Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


41. The Final

The final. Wow everything had gone so fast! We were all sat backstage. Everything was so tense as we watched our boys singing on stage as they belted their hearts out to torn giving it everything! Whatever happened tonight I would be proud of them! They had done brilliant just to come this far! As they finished the song and were talking to Dermott I carefully watched Liam, his hands were beginning to shake. Bless him, he looked so nervous. I was ready to give him a hug as he began walking backstage but someone hot in there before me. A young tanned girl with frizzy hair had her arms wrapped around my Liam...

"Liam?" I asked through a small whisper
"Sian!" he grinned happily wriggling out of the girls grasp and coming straight to my side giving me a light kiss on the lips
"this is Danielle!" he grinned as he introduced me to the frizzy haired girl. She glared at me for a few seconds then began to smile sweetly.
"You must be Sian! Liam talks about you all the time!" she smiled shaking my hand, I looked over at Liam who was blushing lightly. I smiled back not wanting to be rude.
"so where do you know Liam from?" I asked curiously
"I'm a dancer on the show!" she smiled. She seemed nice enough.
"wow that's great!" I grinned before Rachel came running over completely out of breath
"Sian! Sian! Liam!" she gasped stopping breifly to catch yet breath "Justine's been rushed to Hospital...they think it has something to do with the baby!" she said whispering the last bit I gasped and ran with Rachel out to the car park leaving Liam and Danielle stood there!

As soon as me and Rchel were in the at and as we sped off I texted Liam

Sorry Liam! Have fun at the final! I'm sure you'll do great! Find Louis and tell him but make sure he doesn't worry too much! Love You! Miss you already, Sian xxx 3

Th text sent as we arrived at the hospital rushing in to find where Justine was just to find Niamh an Maryanne in the waiting room
"Have you heard anything?" I gasped, both of the just shook their heads so we went to sit down next to them and sighed as we waited on anticipation.

We watched the TV in the waiting room as they were announcing the winner. It was between Rebecca and One Direction...
"And the Winner, of X Factor 2010 is..." could almost feel the intensity in the room as we all sat waiting on the edge of our seats fingers crossed...

"ONE DIRECTION!" screamed Dermott as we saw the boys jump around on the stage. Was I eating this right? All us girls began screaming and jumping round. They did it. Our boys won! The excitement and buzz in the room quickly turned back into anticipation as Justine shuffled into the waiting room.

"The boys just won!" I whispered half smiling. Justine said nothing but you could tell she was happy as the grin spread across her face...
"it's Twins." she whispered. Twins did she just say twins "I'm having twins!" she repeated more excitedly. The excitement in the room began again a suddenly the boys came rushing in!

"We came here as fast as possible!" gasped Louis rushing to Justine's side and giving her a light squeeze.
"It's twins Louis!" she whispered into his ear and again the excitement buzzed up. Probably on of the bet nights of our lives...but the good times won't last long...

Hi guys, hope you enjoyed this Chapter! Just wanted to say a few things

I have NOTHING against Danielle, she seems really lovely and im happy that her and Liam are going out in real life (that's if they still are, its kinda hard to follow ;) hehe x)

Yes I know One Direction didn't win the XFactor but its MY fanfic so the Public choice is now in MY hands….Mwahahahahahahahahaha (My Failed Attempt of an Evil Laugh xD)

SURPRISE JUSTINE! …Justine didn't know she was going to have twins so SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE! Hope you like it ;) x

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