Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


45. Surprises

The next morning I was awoken my someone shaking me an screaming in my ear. "Liam..." i mumbled "...what's wrong? What do you want?" 

"Have you seen that paper?" he almost screamed at me. I sighed, sat up and rubbed my eyes and then looked up at him blinking my eyes from the dim light that entered the room
"Liam. I've known you now for what? A year and a half? Plus we dated for six months! You should know me well enough by now to know that I don't read the paper." I exclaimed, I was rather annoyed, it was still dark outside and the air in the room was quite chilly, plus I had a headache from last night.
"Sian I'm being serious!" Liam stated sighing slightly
"So am I. I don't read the paper..."
"No. Sian Look!" he now snapped slamming the paper down on the floor in front of me. I stared down at the paper squinting my eyes attempting to make out the words using only the dim light in the room to read. Faintly I could make out the headline.

'Liam Payne, going in Two Directions?'

"What?" I questioned " what's this about?"
"Keep reading..." he sighed urging me to read on

'Liam Payne, 16, lead singer of the newest Boyband One Direction who have had recently had success in winning the XFactor, was caught on Camera kissing one of the XFactor dancers Danielle Peazer, 19, with his supposed Current girlfriend Sian Roach, 16, nowhere to be seen. Is Liam a Cheater? Or was there a secret Break Up we don't know about?'

"Oh no!" I gasped after reading the article
"What am I supposed to do? Now the whole nation is going to think I'm a cheater!" sighed Liam as he sat down on the floor next to me and held his head in his hands
"Well..." I began as a small smirk appeared on my face
"Don't you dare say anything Sian! Do I need to remind you that you were the one that kissed Justin first!" he snapped removing his head out of his hands
"Actually, he kissed me! And don't you dare turn this on me Liam Payne! I'm not the one who got a new girlfriend six days after his old one dumped him!"
"You! Did not dump me! We Broke Up!" he protested
"Yeah but I was the one who told you it was over!" I shouted back at him
"Stop! Stop! Just stop it! I can't stand it when we argue!" I screamed automatically making him open up his arms, wrapping them around me as I melted into them and let the floods of tears stream from my eyes...
"...I'm sorry..." I whispered "I'm sorry this is all my fault!" I added in-between sobs.
"shhh! Shhh, calm down Sian it's not your fault..." Liam whispered into my ear as he let his hands brush through my hair "look, listen, I'll organise a press conference and sort it all out! Okay?" Liam added trying to calm me down I presumed
"Kay..." I whispered sniffling as I still let my head rest on his chest as he slowly lay down. I let him entwine his fingers with my hair for a while longer as I felt his chest moving up and down lightly as he breathed...i don't know how long it took me...but soon...I fell asleep...

I was awoken again later that morning by someone shaking me
"huh? What?" I stirred blinking my eyes and mumbling lightly as they adjusted to the light. My vision soon became clear and I noticed a tall girl with brown frizzy hair crouched down glaring at me.
"Danielle? What's wrong?" I questioned through a small whisper trying not to wake Liam
"He's MY Boyfriend! NOT Yours!" she hissed
"excuse me?" I gasped in disbelief
"Move. Now." she snapped almost shoving me away from Liam
"What was that for?" I hissed at her
"Save your breath Sian. Liam's mine. If you even attempt to lay a hand on him again, you'll regret it." ...I actually couldn't believe my ears
"What are you going to do? Dance me to Death?" I stated as I felt a small smile begin to tug at the corners of my mouth...clever comeback Sian
"...if I have to!" she mumbled not really knowing what to say
"You do realise I can just tell him all of this?" I answered snapping a little...who did she think she was
"Ha! And who do you think he is going to believe? His girlfriend? Or his pathetic little ex? Think logically Sian, your a smart girl...use your brain!"
I stopped and stared at Danielle as a few tears threatened to spill from my eyes. I sighed and said nothing to heart was whispering to me, telling me she was wrong...but my head was screaming and pounding telling me she was right. I gave up. Liam was no longer mine and I just got up and walked away...

Liam's POV
We walked into the brightly lit room, cameras flashing everywhere as me and the rest if the boys beamed a few smiles towards them and went to sit down at the long table that was neatly set out for us, each with a small microphone set out for us.
"Liam! Liam!"
"Louis! Niall"
"Harry! Liam! Niall!"
"Zayn! Zayn! Harry!"
People kept screaming our names from all sides of the room, soon silence fell and one by one the interviewers began asking questions.
"Boys? How does it feel being signed by Simon?" asked a woman at the back, I was the first to speak
"Well! Of course it was a surprise but who wouldnt be pleased? It's great really!" I grinned again people flashing camera's at me
"Louis? How is it going with you and your girlfriend?" asked another woman with long brown hair and pretty green eyes
"umm well she's due in February, so not long now till I have two new editions to my perfect little family!" smiled Louis sweetly as he always does, dealing calmly and sensibly with the press
"are you nervous about having Twins?" asked the same woman
"...well, take the nerves of a new father and double it? That's how nervous I am!" he chuckled "...but it's a good nervous!" he added grinning
"Niall? How are things with you and Rachel?" asked a tall man stood right at the front
"Well we've been planning the Wedding and-" but he was cut off by the interviewers all talking at once
"Niall? Since when are you engaged?"
"aren't you a little young to be getting married?"
Questions were darted at him from all over the room and he started to panic slightly but he soon calmed himself down
"Me and Rachel got engaged last May, and I guess your never to young to be in love so why should that be any different with Marrige?" he questioned answering all the questions in one simple sentence, there were a few coo's from the audience...everyone always found Niall adorable
"Liam! Is it true what the headlines say?" came a random voice from the back. I hesitated a little and took a deep breath in
"umm, well me and Sian broke up. And Danielle was there for we just kinda got together, and things happened from there..." I smiled lightly, telling the truth partly,
"Do you still have feelings for Sian?" asked the woman who was asking Louis questions
"No." i said blankly without hesitating, which obviously was a lie, I still had feelings for Sian...of course I did, I was still practically in love with the girl, but she just wanted to be friends, and I had to respect her I had Danielle I have to get over Sian.

