Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


57. Telling the world

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been ages! I've been really busy with homework and stuff before the end of school and now it's EASTER HOLIDAYS! I spent my first week of Easter Holidays in Paris with friends from school! It seriously was one of the best weeks of my life and I loved every minute of it (I even met a French Boy ;) …I'll explain on Twitter if you want me too haha x) I've posted a few photo's on Twitter but I can post more if you'd like x Anyways this chapter is FINALLY up and I'll try and update as quick as I used too! – Enjoy xx

P.S I worked out that there is going to be 69 Chapters (it was going to be 68 but I added one more unpurposley because of the numbers haha ;)) so it's really nearly finished! Xx

Sian's POV
Everyone came round to mine. Apart from Louis and Liam...I was wondering where they were...hoping they weren't together, and if they were, hoping they weren't talking about me or the baby!

I tried to hide all these thoughts going through my mind; I tried to mask it by engaging in all the conversations and laughing along with the many jokes that had been told. It was kinda like old times again...although this time the twins we're running round playfully...just think, in a year; it would be my kid running around this apartment...

"Joseph! Felicity! Put that down! You're going to make a mess!" she shouted over to the twins
"Don't worry Justine they're fine!" I smiled at her reassuringly. There were few moments of silence as we watched the twins running around squealing with joy. They truly did have the simple life...
"So Sian...I heard about your Birthday present to Liam!" grinned Zayn jokingly whilst winking at me. I laughed
"Alright? Who told you?" I asked through a laugh looking over at Harry
"Don't look at me! I never said a word!" Harry stated putting his hands up in surrender. My eyes then turned to Justine and Rachel who looked at me guiltily. I laughed
"Looks like we found the culprit!" I smiled shaking my head "You would have found out someday or another anyway!"
"Why didn't I get a present like that?" asked Niall jokingly making us all laugh. Rachel nudged him in the ribs, she too was laughing.
"What? And let you get me pregnant too?" I laughed but everyone fell silent...

I too stopped laughing and looked around, realising what I had just said, each and every one of them had a look of shock in their faces. I coughed nervously...
"D-didn't I mention I was pregnant?" my voice a little more high pitched than usual. The response to my statement was silence... "I-I guess not." I paused only slightly before getting up from my seat "...anyone want another drink or something?" I began trying to change the subject. Again silence. "Oh Come on! Somebody say something please?"

"...don't you think the weather is nice today...?" Zayn tried to ease the awkwardness with his strange comment on the weather
"Zayn it's raining!" Maryanne exclaimed
"It's nice rain though..." Zayn added awkwardly. I sighed. Everyone was still sat in complete silence.
"Sian can I talk to you for a second?" Harry asked
"Sure!" I smiled as he pulled me into the kitchen.

"Are you alright?" he asked me
"I'm fine!" I sighed rolling my eyes
"Are you sure it's Liam's?" his voice was hushed to a whisper
"Yes! Of course I'm sure! Who else's would it be?" I asked a little confused
"Are you sure nothing happened that night...?" Harry asked nervously referring to the night I spent at his
"Oh Harry! Stop being so paranoid!" I sighed
"Sian! I'm being serious!" he whispered snapping just a little but
"So am I!" I sighed "The baby is Liam's 100% completely and utterly positive! Nothing happened between us that night! I'm sure of it!" I smiled reassuringly. Harry breathed a sigh of relief.
"Okay." he said "You know I'm still here for you though!" he smiled placing his hand on my shoulder
"We all are!" I heard Rachel's voice from the doorway to see everyone stood there smiling at me. I smiled back as everyone crowded around me in a big group hug!

"This can't be good for the baby!" I stated and immediately everyone removed their arms from around me. I laughed; I had the best friends in the whole wide world!

"You got everything ready?" asked Harry as he opened up the door for me
"Yep everything is packed and ready to go!" I smiled. I was going to my parents for a week since I had the week off. I wanted to tell them about the baby...before the media found out obviously. They had to hear it from me, either way they would be fuming but I guess this way they would be a lot calmer!

I attempted to pick up my rather heavy suitcase
"Oh I'll do that!" Harry insisted taking it off me with ease "You shouldn't be carrying heavy things anyway! Not in your condition!" he added. I sighed and rolled my eyes
"Harry, I'm pregnant! Not dying! Honestly I can carry it myself!" I exclaimed attempting to snatch it back off him
"ah ah!" he scolded keeping tight hold of it "I insist!" he smiled gesturing the way out the door. I sighed once more and stepped outside, closely followed by Harry. He locked the door behind us before we began heading down the stairs and towards the car park!

"Harry you really don't have to drive me there you know!" I sighed getting into the passenger seat of his car "I mean it's over 3 hour away an I'm capable of driving my-" he cut me off
"Sian I want to drive you there! I've got nothing better to do!" he laughed and started the engine!

