Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D



So the end is finally here! It's been 2 years since I started this fanfic and now it's over! Omg it's like the end of an era! Just wanted to say thank you for everyone who had read over the past two years and I love you all! So for the LAST TIME enjoy the LAST EVER CHAPTER of Always and Forever…

Just under 24hours had passed and we were back again to the chaos of the morning before. Justine and Louis called of the wedding for that day and moved it forward to today and Niamh as Harry became the new proud parents of a healthy baby girl, Cerys - who was released from Hospital yesterday when she was only a few hours old.

It came to the point where Justine was about to walk down the aisle, she was waiting just outside the church and she grinned at us all before saying

"Now before we go in, there are no other disturbances! No one's going to pop out a baby in the middle of my wedding." She joked, turning to Niamh

"Pretty sure there are no more in here!" Niamh replied tapping her belly with the hand she wasn't carrying baby Cerys in!

Louis' POV

The wedding march began, everyone stood and I turned to see Justine headed down the aisle - it brought me back to yesterday, I didn't think I had seen anything more beautiful in my life, until now. Somehow, she was so much more beautiful than she was yesterday, and her beauty was constantly growing day by day - just like my love for her.

The ceremony flew by like a dream and before I knew it, it was time to say our vows. What was strange was I had performed millions of times on stage in front of billions of people with no nerves whatsoever - and now in front of my family and friends, speaking solely to the one I loved, I was nervous.

"My dearest Justine, my princess, my angel. I have been waiting for this day for almost 15 years now - 15 years ago tomorrow was the first day I ever met you, and from the moment I looked into your eyes, I knew - I knew it was you. It seems I was right though, because now, 15 years later we're still together, we have a beautiful family and amazing lives, and mow we're on holiday in India, living out the wedding we planned so long ago as teenagers, and we made it. We made it and we're stronger than ever, and I could never ever love someone as much as I love you. I promise, Justine, to love you until the sun sets on my final day on this earth, even then I will still love you from the heavens and I will look down upon you and protect you. I love you Justine, always and forever..." I whispered placing the ring upon her finger.

Tears were now streaming down her face, happy tears I presumed. She smiled and looked down at the ring - she looked from it to me and she giggled with happiness, and for a split second, she was the teenager that I fell in love with again.

"Louis, a few weeks ago when I sat down to write my vows, I had so many thoughts in my head but I just couldn't seem to write them down on paper - I wondered why but now I know. There are no words to describe my love for you, I wanted to describe it as the sun, or the solar system, or the universe - but then I realised it is so much bigger than that. Every time my heart has beaten since I met you, was because of you - it adds to my never ending love. Louis William Tomlinson, I promise to love and to cherish you, to hold you and to care for you in sickness and in health until death do us part..." She whispered, I had to help her slip the ring on my finger because her hands were trembling so much.

"I am proud to pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss the bride!" The priest said. I grinned and lowered my lips to Justine's. Finally, she was mine forever...

Sian's POV

We headed to the wedding reception. It was so beautiful, it was in an amazing venue that was right by the beach.

"Mummy! Can I go play on the beach?! Can I mummy?! Please?! Pleeeeaaaassseee?!" Victoria begged - I considered it

"Only if your brother goes with you!" I said to her, she was only three, I couldn't let a three year old go on the beach by herself. JJ sighed

"Elsa, will you come with me?" He asked, they were in the same year at school and really good friends - Elsa laughed

"Sure JJ!" She smiled taking Victoria's hand "Come on Tori!"

The rest of us headed inside, but it wasn't long before all our kids were outside playing, JJ and Connor had rolled up their pants and were now running in and out of the water.

