Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


14. The Fire


A few weeks had passed and we were all sat in Science. I was sat next to Liam, Niamh and Harry were behind us ... Arguing! We were doing experements about water and oxygen and stuff. Liam was doing most of the work I was just recording the result down in my book!

"it's like this!" snapped Harry
"no it's this way!" snapped Niamh back at him just before there was a huge bang behind us. I jumped so much I grabbed Liam's hand. I saw him smile from the corner of my eye. We turned around to see Niamh and Harry standing there, black powder everywhere and The end of Harrys cute little curls frazzling!
"Niamh! Harry! Detention tomorrow lunchtime!" shouted Mr Legan Niamh sighed and Harry looked horrified while trying to stop his hair from frazzling!

"how did you get Water to explode!" I giggled as me and Niamh walked back to our room, Niamh giggled too
"shut up Sian!"

Niamh's POV
It was Lunch Time and me and Harry were sat in the detention room sharpening pencils!
"this is all your fault!" Harry mumbled under his breath
"my fault? How is it my fault?" well you changed the experement which made it explode!
"well you were shouting at me so i couldn't concentrate!" I snapped
"well I wouldn't be shouting if we could just get along!" shouted Harry
"well I you wouldn't have kissed me we wouldn't be arguing would we?" I snapped! As soon as I said it I wish I wouldn't of. We sat there in an awkward silence for a few minutes and as the bell went Harry stormed out ... Whoops

I was about to walk past but I then saw Lillith at the window on the door. She smiled at me an waved. I waved back. I was a little confused...I then heard a little click and I realised what she was doing ... She locked the door... Oh no! Someone will realise I'm gone and come and get me soon ... I hope ...

Harry's POV
I was still a little annoyed at Niamh but I wanted to apologise to her! I shouldn't have blamed her for the explosion and I guess she was right ... If I didn't kiss her we wouldn't be in this mess! I didn't see her at Lunch but I had next lesson, maths, with her so I decided I was too appologise then!

I got into Maths and sat down. Niamh wasn't there. Maybe she is running a little late, I thought to my self! Half an hour ha passed and Niamh still was nowhere to be seen! Then a high pitched ringing sounded! It really hurt my ears and made us all fear the worst. The fire alarm!

We all went outside and I looked around... Niamh was still nowhere to be seen...I had no choice but to see if she was still in the detention room!

I started to run towards the building that was full of flames
"Harry where are you going?" asked a soft concerned voice, it was Sian
"I'm going to get Niamh!" I said before anyone could say anything else and I ran off!
"HARRY!" I heard them all screaming in the distance but I ignores them and carried on running!

Niamh's POV
When the fire alarm sounded my heart stopped... Everyone was going to be outside... How can anyone find me if the were all outside? I started to pound on the door with all my might scteing for help...I was scared...really scared...for the first time in my life there might be a possibility that I could die...

Smoke started to come through the door, I could see flames in the Hallway! I started to cough and my head went dizzy. After that everything went back...

Harry's POV
"Niamh!" I screamed down the hall dodging the flames "Niamh!" i shouted again! I got to the detention room but I coulnt see anything through the was full of smoke! I tried to open it and thats when i realised why Niamh couldn't get out... It was locked! I unlock the door and burst in to find Niamh lying unconcuois on the floor!
"Niamh!" I whispered bending down to pick her up and I carried her off in my arms!

Sian's POV
We were all pacing, we were supposed to be lining up in our classes but we were all so worried! I feared the worst! If Harry and Niamh weren't back soon... A tear came to my eye just thinking about it!
"don't worry!" whispered a voice behind me "everything will be fine!" the voice whispered again while I felt arms wrap around me, it was Liam!

It filled me with relief when I saw Harry coming out of the building, but the I filled with worry again when I saw him carrying Niamh...her body looked lifeless in his arms! I ran towards them coming out of the hug. I was followed by Rachel, Justine, Maryanne, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn!
"oh my god is she ok?" screeched Justine
"well she's still breathing!" sniffled Harry
"somebody call an ambulance!" screamed Rachel
"what happened?" asked Louis
"somebody locked her in the detention room!" Harry whispered horriffied...

It wasn't long before the ambulance came and Niamh was rushed to hospital... We all hoped and prayed she was going to be ok...

We were sat In the waiting room. Rachel was asleep on Niall and he was stroking her hair. Louis and Justine were whispering to eachother worringly and Harry was pacing up and down. He had to be checked out too, he only had minor burns on his arms and face. I was sat on Liam's lap and his head was buried in my hair! I was so worried! When the nurse came I stood up instantly an went to stand next to Harry who had stopped pacing. We all sat there tense.
"she's going to live!" said the nurse. We all breathed a sigh of relief "but she's in a coma.." she added we all tensed up a little again
"can we see her?" questioned Harry
"one at a time!" whispered the nurse before walking off! Harry looked at us all, his face was saying 'can I go?'
"go on!" said Louis to Harry, he gave a little smile before he walked off towards Niamh's room!


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