Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


62. The Holiday

"umm...I have to go!" I said quickly after a few moments of silence

"No Niamh please stay!" Harry begged. I sighed, 

Okay so again! Its been ages! But not as long as last time! Haha! Well anyway! Hope you enjoy!

"umm...I have to go!" I said quickly after a few moments of silence

"No Niamh please stay!" Harry begged. I sighed,

"I can't I'm sorry!" I sighed before grabbing my bag quickly and heading out of the door!

I began sprinting down the stairs as fast as possible, I couldn't face all this. Not now! I ha to wrap my head round it! Sian and Harry? It all made sense's all spiralled from that must of...

"Niamh! Wait up!" I heard Harry calling, his footsteps getting closer as closer by the second. Suddenly I felt someone grab my hand

"What do you want Harry?" I hissed as I turned around

"to talk" he replied. I sighed

"talk about what? How happy your life is? Do you want to thank me for leaving...otherwise none of this would never have happened? If so please just save it! Go back upstairs to your perfect little life and your perfect little family because I don't want to hear it!" I snapped in one breath attempting to run off again

"Niamh what are you taking about?" Harry questioned as if he was genuinely confueed. I sighed and turned to look at him

"You know...a small part of me always hoped that you never stopped loving me..." I paused and looked up at him, his gaze of confusion burning into my eyes "I guess I was wrong..." I sighed shaking my head wriggling my hand from his grip and finally leaving the building...

*1 week later*

Sian's POV

"Look! I already told you! I tried taking to her she just won't listen! It's no use!" I signed. It was a beautiful summers afternoon; the sky was blue, the sun was shining and there was not even the slightest breeze in the air so me, Justine, Rachel and Maryanne had taken the kids to the park.

"Mummy! Can I take Rosie on the slides?" pleased JJ running up to me

"JJ, Rosie is too little to go on the slide..." I sighed "go play with Arthur, Felicity and Joseph" I encouraged with a small smile, he smiled back before running off playfully. Arthur was Niall and Rachel's son, he was such an adorable little boy. He was the spit of Niall but had Rachel's deep blue eyes, his hair was a very light blonde...I think he got that of Rachel too as her hair was a pretty light shade! He was just over a year younger than JJ and they got on very well. Justine's twins were now 5 going on 6! It was unreal how quick the time had gone by! They were in Year One of school already! ...I remember the day they were born like it was just yesterday...

I smiled to myself looking down at the sleeping baby girl on my lap before I looked over to the other girls. Rachel was fussing over Arthur who had just tumbled over, Justine was playing peek a boo with her daughter Elsa, she was now one years old yet still the newest edition to Justine and Louis' little clan. Then there was Maryanne at the end who was rocking her little boy Zach to sleep I smiled again. Since when did we go from simple teenagers living ordinary lives (well almost ordinary), to mothers?

"Hi?" asked a familiar voice

"Niamh!" we all cried in unison and jumped up to give her a massive hug

"Y-You've all got kids?" Niamh questioned looking quite surprised

"They're Liam's!" I blurted out quickly before anyone could say anything else "...well mine are anyway!" I added quickly as the others began to look at me funny

"I know" Niamh sighed "I bumped Ito Liam and he explained everything! I wanted to apologise...he said I could find you here..." she smiled whilst pausing "I'm sorry!" she added sighing deeply

"apology accepted!" I smiled giving her a massive hug

"Can I hold her...?" asked Niamh gesturing towards the baby girl in my hands

"Sure!" I smiled handing her to Niamh

"...who's the lady?" asked Joseph

"That's auntie Niamh! She was in my howse yestewday!" replies JJ as the four 'older' kids came toddling back. Felicity had tight hold of Arthur's hand, she was a typical girl, always taking charge of the little ones!

"Stay close Arthur!" she commanded the small boy lovingly as he walked behind JJ and Joseph.

My phone began to ring and everyone turned to look at me.