"No! No!" I moaned as I saw them "they are good pants, good really expensive pants!" I sighed shaking my head. Liam laughed

"We'll my darling, boys will be boys!" He chuckled. I smiled at him

"I've been meaning to talk to you!" I laughed nudging him

"What?" He asked curiously

"We'll I-"

"MUMMMY!" Victoria came running over and she jumped into my lap

"Be careful sweetie!" I said to her "what's wrong?" I asked - she had this look in her eyes when she wanted something

"Can I have an ice-cream?" She asked

"Sweetheart we are going to have our tea soon, you can have one after tea!" I said to her ruffling her hair - she turned to her dad, Liam barley ever says no to anything

"Don't try this with me Tori, you heard your mother!" Liam stated.

Tori sighed and shuffled off my lap, folding her arms and storming away

"Fine!" She mumbled under her breath - she hadn't quite left her 'terrible two' stage yet...

"So what were you going to say?" Asked Liam

"Oh right! Liam, I-"

"Attention everybody!" Called Louis into the microphone - I sighed

"I'll tell you later!"

"The buffet is now open!"

Erin's POV

"Congratulations Justine! You looked so beautiful!" I smiled to her

"Thanks Erin!" She smiled back, although I was a late comer to their group of friends I didn't feel like an outcast, I felt like I belonged

"Erin!" Called Zach as he ran over

"Can I help Alfie get food from the buffet?" He asked - him and Alfie were inseparable, there may be a five year age gap, but what does that matter between brothers?

"Sure thing sweetie!" I smiled as he ran back over to Alfie

"Hey beautiful!" Said Zayn as he came over

"Hey!" I grinned as he placed a light kiss on my lips

"Do you know, all this wedding stuff is making me want to get married again, properly this time!" He grinned. I had known about his previous marriage, he was a teenager and he got married in Vegas with a quick snap decision.

I grinned at his though

"Hmm sounds like an idea..." I smiled. Zayn sighed

"Look I know it's not the most romantic thing, and I will make a proper gesture sometime in the near future but..." Zayn slipped a ring out of his pocket and handed it to me "I didn't want to steal Justine and Louis thunder, but I just can't wait to ask any just imagine that I'm down on one knee..." He smiled nervously making me giggle "will you marry me?" He whispered into my ear

"Yes!" I smiled, slipped the ring onto my finger with ease and kissed me lightly upon the lips once more...

Rachel's POV

"The cake looks so nice..." Niall grinned as we walked past, I laughed and hit him across the arm.

"You have always loved food!" I laughed "you were eating when we first met!" I giggled

"I was?" Niall asked curiously

"Yep! An Oreo!" I answered with a smile "and it seems you have passed your love for Oreos on to our son..." I laughed as Arthur went running passed with some in his hands.

"We'll what can I say?" He laughed "like father like son!" - we watched our little boy run outside where all the other kids were playing before we turned back to each other...

"Speaking of food! You want to go to the buffet?" I asked

"You know me too well beautiful!" He grinned and kissed me on the lips before taking my hand and dragging me towards the food table. I loved that Niall hasn't changed one bit since the day we met, he was still such a big kid!

Niamh's POV

"Can I hold her mummy?" Asked Lucas, I smiled at my three year old

"Sure, sit down there and you can hold her!" I smiled - Lucas climbed onto the chair and patted his knees implying to me that he was ready, I carefully placed his baby sister onto his lap and helped him hold her by steadying his arms

"This calls for a photo!" Harry grinned, I turned to look and, snap, he clicked the photo there and then

"Harry!" I scolded "I wasn't ready!" - Harry laughed revealing his still every prominent dimples

"Sorry sweetie!" He smiled "you look beautiful anyhoo!" He added pulling up a chair and sitting next to Lucas.

"So Lucas, do you want a little brother?" He asked

"Harry!" I scolded again through a laugh

"I do want a little brother daddy!" Lucas exclaimed

"See Niamh!" Harry laughed "we're gonna have to have another boy now, our child has spoken!"

"I want a little brother too!" Phoebe, who had walked over just moments ago, stated. I sat down on the chair next to Lucas and pulled my five year old onto my lap

"We'll see!" I laughed kissing her forehead.

"Hey! It's three against one so far!" Harry grinned nudging me, he leaned in and pecked me lightly on the lips. I giggled and repeated

"We'll see..."