We talked quite a bit an listened to the Radio; it was then that a One Direction song came on, One Thing. Both of us began singing along to the song at the top of our voices. I began to laugh as the song was over
"That was fun!" I giggled
"You and Liam did a good job writing that song..." Harry smile at me. I smile back not really knowing what to say, whenever Liam was mentioned I tended to fall silent "You two make a good team!" Harry then added in a response to my silence. I thought about it for a little while before finally replying
"Yeah...yeah I guess we do..." I smiled. The rest of the journey there was pretty quiet. I arrived at my parents' house in the countryside and thanked Harry. I offered him a place to stay for the night but he just said he'd rather head back.

I got inside and was greeted by massive hugs from my parents but the news that came next...I was not at all expecting...

"I'm pregnant!" my mum said whilst grinning excitedly. My eyes widened with shock. I was genuinely surprised...
"Really mum? That's great! So am I! congratulations!" I smiled going to give my mother a hug quickly slipping in the news hoping they wouldn't notice...
"What was that?" asked my father sternly as I pulled out of the hug with my mother
"Congratulations...?" I tried
"Before that!" He stated
" am I..." I mumbled looking at the floor...

Obviously my parents didn't take it too well...but they accepted it after a while. It's not like I couldn't look after a baby, I could and they knew it. And I didn't have any money problems; I was an actress, so money cane pretty easy! I guess they were just worried; naturally any parent would be! At least I had told them now and that was one thing of my mind...

*2 weeks later*
"Hey, me Justine, Louis, Niall and Zayn are off to the shops, what to come with?" asked Rachel
"I'm fine thanks! Gonna try and hide this bump from the media for as long as possible!" I smiled looking down at the tiny bump that was only slightly prominent that rested upon my belly.
"Too Late!" sighed Louis brining in today's paper. It was headline news

'A Rose For The Enemy Star! Pregnant!'

I sighed and rolled my eyes.
"How is it that the Media find out everything?" I moaned "...I guess there is no point in hiding now..." I sighed throwing on my Gillet "Come on! Let's go!" I smiled as we headed out to the shops...

That day my phone was ringing none stop with people asking for interviews, I kept saying the same thing
"Speak to my agent" I sighed before hanging up on the final caller. I turned off my phone...I didn't want any more calls! Not today!

I sat in my chair and rested my eyes for a few minutes. I berthed in and out slowly as I began to melt into the chair...finally two minutes of peace without the phone ringing!

*Ring Ring* I groaned standing up
"Stupid House Phone!" I sighed picking it up "Hello?" I answered
"Hey Sian! I heard the news! Congratulations!" Zoe, my agent, exclaimed done the phone
"Thanks..." I smiled, it could have been a little more enthusiastic but I was tired...
"Anyway! I've managed to book you in for Alan Carr again in three days' time!" she said, her voice ever so cheerful
"Really? Thanks!" I said, again it could have been a bit more enthusiastic. We talked for a little while longer. I was a little worried, last time on Alan Carr things didn't really go according to plan...

3 Days passed quickly and it wasn't long until I was backstage at Chatty Man once again. I wore a flowy beige coloured dress that hid my bump...I knew it was a long shot but I was trying to avoids the pregnancy questions as much as possible. My hair was half up, half down; the top half was neatly placed into a bin whist the other half fell down messily over my shoulders in curly locks. I examined myself in the mirror; I smiled to myself rather pleased with what I saw before the producer called me to go backstage!

"It's Sian Roach everybody!" called Alan's unique voice as I began to walk down the stairs. I smiles and waved at everyone before Alan greeted me with a hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek; following this he guided me to the couches and sat me down before taking his own chair opposite.

"So Sian! Welcome back!" Alan grinned excitedly
"It's good to be back!" I smiled politely as the audience calmed down and fell to almost silence.
"It's been over a year since we last had you on the show and a lot has happened since then, am I right?" Alan smiled at me
"Yes! It's been a very busy year! It doesn't feel that long does it really?" I sort of tried to make it gel as if this was a natural conversation
"It doesn't does it!" Alan smiled before continuing "It's been a bit of a roller coaster for you hasn't it! A bit of ups and downs!"
"I guess you can say that, yeah!" I laughed
"I mean sadly, you're boyfriend passed away didn't he?" Alan asked bravely. I took a deep breath in and nodded
"Jerome...mmmh." I replied not really knowing what to say as I felt the tears build up in my eyes "That-that's was a pretty tough thing to go through" I gulped sighing deeply "I mean it's understandable though! It would be tough for anyone!" I forced a smile trying to keep a strong face.

Alan moved on from that topic quickly, talking more about series two, filming, the future...which of course led to the pregnancy...

