Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


34. The first date

I must admit, Scre4m was a little scary, I had tight hold of Liam's hand the whole time and spent some of the time with my he's buried in his chest...and the outcome was surprising...I did not expect Jill to be the murderer..

"You were scared!" stated Liam chuckling lightly as we walked out the doors of Cinema into the cool night air
"Was not!" I protested smiling, resting my head on his shoulder. Our hands were interlocked as we walked towards a lush green park.
"Where are we going?" I asked looking up into his eyes
"It's a surprise!" he grinned giving me a cuddle
"I don't like surprises!" I moaned melting into the hug
"Everyone says that, but really you know you love it!" he grinned as he began to drag me towards a clearing in the trees.

The clearing was beautiful, there were sweet smelling flowers surrounding the area, the moonlight filled the clearing lighting it dimly but making it ever much more romantic! As I moved my eyes towards the centre of the clearing, I saw a beautifully set out picnic placed in the middle of the grass.
"A picnic?" I whispered through a small gasp "Liam! How did you do this?"
"The boys set it up for me while we were in the cinema." he smiled as I admired the picnic
"Aww that is so nice of them..." I cooed
"Not really. They made me give them ten pounds each." Liam chuckled.
"Why am i not surprised?" I giggled as I dragged him towards the picnic blanket an carefully sat myself down while Liam sat opposite me. He had brought loads of little snacks we could eat and a big bottle of lemonade with two small glasses.

We ate in silence. The only noises where the crickets chirping and the wind blowing through the trees...

After eating we both lay on the grass, hands interlocked, staring up at the stars. My head was gently rested on his chest and I could slowly feel his chest moving up and down.
"Hey Sian?" asked Liam slowly sitting up and removing my head from his chest.
"yeah?" I asked looking up into his deep brown eyes that seemed to be full of nerves
"...well, you know I was just thinking, I mean, I kind of already think of us as a couple, but you know, I'm not sure if you do an if you don't that's fine because I haven't actually asked you yet so I thought I would..." he paused and I looked at him a little confused, Liam began again "...see the thing is, will you be my girlfriend?" asked Liam blushing lightly. I looked up at him and smiled
"I thought I already was your girlfriend...unless you just go round kissing random girls and taking them on dates!" I giggled
"Well, you Sian are not just some random girl, your my girl!" he chuckled cuddling me lightly.
"Do you know how long I've waited for you to say that?" I giggled melting into the hug
"Not as long as I have wanted to say it!" he smiled stroking my hair making me giggled once more
"Well then why didn't you?" I asked curiously
"Your just so beautiful, I didn't know how to say it..." he smiled staring into my eyes lovingly "...and everytime I was going to, we were always interupted or ended up arguing!" he chuckled while he took my hand as we lay back down and stared at the millions of beautiful little stars that sat in the midnight sky
"I don't like it when we argue..." I sighed resting my head back down on his chest
"Neither do I..." he sighed "...let's try not to argue again?" Liam stated in a sort of question
"I agree!" I smiled, then paused an spoke again "you have boot camp tomorrow!" I smiled as me and Liam then shuffled to lay down side by side facing eachother
"yeah...!" Liam replied rather dreamily
"we best get going..." I sighed
"I wish we could just lie here forever, forget everything and everyone else and just be together!" smiled Liam
"Me too!" I grinned "but I'd kind of miss everyone..." I giggled as Liam got up and took my hand pulling me up with him
"yeah..." Liam sighed as I rested my head against his shoulder and we began to walk back towards school...


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