Justine's POV

The first dance music started, me and Louis made our way to the dance floor. He took me by the waist and smiled at me with them big mesmerising blue eyes.

"You're so beautiful!" He whispered into my ear

"You have said that like a thousand times today..." I laughed

"And I will keep saying it until I am proven wrong!" He grinned spinning me around.

"You know, I always thought we'd get married before we had kids..." Louis smiled

"Well that plan failed when you got me pregnant at sixteen!" I giggled

"It was all worth it though!" He smiled pulling me closer

"Hmm I guess it was..." I smiled

"Can you imagine sometime in the future, our kids getting married?" He asked me

"Wow! That's well into the future!" I laughed

"Only 8, 9 years?" He stated "Felicity and Joseph will be 23!"

"Oh god...time flies by! Doesn't it?" I gasped, a little smile crept up on my face thinking of all the memories over the years

"It really does..." Louis whispered back - and with that, the song finished. Sian headed towards us

"We're all going to sit outside! Coming to join us?" She asked

"Sure!" Louis smiled, taking my hand as we walked towards the beach...

Sian's POV

All of us were sat round the Campfire. All ten of wasn't the original ten, but I still loved this. Each and every one off our little children running around the beach playing games, laughing and just generally having fun...apart from little Cerys of course who was wrapped up closely in Niamh's arms, and my precious Victoria who too was asleep, her brown silky hair covering her face slightly.

I smiled at the scene. Everything was perfect. I couldn't have ever felt more that moment in time, I felt as if I had the best life in the World...and perhaps I did...

Where did all the time ago? It felt like just an hour ago we were on the coach back from the ardeche, or skiing! I thought back to when One Direction brought out their first single, or when I landed my first acting role as Rosetta Wreathe! Or the time we went to New York or Italy...

It was almost 15 years ago since prom, when I shared my first kiss with Liam! or when we went to Paris, we argued the whole time there? didn't we? Me and Liam had many arguments over are time together, but that didn't matter! What mattered was that we loved each other then, and we still do now...

"Hey! You better tell your JJ to stay away from my Elsa..." said Louis jokingly...I looked over to see him sat with his arm around her as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"That's my boy!" Liam grinned. I laughed and nudged him

"aww...our baby boy's first real crush..." I cooed as I felt tears springing to my eyes "...that's too cute..." I whispered

"It'll be their wedding before you know it!" laughed Justine

"It's funny how time flies..." added Rachel...

I sat in silence for a bit and looked down at my sleeping daughter.

"Did you know that 15 years ago today...I fell in love with a girl, and I never stopped loving her since..." Liam whispered into my ear

"and who is this Lucky girl may I ask...?" I giggled resting my head on his shoulder

"She's a beautiful girl, who has always had, and still does to this day, natural blonde locks and these mesmerising blue eyes that are to die for..." he grinned

"She sounds pretty..." I whispered fishing for compliments, but he took the bait

"oh she is pretty...very pretty, beautiful even...more beautiful than words can describe..." he whispered

"and you've always loved her...?"


"even when she cheated on you with Justin Bieber...?"

"even then"

"even when you were going out with Danielle...?"

"even then!"

"even when she fell pregnant with JJ...?"

"Especially then!" he chuckled

"Even when-" I began but he cut me off

"yes! Yes! Yes! Always...always and forever..." he smiled

"Well she loves you too..." I whispered leaning in to kiss him on the lips lightly.

We pulled away and I bit my lip.

"Would you ever change anything about our life...?" I asked him curiously

"Nope. Nothing!" he grinned confidently

"Not even...the number of Children?" I asked curiously

"What's wrong with four children?" he asked

"nothing..." I smiled cheekily "it's just that..." I began

"It's just that what?" he asked

"I was thinking 5..."

"5...?" Liam gasped. I giggled and hushed my voice to a whisper

"Liam..." I whispered "...I'm Pregnant."

THE END! So everyone, that's it! I hope you liked it!  I leav

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