Always and forever

In her last year of school Sian becomes especially close too a boy named Liam. As her friends begin to start relationships with boys in Liam's group of friends it seems that Sian and Liam will never get together! ...will they ever become a couple? R&R :D


39. Streets of London

Seconds later the boys burst into the room
"Where is she? Where's my Justine? Oh god! She hates me! I cannot believe I just did that..." sighed Louis pacing round the room stressing out
"We don't know where she is...she just sort of ran off..." i sighed
"Oh no! What if she gets hurt or lost? She has to be ok! We're going to have a family! I've just found out I'm going to have a gorgeous little child with the most beautiful girl ever and I've just completely blew it! Now I don't know where she is or if she's ok or-"
"LOUIS!" I cut him off from his little rant "we are all terribly worried about Justine! The main priority is to find her and we're not going to do that if you don't calm down ok?" I whispered trying to reassure him "I PROMISE! with all my heart Justine will be ok!" I whispered, he just looked at me, his eyes sparkling with worry, and nodded lightly...

My phone began to ring, I could feel it vibrating in my pocket.
"Is it Justine?" asked Louis hopefully as I took it out of my pocket
"Jerome..." I sighed answering it
"Jerome?" I heard a mumble coming from Liam who was stood just behind Louis...

"...Jerome!" I gasped my voice was expressionless
"Sian! I was watching the show! Is Justine ok?" he gasped, he sounded genuinely worried, I always knew I could trust him
"Honestly Jerome we don't know where she is, she ran off, we're going to go look for her now..." I sighed pushing back my hair, only now did I realise my hands were shaking, I had never been more worried in my life...
"Is it possible she could be in the school? I could go round and check now if you'd like!" he said trying to reassure me clearly sensing the tone of worry in my voice
"That would be great Jerome! Call me if you see her!" I smiled reassuringly sighing a little
"You know I will!" he replied
"Your the best Jerome!" I smiled before hanging up and turning back to my friends who where waiting in anticipation...

"Jerome said he's going to check round the school for her, I think we should split up." I suggested, not one of the boys questioned who Jerome was...
"Louis, your with me and Niamh, Rachel's with Niall, Maryanne's with Zayn and Sian with Liam! Got it?" smiled Harry placing his hand on Louis' shoulder comforting him. We all nodded before running off into London city centre...

"Justine!" I called running passed Big Ben with Liam not far behind. Despite it being so late, London was surprisingly busy. People everywhere, Christmas shopping I suppose! I sighed, my eyes were scanning the beautiful city for Justine's face but all I saw were a bunch of strangers...

"Sian!" called Liam running up to me talking my hand, I looked up at him into his sparkling brown eyes.
"I know your worried about Justine but you have to calm down, I don't want to lose you too!" he sighed giving me a tight hug, I melted into the hug and squeezed him back tightly. Oh how I missed his hugs. Reluctantly he pulled away however he still had a tight grip around my waist.
"Who's Jerome?" he asked rather worryingly
"He's-" I was about to speak when i saw her sat on the pavement behind us crying...
"JUSTINE!" I called wriggling out of Liam's grip and running towards her ignoring all the traffic on the road, dodging several cars and busses as they beeped at me, before going to sit on the pavement next to Justine.

"Sian..." she whispered "what are you doing here?" she asked wiping her eyes.
"oh you know just some Christmas shopping" I chuckled sarcastically making her smile a little "we're out looking for you stupid!" I smiled nudging her lightly as we both sat on the pavement giggling lightly.

After a while there was silence as we watched Liam waiting patiently for me on the opposite pavement.
"He really loves you, you know" smiled Justine nudging me a little
"not as much as Louis loves you!" I chuckled "you should of hear his little rant earlier on...he's so afraid of losing you Justine...he thinks he already has!" I sighed looking at her seriously
"...I should really go talk to him, shouldn't I?" she smiled
"you should!" I grinned giving her a small hug "come on, let's go back to the Hotel, you two can talk there!" I smiled as both of us stood up. I paused and then glanced over at Justine once more "...and I really do mean talk! You don't want any more babies!" I chuckled, Justine laughed too
"...Sian I think that's impossible...Not with this one still in here anyway" she laughed a we began to cross the street and walked towards Liam before all three of us headed back towards the hotel...

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