It was at this moment I realised that the whole room was silent and everyone was staring at me. Wide eyed open mouth and staring, the shock spread upon their face as of they couldn't believe what they just heard.
"Dude really? No feelings at all?" questioned Zayn forgetting about his microphone
"umm, well we're just friends..." I sighed pushing my hands through my hair
"and who broke up with who?" asked the man who was questioning Niall moments ago. Again I hesitated
" was me..." I paused "...I broke up with her..." I stuttered out. I know! I was lying! Again...

The next half of the Press Conference went on blankly. I remember nothing of it! Each word sounded like a blurry mumble and I just sat their staring motionless at the clock which seemed to have stopped.

...what felt like years later the Press Conference was over and I ran quickly backstage to find myself greeted with a hug
"Hey babe. You did great! You okay?" grinned Danielle wrapping her arms around me tightly, yet I didn't return the hug
"Hey sweetie have you seen Sian?" I asked curiously
"Umm no I haven't seen her."
"Danielle. She told us he was going back to school a few seconds before the boys came offstage!" replied Maryanne sternly...Maryanne had never really warmed to Danielle
"mmm!" sighed Danielle blankly glaring at Maryanne
"I'm gonna go see her. Okay?" I smiled at Danielle quickly exiting the building. I ran towards my car and got in quickly driving towards my old school and into the gates!

...this place brought back so many memories, the place where I met Sian, the place where we developed our relationship, shared secrets and had many lessons and lunchtimes together under the Big Oak Tree.

I parked the car and got out as quickly as possible, before I knew it I found myself running towards Sian's building and up to her room. I knocked Violently on her door
"Sian? Sian? Are you there? We need to talk!" I pleaded desperately wanting an answer. I heard soft footsteps shuffle towards the door as the lock clicked and the door creaked open ajar.

"What?" asked a soft voice peaking through the crack, eyes red with tears as she sniffled tucking her long blonde locks behind her ears
"Let me in?" I asked lightly
"...Liam! I don't want to talk to you!" she snapped attempting to shut the door in my face but swiftly I moved my foot in the way blocking the door. "Liam!" She moaned kicking my toes trying to move my foot
"Sian! Two minutes? please?" I begged staring down at her with puppy dog eyes blinking innocently.
"Fine!" she sighed opening the door to let me in "Two minutes! That's all!"

I stepped inside the room to see that nothing had changed, there were still pictures of the 10 of us up all around the room, laughing, joking smiling and generally having great time. Sian sat on her bed and didn't look at me, in fact, she looked anywhere but at me. On the wall surrounding her bed were pictures of us. Me and her. I was surprised to see that hadn't changed, and to be honest, I hadn't really noticed that before...there was no one else...just me and her on the photos, and even before we were even dating she had them up did I not notice how much she liked me? Was I an idiot?

I just stood there with my hands in my pockets in silence, I looked over at her, she was now lying in the bed with her head hanging off the side and her long blonde hair flowing of the end. She was staring at me from her upside down position and she stared for a few minutes
"What are you doing?" I questioned attempting to hide a chuckle
"I do it when i'm's stops me from crying!" she said blankly before returning to her original position. My whole face went pale and my heart stopped
"umm really?" I gulped nervously
"No." she sighed tilting her head to the side "I'm just trying to make you feel guilty!" she sighed swinging her legs back and forth on the side of her bed
"Well it's working..."
"Good." she said blankly with no tone of emotion in her voice yet I could see her eyes were threatening to spill tears. I sighed nervously walking over to go sit next to her
"I'm sorry..." I whispered
"No Liam!" she sighed getting off the bed and walking away from me "we've split up for what? A month now? And how many times have I heard that word already?"
"umm..." I hesitated
"Too many Liam! Too many!" she sighed shaking her head "you know what? I don't even think you know how much I care about you!"
"But we broke up! I just thought-" I began while standing up and walking towards her
"Just because we broke up doesn't mean I'm not still in love with you!" she almost screamed at me, her eyes now streaming with tears flooding down her cheeks as she clenched her head in her hands. I couldnt stand seeing Sian like this, as the tears fell down from her face, knowing thats each little droplet was caused by me, broke my heart...

Despite Sian's tears and the heart break i felt for her, i couldnt get those 6 words out of my mind
'I'm still in Love with you'
...Sian is still in love with me? ...Without thinking i gently walked up to her, grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. And she kissed me back, though she was still crying and I felt the tears flow from her cheeks to mine...

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