Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


22. The Evening!

Sian's POV
We got back to the chalet about 5pm and we were all sitting on the sofa's relaxing because we were so tired from all the skiing we had done that day
"well we are well and truly excessed!" smiled Niall in his Irish accent
"we are well and truly excersised!" I smiled imitating Niall's accent. Niall glared at me "aww come on Niall you know I love your accent!" I grinned. Niall sighed
"I'm going outside!" he mumbled before heading out the door into the cold winters snow.
"thanks Sian!" moaned Rachel
"I'm sorry!" I sighed "I'll go talk to him!" I offered
"no!" she smiled "leave him for a bit I'll go check on him in a few minutes!" she smiled reassuring me "I think he's Just tired!" she whispered
"I think we all are!" I sighed before heading off to my room!

Rachel's POV
It had been a few minutes since Niall had gone out so I grabbed both our jackets and headed out the door. The cold iciness hit me like a brick an I started to shiver however I kept walking into the blackness of the night air.

"Niall?" I sort of whispered and shouted at the same time
"over here babe!" came a distant voice that made me jump however calmed me at the same time. I found myself following the voice, I could barley see a thing, the darkness was effecting my sight however there was nothing blocking my sound.
"Niall?" I whispered as I got closer to the place the voice was coming from. I felt a soft hand on my leg. I flinched back alarmed.
"it's alright babe it's just me!" smiled Niall standing up "come inside!" he said dragging me to the ground and crawling inside what seemed to be a small igloo!

Inside it was almost pitch black. I reached into my pocket and took out my phone wich lit the igloo alot!
"here is your jacket babe!" I smiled handing Niall his jacket.
"thanks!" he grinned putting it on. It was cost inside the igloo, we were squashed close together!
"you built this?" I asked breaking the small silence between us
"yup!" Niall smiled proudly
"it's amazing!" i grinned boosting his pride
"I love you babe!" he smiled as we both lay down
"love you too!" I grinned kissing him on his lips wich caressed a smile! He started to stroke my hair. I could have lay there all night but like all good things this moment had to end.
"babe I think we should go back inside!" I smiled through a yawn!
"alright!" grinned Niall sitting up
"let's go!" he sighed taking my soft palm in his as we walked side by side back to the chalet!

Liam's POV
It was really late at night. Probably early in the morining. My curtains were slightly open and the bright light of the moon was shining through. I could see the stars shining brightly through the small gap and I smiled just thinking about their beauty. Behind me I heard the door creak and soft footsteps shuffle into the room
"Liam!" whispered that beautiful voice coming from the girl I was in love with
"Sian?" I whispered slowly turning my body to see Sian standing in the doorway
"i can't sleep!" she whispered as she came and sat on the edge of my bed
"me neither!" I sighed and went to sit next to her. I took her soft palm and placed it in mine. It was as cold as ice almost
"Sian your freezing!" I gasped
"I know!" she sighed "the window in my room won't close!"
"here!" I said passing her my hoody
"thanks!" she smiled happily taking it and putting it on!

We both lay down on the bed, I held her close and stroked her hair as she sweetly yawned.
"I should get back to my room!" she whispered about to get up
"stay a bit!" I smiled grabbing her arm "please?" I asked
"alright!" she said as her lips caressed a smile. It was silent for a long time before I slowly drifted off with Sian still in my arms...

The morning came quick, quicker than I expected it to and quicker than I wanted it to come! Sian was still in my arms sleeping, she looked like a beautiful little angel. I tried to move slowly, trying not to wake her. I gently removed my arms from around her waist and shuffled out of the bed. As hard as I tired not to wake her she awoke.
"Liam!" she sort of shout whispered "you should have told me I fell asleep! I should have gone back to my room!" she looked a little worried
"sorry!" I apologised "I fell asleep too!" I lied
"sorry!" she then apologised before we both went to answer the door for the cook!

Sian's POV
Me and Niamh were sat in the living room while everyone else was getting ready. The slopes were closed today so we al decided we were going to have a stay indoors and pool type day!
"so..." grinned Niamh
"so?" I questioned
"you weren't in your room last night!" she grinned urging me to tell we the gossip
"how do you know?" I whispered a little worried
"I went into your room last night because I left my phone in there yesterday and you weren't there!" she whispered giggling
"dont tell anyone...please!" I sort of begged
"only if you tell me where you were!" she giggled
"well..." I began "neither me and Liam could sleep so-" I was interrupted by Niamh
"omg what happened?" she grinned in excitement
"nothing happened!" I lowered my voice to a whisper
"except you slept with him!" she giggled
"I did not sleep with him!" I denied "...I just fell asleep in his room!" Niamh gave me a look "yes there is a difference!" I added giggling
"whatever you say!" laughed Niamh as we walked towards the living room.

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