"So may I ask, are the rumours true? Do you in fact have a bun in the oven?" Alan grinned winking at me. I giggled nervously and nodded
"Yep! The rumours are true..." I confirmed
"and may I ask who the father is? Because, no offence, but there are a few possibilities!" Alan laughed and I laughed along with him
"Feel free to guess but I'm not revealing anything! It wouldn't be fair on him!" I answered through a small smile
"Harry? Louis? Eugene? Oscar? Liam?" Alan went through the list quickly. I laughed nervously again
"I told you I'm not saying anything!" I protested to the hints and questions.

That interview was soon over and I went home so tired I just wanted to get into bed and sleep...but first...I thought I'd check Twitter...

Liam's POV
Sian was on that interview with Alan Carr today. It was different this time. Everything was live. Everything she said...everything she did...everything she revealed...the nation would know, and shortly would the World. I was nervous, nervous for her. She was bound to get some hate, obviously. But she doesn't deserve that. People say nobody's perfect...but them people obviously haven't met Sian. I'm in love with her...and I have no idea what to do...

"Liam! Liam! What do you think? Red or White wine?" asked Danielle who was sat at the opposite end of the table discussing with the waiter.
"umm Red..." I mumbled not really concentrating. The Waiter smiled at me and nodded before walking off.
"Liam? Are you okay sweetie you seem a bit out of it!" Danielle asked looking rather concerned. She reached out and placed her hands on mine over the table in an attempt to comfort me. I moved the straight away feeling a little uncomfortable
"...I-I'm fine!" I lied through a sigh. Danielle looked away, she knew I wasn't telling the truth and she looked hurt because of it. I sighed an looked at her.

"If a guy sleeps with a girl and gets her pregnant...but has another girlfriend? What do you think he should do?" I asked her. Her head suddenly shot up
"Is this one of the One Direction lads?" she asked rather shocked. I coughed nervously
"Yea! It's one of the One Direction lads!" I wasn't exactly a lie though was it?
"Well! The right thing to do would be to stay with the girl and the baby...that is if he really loved and cared for her! He should dump his girlfriend and be with her! If her and the baby is what's going to make him happy, then his girlfriend should understand!" she smiled from across the table taking my hands once more. I sighed again removing them from her grip
"Okay Danielle...then I'm sorry! But, we're gonna have to break up!" I whispered to her gently. Her eyes widened suddenly
"No!" she gasped "What? You and Sian? YOUR the father?" she squealed
"Keep your voice down!" I hissed as the whole restaurant turned to stare at us
"and you're just going to break up with me?" she squealed again with no attempt to keep her voice down whatsoever!
"Danielle. I am in LOVE with her...I can't help it! I wasn't her and I want our baby! I'm sorry Danielle! you have to understand!" I whispered cleverly repeating her words "You said it, not me..." I whispered getting up from the table "I'm sorry..." I said finally before walking away...

Sian's POV
I checked my mentions. Tears filled my eyes. There was a lot of hate...but it wasn't that that made me cry! It was the love, so many people saying how proud they we're of me and how brave I was for going through all this...I loved my fans to the moon and back!

Then I noticed the trends Worldwide...all of them were about me...

Number 10 was #TheRumoursAreTrue surprises there.

Number 9 was #ARTEseason2 which stood for 'A Rose for The Enemy' Season 2.

Number 8 was #SianRoachOnAlanCarr which made me smile.

Number 7 was #SianatorsLoveSian I said before I love my and to the moon and back!

Number 6 was simply #ARoseForTheEnemy was the top five trends that surprised me most. Each of these made my stomach turn. The thing I didn't want to be talked about was all over Twitter...the dater of my child...
5) #EugeneIsTheDad
4) #LouisIsTheDad
3) #OscarIsTheDad
2) #HarryIsTheDad
1) #LiamIsTheDad

I felt the tears fill up in my eyes. I dropped my laptop and ran to the phone then dialled a number...
"Louis! I am so sorry! I swear I never said anything on that interview to imply it was you! Honest! Put Justine on so I can tell her please?" I almost begged. I felt sick to the stomach with worry that I had ruined their relationship
"Calm down Sian! She knows it's definitely Liam's!" he tried to reassure me "she thinks the idea of us two is impossible which it is! Louis then added through a chuckle. I sighed a small sigh of relief and blinked my eyes letting the tears fall slightly
"Can you come over Lou? I really need someone to talk to at the minute!" I whispered
"Sure thing! I'll be there in 2!" he smiled hanging up.

Soon there was a knock on the door. I ran quickly to answer it. To my surprise I didn't find Louis. The person was stood there, his hair messy from the wind and his memorising brown eyes deep with sorrow and regret, his smile lacked life and laughter and from his body stance he looked as if he was tired, he was breathing heavily too which made me assume he had been running form somewhere or someone.

I stood there in silence for a few moments staring up at this figure. My heart was beating faster than it ever did before...but I guess that's what your heart does when you're I in much as I didn't want to be I was...and I couldn't help it...

I let one word escape my lips. The word however was barely audible, but within it held all my emotions of love, fear, guilt and joy wrapped into one...

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