Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


20. the blizzard and pool day

When Niamh came back and started eating her cereal we all watched her eating in excitement.
"what have you done to my cereal?" she questioned horrified
"nothing!" Rachel giggled waiting for her to go hypo!

It took 10minutes for the sugar to settle in and it all started when Miss Leroy came to the door!
"Hi Miss!" Niamh squeaked in her face
"oh no!" she sighed letting herself in the house
"I need one of you to sign up for this skiing competition!" she sighed "we need the trophy for our school!"
"I'll do it!" squealed Niamh in excitement
"no you will not!" protested Harry "you could fall down the hill and kill yourself an I am not having you in hospital again!" Harry almost shouted
"I'll be fine!" Niamh giggled "sign me up!" she grinned
"ok!" sighed Miss Leroy "I'll be in my chalet if you need me!" she sighed before walking out the door and in to her own chalet!

"I can't beleve you jut did that Niamh!" snapped Harry
"I'll be fine!" she grinned "now come watch me swim!" she giggled playing with his little curls before running towards her room to put on her bikini!
"yay we are going in the pool!" I screamed in excitement following the same actions as Niamh before everyone else did the same!

I was lying on one of the sun beds by the side if the pool almost falling asleep when someone chucked a bucket of water over me!
"Liam!" I screamed getting up and chasing him around the pool "you are so dead!" I gasped pushing him in the pool but he dragged me in with him! We giggled having a little splash fight. I then stopped noticing his body. He had a six pack and he was really toned...I mean he was seriously hot!
"what?" he questioned clearly laughing at my expression
"you didn't tell me you had a sexy body!" I grinned raising my eyebrows and poking him! He laughed
"didn't come up in conversation!" he answered back cleverly
"anyway you can talk!" he smiled grabbing me by the waist an pulling me closer to him before slowly leaning in attempting to kiss me again. My heart fluttered. It didn't look like there was going to be any interuptuons until...
"CANNONBALL!" screamed Louis jumping into the pool followed by everyone else running into the pool area.

He saw the look on out faces. A little annoyed
"I'm sorry did I interrupt something!" grinned Louis, I shook my head giggling
"shut up Louis!" I grinned poking him
"hey I love you and everything Sian but Louis is mine!" grinned Justine coming up behind Louis
"you can have him!" I smiled "I don't want him!" I giggled
"no you want someone else!" Justine giggled
"shut up Justine!" I smiled splashing her before getting into a huge splashfight!

After a while me and the girls decided we were to go and sit on the little sunbeads and let the boys have their fun.

"Come on!" a wet hand grabbed mine. I opened my eyes to see Liam standing there in his sexiness! I still hadn't gotten over his body...I snapped out if my little daydream
"what?" I said as he was tugging at my hand
"your coming in the pool!" he grinned
"and what If I don't want to?" I giggled
"well then I am just going to have to force you in!" he said tugging on both of my hands pulling me up. He was really strong. I wasn't really surprised...I mean with those muscles he was bound to be! I screamed and giggled.
"Liam!" I said after he pushed me in the water
"watch out!" he laughed jumping in!
I saw Niall doing the same to Rachel and Louis with Justine. However Niamh refused to get up.
"I have no choice but to carry you!" grinned Harry
"what? Harry No!" she shouted before Harry picked her up in a bridal style
"Harry put me down!" she giggled as Harry was about to throw her in. Then Miss Leroy walked in. She saw them and she looked at them questionably
"I don't want to know!" she sighed turning around and walking out the door! Harry and Niamh started to giggle before Harry chucked her in the pool and she screamed!

A few hours had passed we had been in the pool literaly all day and I was walking round the chalet in my shorts and a tank top. The heating was on high so it was really hot in the chalet. I was walking towards the living room drying my hair with a towel.

Everyone was in the Living room.
"Sian!" grinned Liam happily "come join us!" he smiled patting the seat next to him "we are about to watch a scary movie!" I smiled and happily skipped over and sat beside Liam.
"what film we watching?" I asked smiling
"Scream!" grinned Louis
"yay I love this film!" I clapped my hands happily and smiled a Liam put his arm around me an we cuddled close!

I didn't find scream scary of course, I had seen the film many times before. Rachel seemed to enjoy it too and the boys clearly didn't seem scared. Niamh and Justine were petrified though and were cuddling up to Louis and Harry throughout the whole thing. I think they enjoyed that!

"Can we watch something nice before we go to bed so I dont have nightmares!" whispered Niamh who was cuddled in Harry's arms her head against his chest and she was playing with his curls
"course we can babe!" Harry whispered so Liam flicked through the channels till Micheal McKintyre came on so we sat an watched that for a while!

I hadn't acctually realised but looked around and everyone was gone. Me and Liam were lying on the couch and were the only ones in the Living room. I didn't say anything, I enjoyed being alone with Liam in the living room. I was laughing alot because Karl Pilkington was on TV
"You have the most beautiful laugh ever!" smiled Liam picking up my blonde locks and playing with them
"shut up i do not!" I said hitting him on the shoulder

Liam's POV
"you have the most beautiful laugh ever!" I grinned playing with Sian's hair. It smelt like strawberries!
"shut up I do not!" she protested giving me a light hit on my shoulder
"do too!"
"do not!"
"do too!"
"do not!"
This went on for a while
"do too!" I yawned waiting for a reply. Silence. I looked at her face. She had her beautiful blue eyes closed and her face looked so peaceful! She had fallen asleep and she looked like an angel!
"ha I win!" I whispered before turning off the TV and settling to sleep next to her on the couch!

Sian's POV
I awoke when I heard a knock on the door the next morning. I realised I was asleep in Liam's arms. I slowly got up, trying not to wake Liam and answered the door. It was the cook!
"good morning!" I whispered to him
"morning!" he said back smiling before headed to the kitchen!

As the door slammed shut Liam woke up too! I went to sit back down on the couch next to him.
"sleep well?" he asked
"yeah!" I smiled "you?"
"I did!" he replied grinning. It was at that point the others started coming in!

"look at you two in the same clothes from last night!" grinned Justine. I had totally forgot that I was in the shorts and tank top I was in yesterday plus I had Liam's hoody on and Liam was still in his jeans and top!
"umm yeah we fell asleep on the couch!" I replied pushing back my hair
"yeah! you 'fell asleep' on the couch!" Smiled Louis sarcastically!
"shut up Louis!" I grinned

"breakfast iz reedy!" called the cook from the dining room so we all went to sit down. We had croissants for breakfast but they were homemade! They were really nice! After breakfast we were going to get ready to go back on the slopes!


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