"Who is it mummy?" asked JJ staring up at me blinking his eyes innocently. I looked at the caller ID and smiled.

"It's Daddy, JJ!" i replied

"Can I answew it? Pwease?" JJ paractically begged whilst jumping up and down excitedly. I laughed shaking my head.

"Why not?" I said handing him the phone. The phone was way to big for him! He had to hold it tightly against him with two hands and it almost covered half his face...he was just too adorable! He had done this several times before and pressed the green button.

"Hello Daddy!" he cooed excitedly before having a small conversation with his father on the phone, giggling uncontrollably at times. It put a smile on my face just watching him...

"They really wrap themselves round your little finger doesn't they." Niamh laughed, she was holding Rosie in her arms, Arthur was tugging at her skirt wanting more attention, Joseph and Felicity were playing tag around her as she watched JJ talking on the phone.

"They really do!" I smiled looking up at her.

"Okay daddy. Wuv you too. Mummy is coming now. Bye bye!" JJ said down the phone before handing it to me

"Daddy wants to talk to you!" he said

"Okay! Thank you JJ!" I smiled taking the phone off him and placing it to my ear

"Liam!" I said cheerfully

"Can I play...?" I heard JJ asking Joseph and Felicity in the background.

"Hey Sian! Guess what?" he said excitedly

"What?" I asked curiously

"I've booked us a Holiday! Make sure your not doing anything in two weeks time! I've already talked to my parents and they said they'll have the kids for two weeks! It's just me, you, the beach and the sun! On a beautiful desert Island called...Isle Esme!" Liam almost shouted down the phone

"Really? I thought that wasn't a real place!" I laughed

"Oh its real! And we're going!" Liam grinned happily

"That's amazing Liam! Love You!" I smiled happily

"Love You too! See you later!" he said before hanging up.

"What was that about?" asked Justine

"Oh! Liam just booked us a Holiday!" I smiled clapping my hands in excitement

"Where? Narnia?" questioned Rache, clearly picking up on the 'I didn't realise it was a real place'

"Nope! Isle Esme!" I giggled happily

"No way!" gasped Niamh!

"Yes Way!" I grinned, I could not wipe this grin off my face.

"Huh? Whats that?" asked Rachel confused

"Twlight!" me and Niamh replied in unison.

"Oh God! Not that again!" Rachel sighed burying her head in her hands...

The next two weeks were pretty busy. Our main priority was to get Harry and Niamh back together. Everyone could see that...except Niamh! We tried everything. Literally, everything.

Firstly we tried getting him on all the screens in Trafalga Square, singing to her. Personally, I thought it was romantic...but apparently Niamh didn't.

Next we got him to fly a plane that held a big banner saying

"Niamh, be my girlfriend?"

Again, I thought this was really cute...but Niamh didn't.

Another thing we got Harry to do was carve in every tree around Niamh's a heart with "Harry and Niamh" written in it. I thought that would work for sure...sweetest thing ever. But again, Niamh didn't like it.

"What's wrong? Harry is so sweet Niamh! He loves you!" I pleaded talking to her one day

"The stuff he's just so...cheesy!" Niamh shiver shaking her head "He needs to be more original!" Niamh stated

"More original? What's more original than singing to you on all the TV's in Trafalga Square?" I laughed. Niamh sighed

"...I want it to be more natural...more private." she smiled probably with the image of her an Harry in her mind, as they used to be. "...I guess maybe I need some time alone!" Niamh added through a sigh.

Then I had an idea.

"What's more alone than a dessert Island?" I grinned

"Dessert Island?" Niamh questioned now looking rather confused

"Come with us!" I smiled

"What? No Sian I couldnt!" Niamh signed

"Please Niamh! You can be alone! Just ignore me and Liam! The Island is big enough!"

Niamh thought about it for a bit...

"Fine..." she signed "...but only because it's Isle Esme...and it's two weeks away from Harry's constant gestures!" she laughed...

