophy for the school! Se also asked if Niamh had won anything else and Niamh didn't mention the £1,000,000 pounds!

Liam checked his watch
"there is time for one last ski run isn't there?" asked Liam
"of course!" I replied giggling! We all went to get on the ski lift for our final skiing run!

We all slipped off the ski lift apart from Rachel who stayed on with her arms folded!
"Rachel come on babe!" trying to drag Rachel off the lift!
"No!" Rachel protested "I want to stay here! I don't want to leave!" she was being like a stubborn child but it made me giggle!
"Come on Rachel!" I shouted as the ski lift started to spin and head back down the hill!
"No! I'm not leaving!" Rachel prorated once more!

We followed her up and down the hill for about an hour while she was going up and down the ski lift screaming and protesting not wanting to come off!

She got off in the end! Not by her own will though. No. They kicked her off because people started to complain! We all laughed at this, even Rachel, it was pretty hillarious!

We were all sat in the Taxi on our way to the airport when Justine started to giggle!
"what are you laughing at babe?" Louis asked
"when Rachel was screaming on the skilift today she sounded like a moose!" Justine started laughing more now with tears in her eyes making us laugh too!
"I did not sound like a moose!" Rachel protested making us all laugh even more
"Moose!" Niamh giggled
"aww whose my little moose!" smiled Niall grinning at Rachel before kissing her gently on the lips making her smile too!

We arrived back at school late that evening and all of us were extremely tired!
"Back to school tomorrow!" I whispered placing my head on my pillow
"yup!" whispered Niamh. Everything was silent after that. We had both fallen asleep!

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