Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


50. The Hangover

Niall's POV
"Hey you ready for your stag do mate?" grinned Harry nudging my arm
"Yeah we're going to VEGAS!" screamed Zayn giving Liam a high five
"Okay guys but don't do anything stupid! We have to be on the plane tonight and back in Hawaii tomorrow Morning..." I said laying down the law
"Oh come on Niall mate! Don't be a spoil sport!" moaned Louis ruffling his hand through my hair
"I'm not! It's just that it's my wedding tomorrow and I can't be LATE for my own wedding..." I sighed
"Don't worry Nialler! We'll be back on time!" smiled Liam reassuringly. We all began chatting again, enjoying the ride of the rest of the plane journey to Vegas... wasn't long before we were making a toast before we went out.
"To Niall and Rachel! May we celebrate tonight with a lot of alcohol...and not get caught by the American police..." grinned Louis picking up his shot glass. We all mimicked his actions and took a drink...and that was the start of a mad, unrealistic and unmemorable night...

Niamh's POV
*beep beep! Beep beep* came my alarm clock from the side. I turned to switch it off and saw the time was 6:00am...I sighed adjusting my eyes to the bright Hawaiian light that was already streaming through the Window before picking up my phone. I dialled the number and waited for her to pick up...
"Hello...?" the voice croaked sleepily
"SIAN! Wake up! It's 6:00am! It's Rachel's big day and we've got some beautifying to do before the Wedding begins!" I exclaimed
"Why do you always have to be in such a good mood this early in the Morning..." giggled Sian down the phone through a yawn "I'm off to get dressed now...speak in a bit!" she added before putting the phone down...

"Why do you have to be awake so early...?" moaned Louis from in the bed next to me as he sat up clutching his head
"LOUIS!" I screamed as I almost had a heart attack "what the hell are you doing there? Where's Harry?" I the questioned
"What the hell am I doing here...?" he questioned "HARRY!" he then called out as Harry came staggering in from the bathroom
"Don't shout mate my head's banging..." Harry moaned squeezing his eyes tight shut
"eugh! Me too..." moaned Zayn who was sprawled out across the floor with Liam still soundly asleep in his arms. We all looked at Zayn and Liam with smug smiles spread across out faces. Zayn quickly realised what we were looking at and he jumped out of his skin...
"LIAM! Get up man!" he shouted as Liam jumped awake
"I'm up...I'm up..." he mumbled as he stood up, began staggering around a bit before he sat back down again...
"Hey Harry? Didn't you get married last night?" asked Louis. Harry laughed
"No! Where did you get that idea from!" he scoffed clearly thinking the idea was ridiculous
"It's probably just a dream I had..." Louis then added, but he still looked a little unsure about it...

"Where's Niall...?" I asked after I fetched them all a glass of water and paracetamol to help with their headache's
"Oh god! Niall? Where is he?" we all sighed looking around the room
"D-don't be alarmed but...I think we might have left him in Vegas..." Zayn said hesitating slightly.
"YOU LEFT HIM IN VEGAS!" I screamed, at that point Sian walked through the door
"Left who in Vegas...?" she asked curiously, he eyes glazed over with a look of concern
"Sian forget about the beautifying...we have bigger worry on our hands..."

Zayn's POV
We rushed quickly to the airport and got on our Private Jet and flew all the way back to Vegas! The plane ride seemed to drag...we were waiting anxiously and sitting in complete silence. I kept tapping my feet and I felt sick to the stomach with fear...what if Niall was hurt or d-or we lost him forever? How were we supposed to tell Rachel? How would we tell his family? What would happen to One Direction?

Them thoughts and fears ran through my mind the whole long way of the didn't help much with the sickly feeling either...

We ran, faster than I had ever ran before in my life, out of the airport and straight to the first bar that we were.
"NIALL!" hoping he was there, or that at least we would find a clue of where he was...
"Hey!" came an unfamiliar voice. I turned to see a tall man, probably in his 30's. He had sleek black hair that was pulled into a ponytail and bright green eyes. I didn't know him but he seemed to recognise me...maybe he was a One Direction fan...little creepy, but possible...
" I know you...?" I asked rather uncertain as the man stood there grinning at me like a mad man
"You don't remember last night...?" he asked
"too much to drink...sorry!" I said looking down at my watch, it was 8:00am...6 hours before the Wedding...
"You're DJ Malik, right? You did a rap for your friend who is getting married were pretty good too!" he stated through a smile raising his eyebrows in approval
"Niall? Niall was here?" I asked
"Yeah! Little blonde kid! Irish accent?" he began describing Niall
"Oh thank god! GUYS!" I screamed over at the other boys so they came running over "Do you have any idea where we went next...?" I then asked the man. His eyes then travelled to Harry
"You! Curly! You started following this girl around...M...something?" he said
"Did I just meet her last night...?" Harry moaned realising that if he had we would have no leads as to where Niall could be! He also Ignored the fact the man had just called him 'Curly' ...he normally hated that...
" seemed to recognise her straight away..." he stated

Harry took out his phone and went to the M section and began reading out names
Madison...?-" he was cut off
"MADDISON! Yes that was it! It was Madison!" exclaimed the guy over enthusiastically!
"Thanks! You've been very helpful!" smiled Liam patting him on the shoulder as Harry dialled Madison's number...

"Maddie!" he said enthusiastically answering the phone
"After leaving Titan's bar where did we go...?" asked Harry
"Okay...was Niall with us..? Thanks! Okay! Okay! Bye!" he smiled hanging up the phone...