Liam's POV

"I don't get it Liam! I tried everything! I few a plane for that girl! What more does she want?" Harry sighed pacing up and down the room "...I guess I need some alone time..."

I signed. I was about to ruin the only alone time me and Sian had had in three years...

"Why don't you come with us?" I asked, I didn't really want to but I guess I was being a nice friend "Two weeks in the sun, a dessert said you needed some time alone! Just ignore me and Sian!" I smiled kindly. I was being a good friend "The islands big enough!"

Harry thought about it for a bit.

"Are you sure...?" he asked curiously

"Positive!" I smiled.'s not like Harry being there was going to ruin what I really had planned...

Sian's POV

Th next day we arrived at the airport. I was meeting Liam there, he travelled down to his parents last might to drop off the kids and I had yet to break the news to him that Niamh was coming along...

I strolled into the airport, my suitcase trailing along behind me. Although we had kept the news low...somehow a few Papparazzi still figured out we were here and a few flashing lights began in our direction.

"How can they always find us?" I moaned ignoring the cameras and running towards the front desk where I saw Liam...and Harry?

"Oh no..." Niamh mumbled from beside me

"NIAMH!" Harry exclaimed happily "You're coming too?"

"You're coming?" asked Niamh through a sigh.

As they continued to half chat half argue I pulled Liam to the side.

"What's Harry doing here?" I questioned

"Umm! I could ask you the same question?" Liam exclaimed

"Niamh said she needed some alone time...AWAY from Harry!" I whispered making sure he wouldn't hear. Her probably wouldn't hear anyway, he was so wrapped up in the conversation with Niamh...

"Harry said HE needed some alone time! Away from everything..." Liam sighed. I sighed too

"...well this is going to be a long vacation..." I sighed before we checked in.

It wasn't long before we were boarding the plane.

"So how long is the flight?" I questioned curiously through a small smile. Liam's arm was wrapped around me tightly as I cuddled into his chest.

"...umm...only like 13hours..." mumbled Liam through a cough

"13HOURS? NO!!" I protested stepping back from him

"Sian!" Liam moaned "Come on please!"

"Liam! You know I hate planes!" I complained through a whimper...I was honestly feeling petrified at that moment. My hands began to shake and I felt like I couldn't breath...

I felt two hands grab mine. They pulled me close and began whispering in my ear.

"Sian, listen to me okay? Listen to my voice! You'll be abseloutley fine...nothing is going to happen okay?" Liam soothed stroking my cheek. He pulled out of the hug slightly and let go of one of my hands with one of his before he tilted up my chin so my eyes were staring straight into his "Trust me!" he whispered before placing a gentle kiss upon my lips.

I smiled as we pulled out of the kiss

"I trust you..." I whispered to him. He wrapped his arms around me once more and rested my head on his shoulder as we boarded the plane.

A few hours passed and everything was fine...well almost everything

"Do you think the kids are okay?" I asked twiddling my thumbs. Liam laughed

"I'm sure they're fine Sian!" he smiled as I yawned. "Now go to sleep and stop worrying!"

I smiled as both me and Liam lowered our chairs, I rested my head upon his chest

"Sleep tight beautiful..." he whispered stroking my hair as I slowly and soundly fell asleep.

A few days later I awoke due to the birds chirruping ever so loudly outside my window. The sunshine streamed in more brightly than I ha ever seen it before. I looked out the window, squinting my eyes from the brightness and gazed out at the beautiful majestic island that was Isle Esme.

I turned to the other side of me to see the bed empty...Liam was gone. I was a little confused as to where he might be... Thats when i saw that there was a small note, with my name on it, left on his pillow.

I picked it up carefully before opening it up to see what was written inside.

'Good Morning Sleeping Beauty,

Sleep Well?

I have a surprise for you...when you're ready, follow the Rose petals. Love Always, Liam xxx'

I looked to the floor to see a bunch of bright red Rose Petals heading out the door...What was this boy up to?