"Madison said there is another bar round the corner...something to do with a lion...?"
"The King Lion!" the man exclaimed once more!
"Thank You!" Harry grinned before we all headed off towards 'The King Lion!'

We arrived at 'The King Lion' only to be shooed away again.
"What was that all about?" moaned Louis as we ran round the corner
"You don't know?" gasped some woman who was sweeping the street
"Can't remember...sorry..."
"Your blonde friend released the display cause a lot of havoc!" she sighed resting against the broom
"Niall? Niall released the Lion...?"
"Yeah that's him!" she smiled as she continued to sweep again
"Do you have any idea where we went next...?" asked Liam
" got arrested..." she said without looking up...

Liam's POV

We we're at the police station waiting for them to look through their files when my phones started to ring…

"Hello?" I said cautiously answering it

"PLEASE tell me you've found Niall…" came a worried voice down the phone

"…not yet…" I sighed

"Liam! Please just find him!" Sian sighed "Rachel doesn't know anything and she keeps asking questions…I don't think I can lie to her for much longer!" she moaned a little

"I promised we'll find him…okay…" I whispered "Do I ever break a promise…?" I whispered reassuring her

"No…" she whispered "Just find Niall…and be back soon…and stay safe, yeah?" she sighed pausing several times

"Will do!" I smiled

"…Love you! You know that right?" she whispered. I fell silent for a bit. She meant it in a friend way…obviously. I hated it when she said that, yes, I hated it! I loved her too, but NOT in a friend way. But I couldn't admit that…I mean, I have Danielle…? "Liam…?" she asked down the phone responding to my silence.

"Yeah I know…see you later?" I said before hanging up, feeling a little like I left the conversation a little cold…

"…we have the files you wanted…" said one of the officers as he emerged from the office…

Zayn's POV

A few hours passed and still we had no idea where Niall was...the good thing was he came back to Hawaii with us after all! The police dropped us of at the airport and made sure we got on the plane. According to them, Niall was there too...which was a good thing in a way, but we had no idea where the hell in Hawaii Niall actually was!

I sighed deeply as we got back on the jet...the time was now 12pm...It took an hour to fly back to Hawaii...there was no way we were going to make it on time.

Before we took off I got a text off Maryanne

Why are there handcuffs in our room? You got a Surprise for me haha ;) love you! - M

Handcuffs. Now that brought back memories. Images of a beach, a palm tree, handcuffs and Niall came flashing into my brain.
"Oh. My. God." I said rather shocked

"What?" asked Lou curiously, everyone was feeling a little down at the fact we could have ruined Niall's important day...
"I know where Niall is..." I mumbled under my breath
"What?" asked Harry rather shocked, he knew what I said he just probably couldn't believe it
"I know where Niall is!" I exclaimed as the plane flew off...

We all screamed and called out at the top of our voices running down the Beach. The hot sun was beating down and I could feel the soft sand between my toes. The crystal blue waters of Hawaii looked so cool and refreshing and I wanted to do nothing more at that moment but go and jump into the water but we had to keep searching for Niall...

"Over Here!" we heard a voice croak. And that's when we saw him. A very sunburnt, hungover looking Niall, handcuffed to a Palm Tree and still in the clothes from last night.
"NIALL!" we all shouted staggering over to him and uncuffing him from the palm tree
"I'm gonna kill you all!" Niall growled
"Can you do that later...? Cos' right now we have half an hour till your wedding and none of us are ready yet!" Liam stated!
"HALF AN HOUR!" Niall shouted "RUN QUICKLY!" he screamed as we all began running down the Beach again...

Sian's POV
My stomach had butterfly's in it...I felt so sick it was unreal...we hadn't heard from the boys yet...oh god this was nerve racking!

We were sat in a beautiful Church. The walls were made out of ancient grey stone and they tapered above us, they looked as if they could crumble at any minute but that just added to the beauty. They had several stain glass windows stationed around the Church watch with their own unique story to tell...

Me and Niamh were waiting in anticipation for Rachel to arrive. We were the only two who actually knew what was going on! We considered telling Justine, but she had been with Rachel all day...and we didn't want to worry Rachel! Especially not today...the day which was supposed to be the most perfect day in her whole life...

"Niamh...that's not Niall is it?" I whispered noticing there was a blonde guy stood at the front. Niamh looked over curiously before her face adopted a shocked and confused expression...
"...that's...that's my cousin...?" Niamh stated in the form of a question.

The Wedding march began and we saw Rachel walking down the aisle
"...that's not Rachel's dress..." I whispered as I saw her "why has she changed it...?" I asked Niamh. But Niamh was still concentrating on the guy at the front...
"Jack?" she called out!
"Niamh?" he responded turning around
"Rachel?" I said to the girl walking down the aisle
"Miranda?" squealed Rachel running in
"Miranda?" asked me and Niamh now really confused
"Rachel!" This so called Miranda smiled
"RACHEL!" screamed Niall's voice as all five boys burst through the door
"Niall..." Rachel whispered relived running up to him
"Rachel...!" Niall then whispered again cupping her face in his and kissing her lightly on the lips
"LOUIS!" Louis exclaimed from the back of the room ruining the moment...
"Louis..." moaned Rachel as her lips broke from Niall's making the rest of us laugh was a happy ending after all...although really, the wedding had only just begun...


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