I laughed slightly putting the note to the side before going to get a quick shower, slipping on a small white sunmer dress and applying some natural make up. I let my hair dry naturally and the curls fell messily around my face so I placed a flower in my hair to neaten it up a little. Then I began following the Rose petals.

The petals winded along the beach I let the sand pour through my toes gently. They then went in, our and around the trees on a little adventure before it took me deep into the forest. I laughed as I passed small arrows pointing me on the right direction, each with small sweet romantic messages on them. Soon the Rose Petals stopped and there was an arrow on a tree pointing upwards. The arrow said:

"The person who loves you the most in the whole wide world will be sitting above you...look up if you love them to!"

I laughed and then looked up to see Liam sat up there, he too was wearing all white.

"Hey beautiful, I thought you'd never come!" he grinned looking down at me

"Wouldn't miss it for the world!" I giggled. Liam laughed too, we shared a few moments silence. It was absolute perfection.

"Why don't you come up?" Liam asked patting the branch next to him

"What? Wearing this? I don't think so!" I protested slightly

"Aw! Come on Sian! Don't be a spoil sport! I'll help you up!" he smiled reaching out his hands

"Liam! You know I don't like heights!" I moaned

"it's not that high! Come on!" he smiled. I sighed and began to climb before carefully placing myself next to him on the branch.

"See it wasn't that hard!" Liam laughed cuddling close to me

"...I guess not!" I smiled resting my head upon his shoulder.

The breeze blew slightly making me shiver. Liam took this as an opportunity to cuddle me more, I liked that.

"Hey our outfits match!" I giggled at the fact we were both wearing white, breaking the silence in the process...

"...we match." smiled Liam stressing the 'we'. His face went all serious and he looked me in the eyes. "Sian. We've been together properly for three years now...and in that time we've got to see each other, we've got to know what one another is really about, plus we've had two beautiful children from it. I get to see you for who you really are...and i love that. But...the thing is...i dont want to be your boyfriend anymore..." Liam whispered. I felt my eyes fill up with tears as my heart slowly began to split into two

"...Liam...? what do you mean? What are you talking about...?" I squealed probably sounding horrified. Was he breaking up with me? Did he take me here just to break up with me? Lead me on...and then just dump me out of the blue? Liam wouldn't do that...would he? He'd never want to crush my heart...or at least I thought he wouldn't. I mean, he'd done it before...but those were mistakes. They were in the past...Liam wasn't like that...he wouldn't just dump me...?

"Just hear me out!" Liam added quickly "Each and every second I spend with you, it's just never long thats why I want to spend the rest of eternity with you..." he whispered once more. My heart skipped a few beats...was he...was he really...? His deep chocolates coloured eyes stared into mine as he began to speak once more"...What i'm trying to say is...i just..." Liam sighed. He looked down at his hands and began twiddling his thumbs before he pulled a small black box from his pocket. He opened it up to see a small golden ring with a single sparkling diamond placed in the centre. Just the sight of the ring alone was breathtaking...but this whole situation was overwhelming! He didn't even have to say the words...I knew what was coming...and I already knew the answer..."Sian Paula Kenni Rose-Octavie Van Wetswinkel Roach...will you do me the honour...of being my wife?" he asked as a smile spread across his lips. I was speechless, the tears of sorrow that had formed in my eyes moments before were now turned to joy and they fell down my cheeks in rivers of happiness.

"...yes!" I finally managed to choke out through the tears "Yes of course I'll marry you!" I exclaimed as his lips crashed against mine...

We were so lost up in the moment that I guess we lost concentration for a while and before i knew it we ended up tumbling out the tree and fell on the grass below with an almighty CRASH.

"Are you alright?" asked Liam quickly, Liam was hovered slightly above me, checking me head to toe...looking for Injuries I assumed. I began to laugh

"I've never been better..." I giggled slowly leaning towards his lips as they met mine once more...

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